Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 10

To be honest, I was slightly worried about Se-gi’s appearance this time, because he was getting stronger the last time he appeared, and it would be even easier to take control of Do-hyun’s body now that the host is battling his own self inside. He might cause problems that would be impossible for Do-hyun to deal with later but this episode proved that there was a big issue Do-hyun had to deal with first, that was his lost memories. The Pandora’s box and the secrets inside it…can he handle them all? Or will he continue to hide and let Se-gi takes care of his pain, just like what he always did?

[Episode 10]

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As Do-hyun realized that there was another person with him in the basement back then, Se-gi woke up from his long sleep, demanding to know why Ri-jin was there with Do-hyun. Ri-jin came clean about her being Do-hyun’s personal doctor, and Se-gi was thinking that she had agreed to kill him. She tried to talk some sense into him, saying that she’s only helping the two of them to make peace and communicate with each other, but Se-gi knew that Ri-jin had already made her choice. He was disappointed, especially that Ri-jin had been completely fooled by Do-hyun, who wasn’t as innocent as what she thought.

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Instead of watching the video Se-gi showed her, Ri-jin chose to follow after Se-gi, who changed into his style, thinking that he should conduct a good punishment for Do-hyun since Do-hyun broke his rule. Ri-jin refused to back off, demanding to know what he meant by the rule and Se-gi told her that Do-hyun made her as a hostage to control him. Ri-jin hugged him, latching herself to him, but he reminded her “not to touch him if she’s not thinking of having him.” Hehehe Se-gi and his cheesy lines! He walked out and locked Ri-jin inside the house (look at the number of locks on the door!), taking the red sports car and headed off somewhere.

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Ri-jin recalled Se-gi’s words about her being trapped by Do-hyun and she went to watch the video of Se-gi’s warning. She then realized that Se-gi was probably on his way to meet Chae-yeon as his way to get back at Do-hyun. Hurry up, Ri-jin! As for the lady in danger, Chae-yeon was home with Ki-joon, who formally proposed to her after apologizing for his mistakes and presented her with an engagement ring. She didn’t really look happy, though. At least Ki-joon’s in his best behaviour on a meaningful day like this! Secretary Ahn went to Do-hyun’s house and Ri-jin took his car, knowing that Se-gi would be heading to Chae-yeon’s house.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000718778 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000775341

Ki-joon was not going to stay there for the night and he left, but not without noticing the red car parked in front of Chae-yeon’s house. He didn’t realize that Se-gi was inside the car, monitoring their moves and had his eyes focused on Chae-yeon. Chae-yeon received a call from Do-hyun and she tried to ignore it, but ended up picking up her phone. It was Se-gi, saying that he’s there to meet her because he missed her, and he chose the time well, because Ki-joon had left moments ago. Arghhh don’t turn Do-hyun into a stalker, Se-gi! Chae-yeon heard the doorbell rang and she approached the door cautiously, asking repeatedly whether it was Ki-joon.

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She’s really fearless, because she opened the door despite not knowing who was at the door…and Se-gi was standing in front of her door, showing no signs of backing out. He was amused upon hearing what Do-hyun warned Chae-yeon but it was all useless, because Chae-yeon was affected when Se-gi expressed his wish to put his engagement ring on her. He teased her for thinking that he’s crossing the line when he only wanted to have some wine with her…and they entered the house. Uh-oh!

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Ri-jin reached Chae-yeon’s house and saw Se-gi’s car there, before Se-gi himself walked out of the house. She demanded to know what he had done but he told her to use her imagination. Nope, I don’t want to imagine anything! He didn’t allow her to touch him but Se-gi followed her words like a good puppy, getting in the car Ri-jin brought, switching to the passenger’s seat, and wearing his seat belt. He refused to tell her anything, saying that she should imagine what happened with the amount of trust she had for him. He knew that the curiosity made her crazy, because that was exactly what he felt when Do-hyun was with Ri-jin…and she had betrayed his trust. Awwwwww you manchild! Ri-jin had enough of his request to kill Do-hyun (and his question, “Do you have a single digit IQ?”) and drove back home.

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Secretary Ahn greeted Se-gi, thinking that he’s changed back to Do-hyun, but that only made Se-gi wonder if he was getting older for him not to tell Do-hyun apart from Se-gi. He sent Secretary Ahn away but told Ri-jin that Do-hyun won’t come back in the mean time. He was convinced that Do-hyun won’t be able to handle the hidden memories once they were released and he could remember it all (he was also created to handle those memories!), but he refused to tell Ri-jin anything when she asked whether she was also there in the memories, but his reaction said it all: she was there. He would only tell her everything if she took his hand, but she should make up her mind faster…or Do-hyun’s life would only get destroyed further in his hands. And what did he tell Chae-yeon for her to be shaken like that?

