Kill Me, Heal Me – Goodbye, Se-gi…

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Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 20 (Final)

It’s time for Do-hyun to part ways with his alters, one by one (NOOOOOOOO) and also for us to say goodbye to them, not to forget the characters who have been there (NOOOOOOOO) for the past two and a half months. Time goes by almost unnoticed (NOOOOOOOO), and farewell is inevitable at this point. Perhaps, I would have used Se-gi’s time-freezing method to make time stop, if he had any, but it was just a wish no one could have in this world (NOOOOOOOO). Yeah, I am okay. It’s the last episode. I am okay (NOOOOOOOO).

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Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 19

After all the trials and tribulations they faced in the past few weeks (or 21 years, if we’re to follow the plot), it’s time for both Ri-jin and Do-hyun to enter the stage of healing together. Embracing the painful memories seems to be the best choice for them, because they knew it better that running away from those nightmares did not solve anything. They deserve all the love and happiness for the rest of their lives, but will it be peaceful for them with the intervention from the alters of Do-hyun?

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Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 18

The drama probably has had enough with killing our hearts through those torture and pain, and here’s a good news: the healing part is here! I’m so happy that the drama doesn’t wait until the final week to offer us the closure to certain things, and it’s kinda lessen up the pain when I think of the impending goodbye. Everything has to come to an end (including the drama sobs), but for Do-hyun and Ri-jin, their journey towards healing has just started with acknowledging their past, although it wasn’t all pretty and shiny.

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Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 17

This hour can be regarded as a ‘Back to the Past’ segment, with most of the characters whose names we’re already familiar of make their appearance, although they only exist in the memories of the people who are still alive. Although the end is just on the horizon, it does feel strange to get to know what happened to the elders and the kids – who have grown up with scars inside their hearts – after being teased with bits and pieces of the past. It’s still the angst season in the drama, so consider yourself warned before diving into this episode!

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