Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 13

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! The drama doesn’t get pre-empted for the holidays (THANK GOD) and we’re back, after a long week of waiting, with a new Do-hyun. After making up his mind to find out about his past and his lost memories, Do-hyun has embarked on a journey without knowing the end, and we’re all aware how risky it is…for him and for people around him. With others trying to hide what he want to find out, will he be able to outplay them this time; not only for his own benefit, but also for the person he wants to protect?

[Episode 13]

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After conveying his intention to Chairman Seo, this time without hiding anything from his grandma, Do-hyun was about to leave when he found out from the housekeeper that Ri-jin had been sent to the wine cellar to help her fetching a bottle of wine. Do-hyun recalled Ri-jin’s fear of basement and went straight to the cellar, only to find Ri-jin slumped on the floor unmoving. She just sat there staring at the wall and only snapped back to herself when Do-hyun approached her. Ri-jin insisted that she was alright but suddenly feel into unconsciousness. The memories she saw there made her curious about the meaning, at the back of her unconscious mind…

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They went back to Do-hyun’s house and Dr. Seok went there to check on Ri-jin’s condition. He didn’t think that it was difficult thing to help his subordinate, and he even told Do-hyun not to worry too much about Ri-jin, but he sighed over Ri-jin’s weakness, that was her tendency to feel overly attached to her patients. Do-hyun promised to do better, and Dr. Seok joked that it felt like leaving his daughter in his son-in-law’s care. Awwwww yeah!

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When Do-hyun went to check on Ri-jin in her room, she was restless, being disturbed by her nightmare. This time, the childhood version of her was playing outside with a boy (who looked like Do-hyun) and they were laughing merrily, but the lively atmosphere turned dark when little Ri-jin tripped on a rock and someone opened the ‘door’, causing the girl to be alarmed and buried her face in her knees. Ri-jin didn’t open her eyes and Do-hyun was about to call Dr. Seok again and left her side, but she held her hand out, pleading for him not to go…and play with her, just like what he said to her before the last time Se-gi took over him. Do-hyun took her hand and Ri-jin continued to plead for him not to leave.


Do-hyun: Okay, I won’t go anywhere. So, you don’t have to worry about it. No matter how terrifying a nightmare is, it will somehow come to an end. I will protect you now, so you just have to relax and sleep.


Do-hyun’s presence itself must have had a big impact on Ri-jin, because she grew calmer with Do-hyun beside her, and her breath started to be even again. At the same moment, Ri-on jolted up awake from his nap, wondering if Ri-jin was having another nightmare on that night. He put on his glasses and continued to write the manuscript for his novel.


“And…once the thread of the memories started to be loose, it would continue slowly until it hit the dead end, and it wont be easy to run from it. Where the end would be? Misfortune and sadness, despair, greed, envy, guilt; despite all the darkness, wishing that the last hope would prevail in the end, and happiness would win; the boy prayed, and prayed..”

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Ri-jin was gone from the room by the time Do-hyun woke up on the next morning and he nearly fell down the stairs, but Ri-jin was still inside the house, digging through the fridge for food because she was hungry. When asked about her condition, she just said that it was a common occurrence for her. When Ri-jin expressed her craving for her mother’s cooking, Nightingale Do-hyun apologized; because of him, she had to lie to her family that she had gone to the US and as a result, she couldn’t eat her mother’s cooking. Heh. He was relieved to find out that the secret was out with her family and he offered to take her home, giving a short break to her, but Ri-jin didn’t want to cause her family to worry about her current condition, plus they didn’t know that she was his secret doctor. In return, she asked for him to buy her a delicious meal. Hahaha! Do-hyun tried to stop her from tearing off the IV drip, but Ri-jin reminded him, in case he had forgotten about it: she was a doctor too!

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Off they went to a samgyeopsal date and seriously, I think it’s not an exaggeration to say that they would live their lives forever like this: Ri-jin happily stuffing her mouth with food and Do-hyun feeding/staring at her with his trademark puppy smile. Ri-jin felt alive and was at ease after she had a shot of soju, but she didn’t really tell Do-hyun about her nightmare; instead, she told Do-hyun that her brother would be the one who would interpret her nightmares every time she had them, from his perspective as a writer.


Do-hyun recalled the basement stories he heard from both Ri-jin and Ri-on, including Ri-on’s confusing his love for Ri-jin as fear. Ri-jin apologized for lying to him about Ri-on’s identity, but Do-hyun was more curious about the mysterious Ri-on: was he Ri-jin’s real brother? However, he ended up asking whether it was okay for a sick person like her to drink soju. Heh, as if Ri-jin would stop drinking if he asked that~

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They walked out of the restaurant, as Ri-jin wondered if it was okay for her to leech off a jobless man like him. Do-hyun assured her that he would be able to live for another two years…using the money from selling Se-gi’s stuff. OHHHH you don’t want to invoke the wrath of the manchild, Do-hyun! He was planning to finish off his task at the office and start looking for the other child in the basement. Ri-jin praised him for facing everything in front of him with confidence, before pointing out a tarot reading place. Ri-jin suddenly realized that she left her phone in the restaurant and told Do-hyun to go to the cafe first without her.

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Although Do-hyun acted like he didn’t believe in tarot reading, he slowly approached the place and entered the shop, albeit hesitantly, sitting face-to-face with the tarot reader (cameo by comedian Ahn Young-mi), who kept complimenting his good looks. Heeeee! Do-hyun said that he wanted to find someone, but the tarot lady knew that he wanted to find out about the person he liked. She told him to pick three cards using each hand while thinking about that person (Ri-jin!!) and the first card was revealed to be The Empress, symbolizing Do-hyun’s sweetheart as warm person who was like the April’s sunshine and made him feel like a blooming flower when she called his name. Pffffftt. But then, the Judgement card meant that there would be an obstacle for their love, and Do-hyun might suffer for his love. Ummm that’s kinda ominous.