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Ri-jin slept on the couch, probably to monitor Se-gi, and someone put a blanket on her. It was Do-hyun!  He told that she shouldn’t sleep there and Ri-jin’s eyes opened wide, realizing that Do-hyun came back. She expressed her worry over him and asked when he returned, before admitting that she couldn’t stop Se-gi anymore. But then, Do-hyun didn’t say anything except for thanking Ri-jin for what she had done up until now..and Ri-jin woke up from her dream. Gaaaaaahhh! She jolted up awake and went to Do-hyun’s room looking for Se-gi, but he already left.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001431205 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001528259

Se-gi drove Do-hyun’s car to Chae-yeon’s house as he wanted to take his red car…and he told Chae-yeon he would come back on the following day to take the other car. He’s sure trying to drive her crazy! Se-gi went to the company in his usual do and driving the car like a racer, and Ki-joon recognized the red car from the night before, the one he saw in front of Chae-yeon’s house. Uh-oh! Se-gi was literally handing out hearts to the female staff (there’s a dramatic explosion of his lovely charms and he’s enjoying the attention LOL) before going straight to Chairman Seo’s office. He sat like a boss behind the table, greeting his grandfather or Chairman Cha Gun-ho.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001629194 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001662912

Ri-jin couldn’t find Se-gi in Do-hyun’s office and Secretary Ahn only saw his car parked in front of Chae-yeon’s house. They were running around the company looking for Se-gi when Ki-joon’s secretary said that Do-hyun arrived at work like a walking fashion model and they knew that Se-gi was there! Well…the manchild was yawning in front of the staff in the middle of a meeting, acting like it’s not a strange thing for a handsome man to yawn. Hehehehehehe! Ri-jin acted like he was getting ready early for the party later tonight and tried to take him away from the room, but he refused to let her touch him…so Secretary Ahn dragged the chair out with Se-gi making his leave in style. Pwahahahahaha!

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001683889 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001710926

Se-gi was being his prickly self but Ri-jin had enough of his constant “Don’t touch me!” reminder and started touching him just to annoy him. Hahahahaha! They looked like bickering kids and Secretary Ahn stopped them, since they’re still at the company. Se-gi stated that he’s the Vice President in the company and that he shouldn’t be stopped from attending the meeting..before pushing himself on the chair, entering the room with not so much style. Hehehehehe! Secretary Ahn decided that they couldn’t simply take him away since it was a meeting Do-hyun should attend, and they could only take extreme measures if any emergency took place. He suddenly received a call and it was Madam Shin, looking for Ri-jin.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001877359 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001905081

Ki-joon had joined the meeting, discussing about the company’s plan to secure Rocking (Yo-na’s favourite group!) for their music festival and asked Se-gi to report about the progress of Writer Omega’s copyright issues. Se-gi was too engrossed in his work..that was drawing hearts all over a piece of paper with the phrases “Oh Ri-jin ❤ Shin Se-gi” “Oh Ri-jin, you’re a star, my heart’s star”, not to forget “Cha Ki-joon = attention seeker” and “Boring jerk!!”. Secretary Ahn snatched the paper away and Se-gi grew even more irritated when Ki-joon kept asking him about Omega (“Do I really have to catch a tuna for you?” Kekekeke!). Secretary Ahn saved the moment, showing the contract signed by Omega and Ki-joon transferred the work to another staff, causing Se-gi to criticize Ki-joon directly in front of others. Ohhhhh~! Se-gi won this time, because Ri-on had stated that he would only have Do-hyun as the person in charge. Ki-joon had met his real opponent!

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001993885 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002079874

Se-gi walked away after the meeting ended, wondering how on earth did Do-hyun manage to live his life being treated like that by people around him, and Secretary Ahn told him that it was responsibility, instead of Se-gi, who put his responsibility on other people. Se-gi thought that Do-hyun and Secretary Ahn matched each other well, but it was unfortunate since Do-hyun would never return. He realized that Ri-jin was nowhere to be found and grew furious when he learned that Ri-jin and Do-hyun’s mother were meeting each other at the moment. What did he mean by “What will happen if they meet each other?”…?

