[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 12

What’s the best way to get a Blockhead to notice you? Knock him in the head of course! This episode is pretty much the episode all fans of the blockhead couple have been waiting for! Enjoy~!

Jong-Hee and Mu-Yeol wait outside the hospital room for Eun-Jae to come out, Jong-Hee looks a bit sad as she thinks back to how Eun-Jae was crying earlier and Mu-Yeol carried her. Mu-Yeol finally speaks and comments how Eun-Jae should have told him he was hurt. Jong-Hee asks if Eun-Jae cried  because she was hurt and her inference is if she cried because of Mu-Yeol. Being the true blockhead  that he is, Mu-Yeol says of course Eun-Jae cried because she got hurt.

Eun-Jae limps out and tells them that she has no broken bones. She mutters a complaint of how Mu-Yeol dragging her to the hospital is just troublesome because now she has to go back and forth. Mu-Yeol goes to support her and asks her if she cried because she was hurt, Eun-Jae said yes, it hurt a lot before and Mu-Yeol mouths to Jong-Hee that he was right. Aish, that blockhead.

Episode 12: Someone has noticed! Appeal Play.

Appeal play – if a player passes a base without touching it, the opponent must appeal it in order to call it an out. Even if a 100 people notice it, but the opponent doesn’t, it’s no use.

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[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 11

Someone gets a new job. Another one reveals his cheeky side. The other guy becomes emotional, while the other girl is quite upset over him. ‘She’ gets out of her gloomy side, thanks to the brilliant person. The husband and wife are almost significant this time; only the husband comes out for a while. A good news: the stalker’s identity is finally revealed. No more guessing game for us, but not for the characters.


Mu-Yeol comes clean about his real intention appearing early in the morning at Eun-Jae’s house: to ask her to protect Jong-Hee, i.e becoming her bodyguard. Eun-Jae stares at him through blurred eyes, questioning why, above all bodyguards in this world, he has chosen her. Mu-Yeol says she’s the only one he knows and have faith in, as she has helped him so much. He pleads her to help him, even to the extent of calling her by her full name: Yoo Eun-Jae.

She sends him outside and starts to explain her reason, but Mu-Yeol gets a call from Manager Kim and completely ignores her. Eun-Jae isn’t going to let him go and throws a snowball at him. He looks at her with a questioning look while Dong-Ah’s puppy whimpers at them before walking off.

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[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 10

Eun-Jae shuts the door behind her and starts crying outside of his apartment. Poor Eun-Jae. The next day, Mu-Yeol gets ready to leave his apartment when he is surprised to see Kevin rather than Eun-Jae. Starting from today, Kevin will be Mu-Yeol’s body guard.

Episode 10: Yogi Berra’s Silence

Yogi Berra – a New York baseball player who was very talkative; he even talked to the opponents during the game. The only times he was silent was when there were hits and run sign was up! But since he was quiet, the signs were revealed.

Mu-Yeol walked into Tae-Han’s office to ask why his bodyguard has changed even though Tae-Han said it won’t until training starts. Tae-Han only said that because he thought the karaoke incident would take that long to disappear, but with all the other scandals, the karaoke one is forgotten. Mu-Yeol is angry that he was in on the decision, but when asked for a reason why the bodyguard shouldn’t be changed: he has no reason.

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[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 9

The confession is still going on, with Eun-Jae staring at Mu-Yeol (that stare is killing me) and he’s still trying to have her words sink into him. Jong-Hee arrives at his door, bearing a brown box with her. She keeps pressing the bell but no one answers her.

Talk about being at a wrong place at a wrong time..

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[recap] Wild Romance – Episode 8

Did I just heard a bomb dropped and exploded somewhere? Believe it or not, this time, the ‘bomb’ didn’t hurt at all. It just left our hearts all warm and fuzzy; some might took a longer time to recover from the shock. That’s the power of words, and Eun-Jae is among the few people whose words have a great influence over us.

Crack. Someone’s heart just broke into pieces. Eun-Jae is left with her world spinning and everything is so distant. Her elbow accidentally presses the bell so rather than say she accidentally pressed it, she asks for alcohol.

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