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He was told to pick the last card and he did it (despite growing more suspicious at the tarot lady), drawing out the Wheel of Fortune card. According to the lady, it meant that there would be a fate he could escape from and he would soon meet the person he wished to meet from a long time ago, but the encounter would bring more trials and tribulations for him. Judging from how he jumped out of the place, he didn’t feel too happy about it!

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As soon as Do-hyun walked away, Ri-jin passed by the tarot reading place…but alas, her curiosity got the best of her, and she entered the shop…with the intention of finding out more about her love life. Ri-jin’s excited face turned sour after a while, since the tarot lady kept smirking at her for leading a ‘dirty’ life, being surrounded by so many men. HAHAHAHA! If we’re to consider Do-hyun, Ri-on, Se-gi, Ferry, and Yo-sub….well, that’s a lot! She was also told to pick her last card and it was revealed to be Death. The tarot lady told Ri-jin to quit paying attention to her love life and just concentrate on her work, because putting an end to her current relationship would prevent her from experiencing self-destruction and misfortune. That was enough to push Ri-jin into screaming, “THIS IS VOID!!!” just like what Se-gi did before.

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Ri-jin joined Do-hyun at the cafe and he scrambled to hide his phone upon realizing that Ri-jin was there. She managed to take his phone and teased him about looking up for tarot card meanings on the Web, while Do-hyun was helplessly trying to take back his phone, until they ended up in a ‘dangerous’ position. Uh-oh! They tried to deny that both of them believed such thing and everything just got even more awkward.

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But they’re so cute!

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They headed back home and Ri-jin told Do-hyun that she would be upstairs if he needed her, but Do-hyun asked her: why did it have to be only when he needed her? Didn’t she need him too? Ehhhhhhh is this going to be a confession? He wondered if he’s only a patient in her eyes, and if there’s any possibility for him to be seen as a man. Awwwwwwwhhh!!! His face slowly fell when she stood there without any definite answer, but Ri-jin asked whether he’d like to go for a trip with her, because they need to get closer in order for her to determine whether they had any chance or not. Oh yessss!


Look at how excited Puppy Do-hyun was!

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001403767 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001526687

He was just about to change his clothes when someone called him. It was Chae-yeon, calling him to go out and meet her. She seemed drunk and Do-hyun refused to meet her at first; but then, she threatened to tell Ki-joon and everyone else about what he told her that night, because she won’t go down by herself. Ummmm wrong timing there! Ri-jin was dressed up warmly, ready for the trip, but Do-hyun had to break it to her that he had to take responsibility of what Se-gi did to Chae-yeon. Ri-jin put on her calm face, saying that it’s okay to cancel the trip, but she showed how upset she was after Do-hyun left.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001581942 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001661068

Chae-yeon was drinking by herself by the time Do-hyun arrived at the bar and he told her that it would be the last time he met her like that. He apologized for his (Se-gi’s) mistake, but he could see how much it troubled and confused Chae-yeon, since she had started to reconsider her feelings after Se-gi’s move on that night. Guess that it was a bad day for people to go out, because Ki-joon’s mother, Madam Yoon, happened to be at the hotel and saw Do-hyun escorting the drunk Chae-yeon.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001670245 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001764640

Ri-jin spent the rest of the day alone drinking lots of beer while recalling what the tarot lady told her before, that she should put an end to her current relationship. She thought that it was nonsense, but her drunk self started crying, lamenting that she should leave before the dawn broke. Meanwhile, Ri-on was going out with a few girl and flirted with a girl using the line Se-gi uttered to Ri-jin (“You called me out…since a long, long time ago!”) but he was interrupted by a phone call from Ri-jin. He didn’t pay too much attention at her at first but he turned into his serious mode at Ri-jin’s mention of nightmare and fainting.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001812269 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001844916

Do-hyun returned to an empty house, except for a Post-It note from Ri-jin, saying that she didn’t get upset over their promise earlier. She was back at her house, reminiscing about her first love with Ri-on. She actually found out much earlier that he jerk was dating another girl back then, but she was still thankful that Ri-on was there to cover her eyes and protect her. She wondered if her brother would do the same thing again if she made the same mistake in the present, and Ri-on guessed that Ri-jin had probably fell for Do-hyun. She didn’t exactly answer his question, but threw another question at him: what did first love mean to men? Would it be easy for them to let go of their first loves? Did they even thought of holding onto their first loves again even after letting them go? I know that this was about Do-hyun, but in Ri-on’s case…his first love was sitting in front of him at the very moment!

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001978283 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001990407

Ri-on answered the question rather objectively: it all depended on the case. Holding onto the first love for the first time was a sign of ‘thank you; the second time lingering affection; another time sadness; and the third time was because of sadness. Even when the men were suffering, as if their hearts were torn into pieces, they had to bear the pain by themselves. Ri-jin opened up about her insecurities, especially the feelings she had for Do-hyun. She couldn’t really tell Do-hyun what was bugging her mind because as his doctor, she knew that he was having a difficult time as well. She expressed how she missed working at the hospital, where the busy working hours won’t even allow her to think about any other things…


…and Do-hyun was there, listening to her words from afar. Ri-jin thought that she was growing weaker because of her confusion and Ri-on only smiled in return, and he saw Do-hyun outside their compound. He put his blanket on Ri-jin’s head, covering her eyes from seeing Do-hyun. She thought that he was playing around with him and went inside the house in a huff, as Do-hyun turned his back and walked away from the place.