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002114059 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002282596

Madam Shin had tricked Ri-jin into receiving her bribe in the form of a pretty handbag because she wanted to hear from her about Do-hyun. Ri-jin told her that Do-hyun was eating well and she seized the opportunity to ask about Do-hyun’s lost memories. She wondered of something bad happened to Do-hyun when he was younger and whether he had any friend his age because he kept looking for a child in his sleep. Madam Shin was trembling at the mention of the child and Se-gi arrived there to take away Ri-jin, but not before threatening Madam Shin not to meet Ri-jin anymore. Seeing how cold her son was in front of her, Madam Shin thought that he had remembered everything about the past.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002333873 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002378645

Se-gi wanted Ri-jin to stop meeting Madam Shin and he opened up a bit about the real face of Madam Shin: she took part as a witness in an abusive scene and she had been using it as her way to stay with Seungjin. Ri-jin realized that Do-hyun might have been abused as a child and Se-gi asked her, whether it was possible for him to call the woman who made him like that his mother. Gaaaahh everything was a mess in that family ㅠㅠ

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002424630  Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002481919

Ri-on went rock climbing with his editor but he kept thinking about Do-hyun, from the chaebol’s worry over his identity to Ri-jin’s explanation about his symptoms before she became Do-hyun’s secret doctor. He was also aware of the headaches Do-hyun experienced and the different sides of that guy he saw on the plane. Ri-on seemed to have caught on something as he told his editor about the scenario: a perfect man on the outside but suffering from mental disorder, meeting a woman who would change his life forever.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002602987 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002650703

Se-gi brought Ri-jin home, urging her to pack her belongings since they should leave the place. Ri-jin asked the reason why he wasn’t going to tell anyone about the memories he had and Se-gi used the usual reasoning of Do-hyun’s inability to handle the truth, but soon stressed on the fact that they, the alters, would all die if Do-hyun could overcome the painful memories. Since they were all the products of Do-hyun’s pain, they would disappear if the pain disappeared, so Se-gi had to make the choice, between letting Do-hyun live without overcoming the pain for them to live, or they would die forever once Do-hyun could get over his pain. Ri-jin asked about her being in his memories again, but Se-gi didn’t say anything and retreated to the bedroom.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002761163 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002801972

The doorbell rang and Ri-jin went to see who it was..and Ri-on was there to bring her home. He had concluded that Do-hyun was suffering from DID and he threatened to tell the world about it if Ri-jin didn’t follow him this time. He wasn’t going to leave his sister there together with a potentially harmful man, and he’s being serious this time. Se-gi walked out and Ri-on could see that he wasn’t the ordinary Do-hyun, causing Se-gi to be aware that Ri-on also knew about Do-hyun’s issues. Ri-on insisted on taking Ri-jin away and he would pay the penalty fees for breaking Ri-jin’s contract with Do-hyun. Se-gi warned him not to brag about his rights as a brother when his eyes said otherwise, but Ri-on’s counterattack left him speechless.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002855896 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002858647

Ri-on: Then you have no right to do anything. Because you’re…Seungjin Group’s son.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002875529 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002929809

He didn’t even try to stop Ri-on and Ri-jin; instead, he just stood there, with Ri-on’s words on his mind.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003014156 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003041987

The twins reached home and Ri-on reminded Ri-jin to explain things carefully and beg for their parents’ forgiveness, but she shouldn’t mention either Do-hyun or Seungjin. Dr. Seok was there with her parents when she entered the house and Mama Ji almost hit her with a pineapple after listening to her. Luckily Dr. Seok was there to save her but Daddy Oh was more disappointed that Ri-jin didn’t tell them the truth. Dr. Seok explained that she made the decision because she put her patient’s anonymity first and she taught him something important, that was a doctor should turn his back on his patients. Ahhhhh I love Dr. Seok!


Ri-on was the only one who didn’t look too happy and he brought out the folder with newspaper clips, browsing through the news about Seungjin and Do-hyun’s photos. He sighed, noting that Do-hyun didn’t really lead a happy life, considering how he’s living with fragmented identities all this while…

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003200594 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003331163

Dr. Seok and Ri-jin had a talk outside over cups of coffee, discussing about Do-hyun. Although Ri-jin was worried about Do-hyun not coming back forever, Dr. Seok knew that there was a possibility for Do-hyun to come back stronger after gaining his lost memories. He could be defeated by Se-gi, but he could be making his comeback stronger than before. They could only trust him and wait for him, since it was his inner battle and his own memories that he had to overcome first. Although Se-gi continued to call Do-hyun, challenging Do-hyun to stop him from dealing with the people who turned them into monster, but there’s no sign of Do-hyun anywhere, not even in the reflection.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003478845 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E10.150205.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003511797

Se-gi paid a surprise visit to his dearest grandma, Chairman Seo, waiting for her in the dark study. He followed her words from before: living quietly as if he was dead, avoiding other people’s sight. That made the chairman believed that he had recovered his memory and Se-gi just grinned, thinking how everyone believed that he had forgotten everything. He wanted to have Seungjin and taunted her with his father’s photo. She was mad when he broke the photo frame, but Se-gi made a suggestion: should he end the affection she had for her comatose son?


