Talking about Shipping and Chemistry…

…and it’s not the Science Chemistry. I’m surely not going to talk about something that I do everyday even here, right? With many things swirling in my mind (including how to manage these three hectic weeks without any free weekends without passing out), I couldn’t escape the thrill of Soompi’s 49 Days forum. Yep. Hectic life is what I have but I still go there and read every single views and opinions posted. And they made me thought about the chemistry of the actors (and actresses, of course) even in my classes.


Almost everyone (and everywhere I go on the Net) is talking about shipping Han Gang (Jo Hyun-Jae) and Yi-Kyung (Lee Yo-Won). While the story is revealing more about the characters’ details, the chance for my ship of HG-YK to sail is thinning day by day. Yeah, maybe HG will meet the real YK real soon, but that’s just one thing that will be his clue leading to him getting to know about JH’s soul ‘borrowing’ YK’s body. The flashbacks of HG and JH (they’re so cute back in their schooldays!) are increasing in counts, so this is one of the signs(I think so) that the writer-nim and PD-nim are giving us about the pairing. If that’s what going to happen, there goes my ship, all will be wrecked before it has the chance to sail.

..but wait!

There’s still a lot of episodes to go.And many  things might happen in between. Hah. Maybe I can be rest assured that there’s still hope. Hope is everywhere. Hee~I wonder why I’m so into this pairing. Jo Hyun-Jae and Lee Yo-Won’s chemistry?

It’s not their first time working together, so due to that reason (and partly because I was so deeply affected by SeeYa’s MV starring both of them),  their chemistry cannot be unseen. (>.<) They’re so good in portraying their characters. Ah, I’m totally rooting for them.


Jun-Sae oppa~LOL sometimes I couldn’t shake away the shadows of Jun-Sae in Brilliant Legacy, portrayed by Bae Soo-Bin. He’s a kind fellow there but a little meanie here. Still, I like him and I sincerely hope that Kang Min-Ho will learn his lesson one day.

Here, it’s Ji-Hyun that Lee Yo-Won is portraying, but I’m always looking forward to their encounter. Because they give off I-really-hate-you-but-why-I-think-I-like-you vibe and end up treating each other badly. Really, their glares when they look at each other can burn a whole forest. So full of hate, but they’re keep going round and round with each other, mainly because Ji-Hyun is trying to unveil his secret and Min-Ho wants to know why this woman is so full of hatred towards him. Imagine if Min-Ho gets to meet the real Yi-Kyung. I’m sure she’ll ignore him and treat him like the part-time job fliers. Remember ep 7? Anyway, although I don’t ship Yi-Kyung and Min-Ho that much, I do like Bae Soo-Bin and Lee Yo-Won together in a scene, especially when they’re so hating each other but trying to put up to each other. Amazing job by both of them^^


The least shipped couple by me but I’m dying right now to see their past. It’s tempting me. Song Yi-Soo/Scheduler (Jung il-Woo) and Song Yi-Kyung. Because of their names, I thought that they’re siblings (and I kind of hoped for that back then). But looking at how their paths keep crossing and how he reacted around her (not to forget the look he gives her in ep 8), they sure have a special relationship when he was alive.

Ha~so good when they’re together: ‘The Killer Noona and The Noona Killer’. Haha. Jung Il-Woo and Lee Yo-Won always have the good chemistry in this series. I must say that from my opinion, JIW-LYW’s chemistry is as good as JHJ-LYW’s. Right now, mainly the interactions between them is through Ji-Hyun-Scheduler roles, but I’m SO looking forward to their interactions as Yi-Kyung-Yi-Soo.


Although it’s one person acting as Ji-Hyun and Yi-Kyung, Lee Yo-Won is a very talented actress to be able to bring out the different kinds of feeling around the three main actors. When she’s with JHJ/HG, he always gives her the I-adore-you kind of look, and from the way LYW/JH acts around him, I’m sure they adore each other. When she’s around BSB/MH, they do not like each other that much, and they are surely challenging each other right now. When she’s with JIW/DS/YS, although she couldn’t see him, they are longing for each other, from the way she keeps thinking about him and the way he looks at her.


These, I think, wouldn’t be a reality if it’s not an amazing actress that acted out her best:

Lee Yo-Won! ^0^

Although this is my first time seeing her in a drama, I love her right after I watched her for the first time. She’s so amazing and I think she’s one of my favorite actress now! She’s doing an excellent job of acting out two roles and have to switch back and forth between them (which is not easy, unless you have a dual personality). Moreover, she’s able to bring the best from not one, but three gentlemen(that’s not including the Dr Noh~) acting with her! Hopefully, she’ll be able to keep this up till the end, and I’m sure she can do it~Fighting!


*finally I can say out loud what’s in my mind lately* (=.=)~O0O


6 thoughts on “Talking about Shipping and Chemistry…

  1. Haaa, i’m loving your post!!

    she’s sooo great in 49 days, really great then i don’k know what to say..

  2. I would like to see HK and YK getting together too at the end… But as I have seen ep7-8, I think I should stop shipping or else I’ll just get frustrated. But so true! LYW and JHJ has a pretty good chemistry. hehe

    For Bae Soo Bin, yes I’ve also watched Shining Inheritance and he was so good there that I can’t hate him in this drama. haha I also think he has deeply fallen for YK that he is ignoring IJ lately…

    For the Scheduler, I also think they have some sort of special relationship that I am waiting to see in the next episodes.. I can’t wait to see their past!

    1. Same thought, maybe most of the viewer of 49days tried to stop shipping them from the early episodes cause its predicted that theyre not a couple at the end. But honestly, I cant ‘unshipped’ them considering the great chemistry they both hold.

  3. LEE YOWON, I don’t know what else to say about her, she’s everything in 49 Days. She’s one AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL Korean actress I’ve ever seen.

  4. After reading this, I can finally breath. Thank you for expressing your thought cause honestly, we have same thought towards Lee Yo Won. I love her portrayal but I cant move on from the 49 days ending because what I am expecting is an ending that Han Kang and Song Yi Kyung has developed feelings towards each other.

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