Do-hyun drove back home by himself as he recalled what Ri-jin said and reminisced about what she went through because of him, yet she couldn’t even tell him the things that had been weighing on her mind lately, because she might only give him more burden to be handled. Gaaahhh don’t be like this, you two ㅠㅠ

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The news about Do-hyun’s resignation reached the shareholders and they were busy lining up their defense by showing their allegiance on Ki-joon and Young-pyo’s side, since Chairman Seo would be most likely to hand over the group to them, now that Do-hyun’s out of the contention. Young-pyo then received the information that the late President Min Seo-yeon’s child was still alive, and he’s a step nearer towards finding the child.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002396376 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002441871

Secretary Ahn helped Do-hyun to pack his things and leave the office, but he’s willing to wait for Do-hyun to make his comeback. As expected of Alfred Ahn! Ki-joon saw Do-hyun walking out and he didn’t look too pleased to hear that Do-hyun wasn’t planning on leaving the country soon, so he warned Do-hyun not to disturb his company or his woman. Take it all, you greedy jerk! Secretary Ahn was called by someone and it was Madam Shim, who had just arrived from overseas. She was crossed to learn about Do-hyun being pushed away, and Do-hyun seized the chance to meet his mother.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002570519 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002573177

Madam Shin was unlike her usual brash way; although she continued to rant about Do-hyun’s gentle self which made him an easy target for others to step on him, she was avoiding her son’s eyes most of the time. She declared that she would always be on his side, and Do-hyun asked her about the child who was as the same age as him. She couldn’t argue anymore since he knew that she had been trying to find the child, and she accidentally admitted to knowing about the child when asked about Jun-pyo and his abuse. Madam Shin made an excuse and left, while Do-hyun started to have his unusual headache.


Ri-on called Do-hyun and they met outside to talk about Ri-jin. Ri-on saw Do-hyun on the night before and he didn’t invite him inside, because his parents had yet to know about a young man like Do-hyun to be Ri-jin’s patient. It would hurt their feelings to know that their precious daughter was living with a stranger, but Ri-on believed that Ri-jin won’t be careless in maintaining her professionalism as a doctor. Guuuhhh

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002708386 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002776755

Ri-jin was still at home with her parents, marveling at the perfect slices of rice cakes made by Mama Ji. She was amazed at how similar those slices were, and her mother only said that it was of the attention she had on while cutting them. Ri-jin thought that it was the same way her parents divided their love between Ri-on and her. Mama Ji and Daddy Oh froze, and Ri-jin remarked that it would be impossible for real siblings to receive the love and care like what she got from her parents. Daddy Oh tried to say something but Ri-jin just put a rice cake in his mouth before wishing her parents a happy and prosperous new year..and she thanked them for their love. So…she remembered it all along…that she was adopted ㅠㅠ

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002857884 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002873459

Do-hyun seemed as if he was going to surrender anytime soon, admitting that Ri-on had succeeded in holding to his weakness and forcing him to define his relationship as a patient and a shrink with Ri-jin. His headache grew worse but Ri-on didn’t realize it, hoping that Do-hyun would keep his promise to leave for the US after two months and he would never attempt to have any connection with Ri-jin in the future. Ri-on went to take their coffee and all of a sudden, Do-hyun lost his consciousness for a short moment…before the foul-mouthed Yo-na took over him because of his torturous situation.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002940957 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002944389

Well, Yo-na was just about to leave for her world when she turned around and saw her newly found world, in the form of Ri-on, in front of her very eyes. She was dazed but not for too long, because she managed to blurt out a very emotional “Oppa~” at the astonished Ri-on. She couldn’t hide her whirlwind of emotions at the sight of the handsome oppa in front of her and Yo-na jumped into Ri-on’s arms. HAHAHAHA! Ri-on was flustered but that’s not the end; next mission for Yo-na: plant a kiss on oppa’s lips!


Kekekekekeke! Ri-on was lucky this time, but those eyes of Yo-na said that it’s not over yet!

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003035210 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003037712

Ri-jin was feeding Rina the dog when she received a call from the traumatized Ri-on, who wondered if the alter she told him to be careful of was Yo-na. She was surprised to hear her name, and Ri-on begged for his sister to save him and he would treat her well until his death. HAHAHA! Yo-na popped out in her pink uniform, asking Ri-on to buy her a cake (as in, “Why do you make a person speak so mu~~ch?” while holding to his collar). Ri-jin reminded her brother to stay calm and not to lose Yo-na, so he should follow her every wish.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003067480 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003133952

That included feeding her the cake (which would look so wrong from other people’s perspective) and he gave up, but Yo-na threatened to go up on the table and dance if he refused to do so. He gave in at first, but he couldn’t stand the people’s stare and admitted that he would never be able to do it before calling Ri-jin. Yo-na had this evil glint in her eyes and told Ri-on, “Catch me!” before dashing out of the cafe. Ohhhh yeah. Ri-jin saw her running on the streets (while applying the lip gloss, no less!) and told Ri-on not to lose Yo-na.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003259029 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003261708

Yo-na stopped at a shop junction and decided that it’s time for her to catch Ri-on, and she hugged him tightly while trying to plant a kiss on his lips, again. Ri-jin bulldozed through them to save her poor brother, and Yo-na’s not going to give up, especially with Ri-jin included in the brawl. In the midst of Mission: Save Oh Ri-on, Yo-na succeeded in giving a peck…and Ri-on’s lips were sacrificed in the incident. PWAHAHAHAHAHA! The traumatized Ri-on couldn’t do anything and Ri-jin grabbed the mischievous girl before delivering a good ole punch on Yo-na’s face. That’s the end of her appearance, but she’s rounding it up with a bomb!

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003311299 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003313213

Do-hyun woke up and he was surprised to see Ri-on’s face hovering so close in front of his, and Ri-on kept rubbing his lips. Hehehehe! Poor Do-hyun was so shocked to find himself inside the Oh House and he realized that Yo-na came out before that, while Ri-on still addressed himself as oppa and remained cautious around Do-hyun. He changed into Ri-on’s clothes which suited Ferry’s style (since he was known as Ferry to Oh Family) and went out, only to be dragged away by Ri-jin. She was still mad at Yo-na for what happened earlier but she could only release her anger at the fire can. Pfffttt stop smiling before she kick you in the shin, Do-hyun!

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003455043 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003526804

Madam Shin went to visit Jun-pyo at his new nursing home and noticed his favourite book on the table. She opened the book and found a photo of President Min hidden in the book. Meanwhile, Ri-jin explained that Ri-on had already met Se-gi before and he won’t use what he knew for anything bad, so Do-hyun didn’t have to worry. She kept turning her back on him with the hope that Do-hyun would call her name…and it worked, after the third trial. LOL! Do-hyun asked again, this time being more precise: couldn’t he become her man in the remaining two months? (Why not forever??)

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003562097 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003567054

The photo made Madam Shin talk and she admit knowing all along that Jun-pyo did love Seo-yeon all along; yet she kept holding on to him, because he’s the only hope for her to be saved from her old life. She told the unconscious husband that she would find Seo-yeon’s child before Do-hyun recalled everything, and she would do whatever it was to get rid of the child from Do-hyun’s side. The photo was not only of Min Seo-yeon, because she was standing beside her child in it..


..and the child was indeed little Ri-jin.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003625997 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E13.150218.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003643148

Do-hyun was willing to treat their relationship as his side’s breach of contract if that was what Ri-jin wanted, and he approached Ri-jin with the intention of teasing her, but something caught his eyes on the ground. He saw the half-burned picture of Seo-yeon and wondered why on Earth  the photo of his legal mother was there at Ri-jin’s house…


[END of Episode 13]


I sure am not imagining it, because in this episode, I can actually see the alters through Do-hyun’s eyes. It is probably because of his willingness to be frank to himself, plus he is not afraid to show his emotions in front of Ri-jin. Thus, he can channel various sides of him without splitting himself into different, separated pieces. He is handling his emotions very well and he is becoming stronger, although there are moments and things he is yet to come to terms with. Anyway, he is showing his progress nicely, aiming towards the unification of his alters!

Who would have thought that the lonely, friendless guy who was once a trembling little lamb in front of others, would turn into a confident man who is not afraid to speak up his mind? Do-hyun surely has come a long way from the initial 28-year old him we saw in the beginning, and his own will to recover from his illness, as well as overcoming his fears and pains, is truly what made him even more admirable in my eyes. We’re yet to see how he will react to the big revelation (that Ri-jin was the child he was looking for, and that she was his legal mother’s daughter!), but he isn’t probably going to back down and let go of Ri-jin easily just like that. I really, really hope that he won’t pull a noble idiocy move, not before he find out about the truth, the secret, everything, like what he promised his grandma.


This episode also confirms that Ri-jin is well aware of her status as an adopted child, although she is still unable to recall the memories of her childhood prior to her adoption into Oh Family. The scene in which she thanked her parents for the endless love they have her was really touching. They have never treated her as an outsider, yet the knowledge she has about her real status probably remains as a small complex deep down inside her heart. The reason why she chose to be psychiatrist was probably because of the love she received from he family. I think she has realized that the love is what makes her into the person she is today, and it’s not too far-fetched if the sunshine-like Ri-jin wants to spread the love through giving treatments to the mentally ill patients, providing them with the love and care they need to be healed.

The drama does not hesitate to remind us that doctors are also human beings, as mortal as their patients. Sometimes, we forget that the people who seem to be perfect outside might bear deep wounds inside each of them, and no one is perfect. We realize that beneath the bubbly and strong Ri-jin, she also has her won past; something she can’t get over with, something that has been haunting her since forever. I think Do-hyun also realized it that his saviour is just another human being; someone who is able to experience the pain just like him. Although Ri-jin is still hesitant to share her real feelings with Do-hyun, I would like to see how these two overcome their shared memories and pains, and grow out of it as a cooler, stronger, and happier people than their younger selves.


I am so happy that Do-hyun and Ri-on are getting closer, although using a very…unique way, because I really want them to be friends! Plus, Do-hyun can make use of what Ri-on has gathered about his family, and his detective skills to find out more about the hidden secrets. Instead of turning them into love rivals, I’m willing to see them as partners in investigation and bromance buddies. Still, I’m hoping that Yo-na won’t appear when Do-hyun is with Ri-on. Poor Ri-on will be so traumatized the next time he sees Yo-na around!

Nana and Mr X…..where are you?

29 thoughts on “Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 13

  1. That’s a good point, where IS Mysterious X? I’m not sure we’re going to get to see Nana directly, but yeah, where is X? Is he the big final piece? Did they have to write him out due to time constrains?

    I feel like I’m also about 51% sure that this might all just be the plot of Ri On’s book, and that none of them are ~real~ (this would be bad, I’m still traumatized by the Lovers In Paris ending even after all these years).

    There’s no way Do Hyun and Ri Jin are half-siblings is there? I mean sure, do the fauxcest thing if you want drama, but.. it’s just… I don’t understand who Ri Jin’s father could be? I mean if the rumours were true and the old Chairman had a child with his daughter in law, that’s not gonna make things better! Ahhhhh, I feel like my head is going to explode! I want answers. And I want them now!

    I still think though that my facourite thing about the drama is just how comfortable Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum are with each other. It really comes across is all the scenes they share, and it is just such a pleasure to watch,

    1. I won’t be surprised if the two remaining alters will play a bigger part when Do-hyun gets to the bottom of the secrets, because he will likely to produce another shield to get over the shock. Ri-jin’s identity might send him into whirlwind of confusion and rage, and Nana+Mr X will probably make their appearance to help Do-hyun to combat with his newly found knowledge and emotions. I have faith that the writer won’t simply write out those characters, because we have another seven episodes (including tonight’s episode) to be filled with the alters! Speaking of them, I kinda miss Ferry and Yo-sub too, and there’s no way they’re going to integrate into Do-hyun and disappear into the thin air just like that…right?

      LOL Don’t jinx it, please! I can accept it if Do-hyun’s story ends becoming Ri-on’s mega bestseller, but to make the whole thing his imagination…that’s a big NO-NO! Please no!

      I still think that Ri-jin’s real father was not someone in the family..not Jun-pyo (because that means the END for our OTP) or the late Chairman (I don’t want this to turn into an icky makjang!), plus Ri-jin has been adopted into Oh Family…so they can end up together, right? Right?

      Yup! Watching the making of videos makes me so happy, because they’re so close and their good rapport translates well into the drama, no matter what kind of scene they’re in 😀

      1. It will be heartbreaking for me (and for them!!) when they find out the truth, regardless of whether or not they are even half related! Ah, the tears, the looks! All of this, finding out the secrets, just makes me understand and suffer for Se Gi so much more. Getting closer to the truth, just makes Se Gi look so much more tragic. He remembers the father who abused him, the “sister” he loved more than anything else in the world (who he probably thought he lost in the fire). His devotion and love for Ri Jin makes so much more sense now, and I can’t wait for Do Hyun to get those memories and those feelings.

        I’m hoping they’re not a novel. Logically thinking they probably are not. If it’s something like that, Ri On is probably writing a novel based on their true events, so at most it’s just a flashback, a real one!

        1. Yes, it has to be a part of Ri-on’s novel he’s currently writing, The Basement Child!

          It’s going to be painful, for us and for them ㅠㅠ Se-gi is probably the alter who needs a hug the most, because he takes in the suffering and hold on by himself. It was probably hell for him, and I pray that Do-hyun will not break down from the weight of the burden and the pain!

          My heart gets heavier for the characters each week but the humour saves me from getting too emotional over certain scenes…although I have to admit that I tend to cry at least once in each episode.

  2. OMG!!! it was a lovely ep, I was laughing out loud the hole time, thank you again for today recap. My boss was looking at me like I was losing a few marbles while I was reading, but I couldn´t stop smiling like a lunatic. HEH!!! well I have to get back to actually do some work before I go back home, hehehe.
    Read you again tomorrow :D. Take care and rest.

  3. Love this episode,, Love your recap that always so fast.. Thank you so much.
    I can’t stop laughing watch Ri-On’s expression when meet Yo-Na.
    Happy Lunar New Year!!! Happy Holliday..!!
    Yeeeaaaa \o/

  4. Thank you for the recap, you are fast as always. 수고해! I’m nowhere near fast internet because of the Lunar New Year, cries so your recap is all I have for the week. Gah, I can tell from your recap so much happiness radiated from our OTP. I’m so glad that in the midst of all craziness, their growing feelings are not ignored!

    Dohyun seems stronger as he spends more time with Rijin, I think he wants to be a better man for her and not a monster that will cause her pain, hence the cry in the car. They both don’t realize it but I think this goes way back to their childhood root where they only had each other (after Min Seyeon’s death) and both kids feel dependent on each other because of the abuse they suffered. That’s why Dohyun’s presence calms Rijin subconsciously and vice versa.

    I am also glad the mystery is slowly unraveling (at the pace of a snail, sadly) and we get the amounting tension of exposing the past and shedding light onto the kids’ sufferings and nightmare. We can be sure once and for all the secret child is Rijin! I never doubt it, but speculations of Rion as the child has been rooftop crazy everywhere. I get that everyone wants to spare the fauxcest storyline from the OTP, but forcing a story that doesn’t match up is equally worrying and possibly ruin the dynamics we were shown thus far. I think the hints have been clear from the start that Rijin is the secret child, especially the intense obsession Segi shown on Rijin.

    Now to the theory, I have always believed that Rijin is NOT Cha Junpyo’s child, and thanks to the new revelation that he indeed loved Min Seyeon, I don’t think he’d have tortured young Rijin if she is indeed his child. Dohyun on the other hand, I feel that Junpyo placed his hope on Dohyun to become the successor of Seungjin Group, so he wanted Dohyun to grow up perfect without a single flaw (he didn’t even allow the liberty of mistake when young Dohyun was playing the piano). Min Seyeon probably had another man’s child in US, while in seperation with Junpyo. When she came back to Korea with a child in tow, and also offered with a position as high as the president of the company, Junpyo suspected the child is his father’s. The only way to uphold Seyeon’s position in the company is to stay married to Junpyo, but Junpyo has a son from his mistress, so Dohyun had to be legally registered under Junpyo and Seyeon family registry. And due to Seyeon’s status as Junpyo’s wife, Rijin’s existence would be a scandal, that’s why she’s been kept as secret child in the household. After Seyeon’s sudden death in the car accident, Rijin is seen as liability, hence the torture. Segi kept saying to Grandma, the humane thing to do is the save the other child, meant the fire was premeditated, with the intention to bury all family secret within the house and destroy the liability, it makes me shudder the possible wickedness happened inside the family, no wonder it left such huge scars for both kids!

    Well back to our OTP, why can’t it be all sunshine and rainbow for our favorite ‘some’ couple? I love that Dohyun steps it up by asking to be a man for her, he’s being careful by only asking for 2 months time (I blame this on Rion and his mouth for making Dohyun feel self conscious), but it’s a giant leap for our Dohyunnie nonetheless. Due to the nature of their relationship as doctor and patient, I’d understand why both would be cautious to thread down the romance road, but their unlikely friendship from the start make it impossible for them to stop feeling for one another. I want them to just be together and be there for one another before everything unravels, let’s just face it, what are the chances of our favorite OTP to be siblings? All the angst of the world be damned, they are meant to be! I’m disappointed that Dohyun ruined the big moment when Rijin asked him to go out on a trip, it was a big step for our girl and she probably would have opened up to him instead of Rion. Rijin is understandably more comfortable with Rion because he has been her anchor for so long, and he provides her with sane judgement whenever she needs it, so Dohyun’s disappointment upon hearing her confession to Rion just add another layer of angst and heartbreak. What I love about new Dohyun is he doesn’t dwell in the pain for long and bounce back quickly, he is determined to be Rijin’s man even after confronted by Rion, albeit the request of only 2 months time. Who knows 2 months could equal to forever.

    On another note, I think Rijin is more mad than all of us that Yoona robbed us of the kiss. I was waiting for 2 weeks for another OTP kiss! Why oh why?! I kind of hoped Dohyun kissed Rijin before finding the picture on the floor. I mean just give us a fanservice, drama! I already invented ten scenarios in my head the whole episode how they end up kissing. Like when she is stuffing her face and Dohyn is smitten and kiss her. Or when he is holding her when she tripped and give her a passionate kiss that he couldn’t contain. Or or or when she suggests taking a trip, he just pull her into his arms and kiss her. Now that isn’t so hard is it.

    Goes into a corner and write fanfic ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. LOL I had to calm myself after reading that last paragraph of your comment! Heeee I am not sure which one is worse: to watch her brother kissing her man, or to witness Yo-na using Do-hyun’s lips to kiss another man! Haaaaaa drama is stingy when it comes to kisses, plus they’re still getting to know each other…so we’ll have to wait! (Praying for a hot and proper kiss..or two? Or three?)

      The secret will make us shed so much tears, right? I couldn’t stop crying during Ri-jin’s scene with her parents, and I can’t imagine what will happen to me once the whole secret/conspiracy thing happened inside Seungjin back then is will be heartbreaking, for Do-hyun and Ri-jin especially. If what you said about the fire being used to get rid of the bad apples in the family (including Ri-jin), then everyone involved should be punished accordingly. I got scared that Jun-pyo might wake up and wish that (this is so bad of me) it might be better for him to pass away, instead of causing more pain at the kids.

      I trust Do-hyun to find out about everything, from A to Z about his family secrets instead of running away and leaving Ri-jin by herself because of his guilt. He has to realize that nothing will come out of his guilt and he has to do something to make up for the painful past Ri-jin had because of his family, if our assumptions turn out to be true. I believe in Do-hyun to stay beside Ri-jin and help her to overcome the pain she held inside her for a long time, at the same time letting her to heal his scattered heart.

      Let’s make a prayer circle for us to be able to go through this this drama without any heartbreak, shall we?

      1. Now that I think about it, we were deprived of the secret for 10 episodes long, probably to prepare us and Dohyun when the secret is finally let out of the bag. We have seen Dohyun growing stronger by the week, I believe he will be able to carry himself and Rijin through it and weather the storm together, just as Rijin has been protecting him for so long, his turn will come to protect Rijin from all the heartbreaks and painful past.

        Am I the only one frustrated that this episode ended without the OTP being officially couple? I mean Dohyun asked twice, for God’s sake! And she obviously lovin it. So why can’t they just stop beating around the bush and date already. Now I get why ‘some’ relationship can get frustrating. They seem like a couple, but not really a couple kind of couple.

        I think Rijin is mad that Yoona used her would-be-bf lips to kiss her brother. Oh noes, the holiness of his lips has been tainted! Rion is not the only one left traumatized by the kiss. And I was laughing non stop, even after rewatching it over and over again on youtube when Rion screamed on the phone “pleeeeaaajeu shister!” I love how the comedic scenes interlace with the serious ones to counter the angst, because too much angsts only bring out melodramatic, and I think this drama excel best at being quirky fun with a shot of espresso pain.

        I think it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say this is one of the best drama of the year. I’ve been watching a couple dramas on the side while watching this but I can honestly say nothing can beat my love for this drama thus far, even the over-hyped drama “Healer” seem pale in comparison to this. Healer is a much slicker drama, with totally different genre and storyline, but it didn’t grip me as much as “Kill Me, Heal Me”. I guess this is why people say to each his own. Oh and I tried “Hyde, Jekyll and Me”, and I’m not trying to thrash or put down other drama, or make direct comparison, but that drama failed to catch my attention. When I was watching it, I thought it was pretty all around and interesting, but I feel disengaged maybe due to the lack of chemistry between the OTP (nothing can really beat Jisung and Jungeum chemistry onscreen at this point). I tried so hard (I don’t know why) and rewatched it a couple times, but I dropped it anyway.

        Side note: forgive me if you see my comment too frequently. I’ve been trying to find a place to spazz all day long to no avail, and Soompi is my ‘basement’ for some reasons, so I had to resort coming here all the time because the comments here are alive! Heh.

        1. You don’t have to be sorry! I enjoy reading people’s cooments and thoughts, plus exchanging ideas and theories make the watching experience even better! ^^

          As much as I want to see Do-hyun and Ri-jin together, I can understand why Ri-jin is hesitating to accept Do-hyun’s feelings. From her perspective, it is possible for Do-hyun, as her patient, to feel the need to be dependent on her. We are aware how much Do-hyun cherishes her, but from her point of view, there is the possibility to have Do-hyun getting over her once he is healed. She needs the time to consider his feelings and weigh her own, so I’m willig to trust these two…and enjoy their ‘some’ flirting and teasing each other 😉

          Yo-na and Ri-on’s encounter has to be one of the drama’s amazing moments because everything about it is crazy and funny. HAHAHAHA! The comedic parts don’t feel too forced and the team dies a good job balancing all the light and heavy moments in the drama! That has to be another reason for someone to chack out this drama, because it doesn’t dwell too much on the angsty part and lives up to its genre as a romantic comedy.

          Comparing and contrasting between dramas are inevitable, and nowadays I try to follow closely only a few dramas at a time, so that I can concentrate on them (yeah, I take my drama watching activity seriously ^^;). It is not an everyday occurence to have a drama sucking you into it, as if falling in love at first sight, but Kill Me, Heal Me did it to me. Luring me into loving it, I have no regret at all..because this is truly a gem of a drama! ^o^

  5. yesss! now that ash wednesday is over. i can now watch and read! it was a long grueling wait but i made it. tho this ep, wasn’t as dynamic as the other eps, it still hits me in the feels ❤
    and there was Yona XP hahahaha lol poor RiOn.
    and RiJin better be okay tmrw. i mean today!

  6. Hello again, thanks for the recap. I thought that it would be difficult for a drama with such a heavy subject to continue to be funny, heartbreaking and dark at the same time, but Kill Me, Heal Me team are doing it week after week effortlessly.
    And how far has Cha Do Hyun come from his initial meek days. He still feels guilty a lot but he is more and more comfortable with opening his heart and even wants to be a guy someone else can depend on?? Ri JIn has changed and strengthened him that much. Chae Yeon got on my nerve today. I still think she doesn’t really love Do Hyun, her hurt pride is making her desperate. Both the men in her life don’t give her importance any more and she can’t handle it anymore. Ki Joon needs to step up, I think the guy actually loves her but just takes her for granted.
    This episode is further strengthening the theory that I had about Min Seo Yeon and her child with another man. Cha Do Hyun’s mother clearly stated that although everyone thinks that Cha Joon Pyo hated Min Seo Yeon but he actually loved her. So, if Ri Jin is MSY’s daughter with another man, then that would explain why he hated her and abused her that much?? She was a living reminder to him of how his heart was broken by the mother, I am starting to think that maybe Shin Hwa Ran played a bigger role in this whole mess than I assumed earlier. The grandmonster is nasty but today after the way Cha Do Hyun’s mother talked about finding the child and removing her from the picture, it felt this woman maybe even nastier and more desperate. And from the preview, I think its Ki Joon’s father who has Ri Jin kidnapped to meet her and talk to her before the other party gets to her. Ri Jin’s character surprises me with each new revelation. She is a very strong; maybe a bit quirky character but with a good heart. She became a psychiatrist for a reason. She knew all along about the fact that she was adopted and she clearly knows that in her past she was somehow abused but rescued from that scenario. Because despite that she found such a loving home and a pretty good family that she wants to help other that much. It makes me respect her character even more. We are 60% through the series and I hope that we will get more than half the answers by episode 15-16, they have stretched it long enough. And where is Nana and Mr. X, won’t they be makin an appearance or what??
    And I love Yo-Na, that kiss?? God, I loved that scene. Also how awesome was that Tarrot card lady, I loved that whole line to Ri Jin, “1, 2,3 men, you’re a player, dirty, dirty player”. Also someone stated earlier about this whole series being written by Ri-On as a novel, I felt that at multiple times. Honestly, I won’t hate it even if they make it to be all a part of a novel with a happy neat ending. Either way its fiction but a damn entertaining one.

    1. Omg, exactly my thoughts! You just eloquently put my thoughts down into words. I second the whole theory about the Young Ri-Jin’s abuse.

      Also, now that they’re starting to give us some clues on what truly happened, I think it’s becoming obvious that the one being abused was Young Ri-jin to begin with. Perhaps all along, Jun-pyo had anger management issues (not surprising when you look at his mom’s character) and perhaps that was what led to the cheat-ation by Min Seo-yeon. I just genuinely hope that the guy she cheated with (ie Ri-jin’s real father) isn’t Jun-pyo’s father. Anyway, Young Do-hyun may have been afraid of his father all along due to his father’s character and realised what was happening with Young Ri-jin. Hence he was the first ‘boy who pretended to be afraid of basements’ in Ri-on’s novel. Second being Ri-on. It might have been a deja-vu situation and Young Ri-on took the place of Young Do-hyun. That will explain Nana’s character. Nana may be Ri-jin’s real name. And that character was developed out of guilt. Maybe if we read a little more into how Nana first came about, we can find the connection between Nana’s character and what Do-hyun felt? Because I realise that all the characters are triggered from certain emotions. I.e. Yoo-na appears whenever he feels like he feels upset or some sort of grievance, but has to quietly move along. The first time we saw Nana was when Do-hyun felt like Ri-jin might be in danger because of Se-gi. It was after the entire kidnapping incident too. It might have brought up his sense of guilt. It will explain his nightmare before Se-gi came out the other time too. He might have been Nana in the dream.

      I love how this drama has us all thinking and working out the mystery together with the characters. Can’t wait for the new episode tonight! And yes, I hope they wouldn’t drag the mystery out for too long. I will love to see a little bit more of how they deal with the discovery than continuing to the discovery.

  7. 😀 🙂
    Phew… every episode still give me a roller coaster feeling every time i watch it. (Thank You Show!!) I need to watch it twice to make a coherent comment, and read a recap also helped me to know things that i don’t recognize. Thank you for the recap!!

    I’m crying my whole heart when the aftermath Ri Jin memory revelation was shown, she suffer so much from her own memory (applause to Hwang Jung Eum giving us an incredible performance). I think what makes Ri Jin look unscathed by the abuse than Do Hyun are she denied it’s happened to her and simply just brushed it off / blocked it every time the memory surfaced. It has potential as an angst moment when people accidentally force her to face it and from the episode 14 preview it’s inevitable. I kinda hope that Ri Jin’s memory is locked for her own good, maybe it’s selfish to Do Hyun but why face the memory if she will broken after that. Yes she is strong and has a loving family (and a would-be-boyfriend) but is that even enough?

    Oh Ri On, why would you go this route again huh?? Good thing Yoo Na came out HAH!! take that!!
    I never hate him and his secret love, in fact he is my favorite character from the first episode. So maybe a meeting like that would be the most reasonable plot to happen, because if the story just simply make them meet again in friendly atmosphere would be too easy. Or maybe I am too biased of him 😀
    And why Do Hyun didn’t use Omega? He is the only one that hold responsibility Omega copyright and why Ki Joon didn’t look disturbed by the fact that Do Hyun is fired. I wished that this part could get further continuation.

    The thing that caught me off guard is Madame Shin. I always suspect all kind of thing to included in raveling the secret mystery, but never a jealous mistress. In this drama this “jealous mistress” plot seems worthy enough to be considered as a cause the car crash and maybe another thing too…
    What makes me shake my head is I never aware of this possibility. Madame Shin’s behavior was so evident, she is hellbent to put Do Hyun as the successor of Seungjin Group, paying a P.I. to find Cha Joon Pyo and the secret child. And yet I never think too much of her until she uttered those word when she find Joon Pyo hidden photo.
    We already see this plot in another drama (or rather a makjang drama) and we always know the mistress intention or doing. But putting this hint in the early episode and get unraveled layer by layer showing us Madame Shin’s real thought is awesome. Yes…. KMHM is an awesome makjang, mystery, rom-com drama. There i said it….

  8. I was watching the tarot card reading scene on youtube, and I noticed the tarot card reader made a slip of the tongue by saying 고추 (pepper) before she corrected herself and said 꽃이 (flower), I was thinking am I the only one who find it funny? For a second, I thought she was kind of perverted. Lol.

  9. Oh gosh, I am about crazy waiting for the kiss, no matter who they are, cha do hyun or shin se gi. Actually I am team se gi, puhaha… he is cute. Beside the kiss, I also wait moment where rijin see cha do hyun and chae yon together and feel sad, hahaha crazy, anyway thanks for nice review ♡

  10. Do Hyun unknowingly teared when Ri-jin told him not to leave while she was having the nightmare. She was afraid but I also felt his sadness thinking the situation was like his and that she was going through the same thing; albeit at a different level. This was really when I felt both of their hurt.

    When Ri-jin went home and had her heart-to-heart talk with Ri-on, I totally did not expect Do Hyun to appear there. When the camera shifted its focus to Do Hyun I was like, oh my you heard that. And as he was driving off in his car, I cried in that scene😢 his pain was palpable though I’m sure he also understood Ri-jin’s intentions (of not wanting to burden him with her problems) after he overheard the siblings’ conversation.

    Not forgetting to mention Yo-na’s appearance which cracked me up- I thank the drama for this light-hearted moment amidst all the darkness and secrets😊

  11. i saw yona’s mannerisms in dohyun earlier in the episode even before the actual switch happened. i thought maybe jisung and the director are losing their touch. but maybe, just like what you said above, dohyun is now more open to learning the truth, so his other alters are now more apparent in his gestures. or maybe, yona is already teetering on the edge from the moment dohyun experienced his first distress, which should be when he heard the fortuneteller, it’s just that dohyun has been really trying to stay for as long as he can, until the final moment when he couldn’t take it in anymore and yona appeared. if that’s the case, then jisung and the director are even more brilliant than i initially thought.

  12. Yay yay!! :3 I just got back from my holly holiday and can’t wait to watch new episodes. And woww woowww I actually waiting for Yo Na to meet Rion and god drama gives us KISS SCENE! hahaha I watch the scene on youtube and can’t contain myself from squealing hard.

    The family secrets really make our OTP hurt a lot. Sometime I just skip the family scene..:/

    Btw thank you thank you for your amazing recaps dear cupboard! super jjang! 😉

  13. I missed commenting here haha.

    I am actually seeing a glint of hope that Do Hyun and Ri Jin will be a good ‘couple’ in the future. I love that she didn’t exactly hide her growing feelings for him even after he confessed and she actually wanted them to try being closer as a man and woman to see if they can take it much further. It’s just nice that they’re laying it all there for both of them to see.

    And Do Hyun wow I am happy to see him starting to have confidence in himself, saying what he wants and not keeping it all in. He’s definitely a man with goals that he has to achieve, I love that we’re seeing his character growing.

    As we all don’t know who Ri Jin’s father is for now, I’m thinking they’ll play with the idea of Jun Pyo being Ri Jin’s dad. But of course I am still hoping they’ll totally ditch that idea. And no noble idiocy please haha.

    Thanks for the wonderful recap! 😀

  14. Flower
    Kim Chun-Soo
    translated by Alex Rose
    Before speaking her name
    she had been nothing but a gesture.

    Now who will speak my name,
    one fitting this colour and fragrance of mine,
    as I had spoken hers
    So that I may go to her and become her flower.
    We all yearn to become something.
    I yearn to become an unforgettable meaning to you
    And you to me

    This is Korean poetry. < > part is related the tarot card reading for Do-hyun. the first card was revealed to be The Empress, symbolizing Do-hyun’s sweetheart as warm person who was like the April’s sunshine and “made him feel like a blooming flower when she called his name.”
    This is clue. < > part means that we have to understand other people’s thoughts and appreciate their own values. And I(Do-hyun) yearn to become an unforgettable meaning to you(Ri-jin).
    Spoiler: If you watch 18th episode, you can understand the meaning of the poetry. Ri-jin spokes Do-hyun’s name, Do-hyun comes to Ri-jin and became to flower.

    1. Flower
      Kim Chun-Soo
      translated by Alex Rose
      Before speaking her name
      she had been nothing but a gesture.
      ((When I spoke her name,
      she came to me and became a flower.))
      Now who will speak my name,
      one fitting this colour and fragrance of mine,
      as I had spoken hers
      So that I may go to her and become her flower.
      We all yearn to become something.
      I yearn to become an unforgettable meaning to you
      And you to me

      < > -> (( ))

  15. in this ep… earlier scene is cha do hyun speak to grandmother…what is the bgm…i have been searching everywhere…it does not contain in the album ost…

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