His next destination was the nursing home where Cha Jun-pyo was, greeting the comatose man like a stranger before calling him father. Se-gi remarked that his father didn’t really look well, and he shouldn’t have saved him, because Jun-pyo might be the reason why he became a monster. He offered to let him rest in peace, reaching for the oxygen tank.

“Why did you bother me? Did you know how hard it was for me? My father..”


[END of Episode 10]

I did make a guess that Do-hyun was physically abused when he was young and I was hoping that it wasn’t true, but Se-gi’s words and the fire in his eyes when he talked about it made me think that it did happen, and Do-hyun probably created Se-gi when he was as early as seven years old. If Madam Shin only witnessed everything without doing anything, did she find Do-hyun worthy of her love recently because he was the potential heir? Se-gi’s coldness and indifference towards Seungjin family members could be because of the hate…or could it be that he wasn’t even part of the family in the first place? Who are you exactly, Cha Do-hyun?


Se-gi showed more of his vulnerable side this time and he did not hesitate to show Ri-jin his real emotions, although he refused to tell her the complete story yet. This episode made me realize that there are still more questions left to be answered and 16 episodes might be too short for the drama to solve everything, plus we haven’t seen the other two alters: Nana and Mr. X. Learning about the lost memories made it clearer why Se-gi was so eager to protect his own rights. The pain he had to experience in Do-hyun’s stead while watching Do-hyun following faithfully the people who made him’s understandable why he acted like that, but I still think that he needs to understand Do-hyun a bit more.

Since he possibly started to appear when Do-hyun was 7 years old, Se-gi’s way of dealing with the problems can be more like a young boy, throwing tantrums and causing more troubles when he feel unhappy. He might have represented the unhappy part of Do-hyun, living silently in a corner inside Do-hyun’s mind..until he had the chance to jump out when the ugly memories started to come out. It’s possible for him to be feeding off Do-hyun’s attempt to avoid the memories: each time Do-hyun tries to bring up those memories, Se-gi will come to the ‘rescue’, helping him to hold the pain in his stead without the need for Do-hyun to recall it. It might appear to be selfish of him, but it was probably a natural reaction from Se-gi at first to protect Do-hyun , but now that he felt threatened with the risk of losing his life, he started to become Do-hyun’s rival.


Ri-on’s words affected Se-gi not because Ri-on was aware of his real identity, but at that time, Se-gi realized something: no matter how hard he tried to live as a separate entity named Se-gi, he knew that physically, and deep down in his heart, he was still the son of Seungjin Group’s family, Cha Do-hyun. He didn’t even try to deny it, because it was a fact. Moreover, he might felt guilty towards Ri-jin for whatever that happened between tem during their childhood, and that made him even more determined to get rid of those people who messed up Do-hyun’s life. If Se-gi comes to realize that he can live through Do-hyun if he helps him to get over the painful past, then it will be better for both him and Do-hyun.

Se-gi is the product of Do-hyun’s hidden pain and I feel that Do-hyun still needs some time for him to make his comeback stronger, bolder, and..better. Hence, it won’t be a surprise if Do-hyun produce another alter that is a stronger version of him but not really his real self. It is too soon for Do-hyun to recover the whole memories and he might be getting fragments of them, but I will be happy if Do-hyun can come back faster! I miss the puppy! Still, Mr. X might be Se-gi’s opponent among the alters…which will make it even more important for Do-hyun to gain control over his mind and body, once and for all.


EDIT: What if Ri-jin was the one who was abused instead of Do-hyun? Ri-on’s musings about the boy and his fear of the basement like the girl because of his love towards the girl affected Do-hyun more than what we thought initially. He might have put himself in Ri-on’s shoes, putting the reason of his own fear of the basement as Ri-jin’s fear, but we’re to put the puzzle pieces together, the picture might be bigger..and even uglier. If he could have mistaken other person’s fear as his own, then it was also possible that he’s getting the images of himself getting abused just because he confused himself with little Ri-jin. He might have witnessed Ri-jin being hit and he couldn’t do anything to stop it from happening, so he continued to put the blame on himself. Remember that Se-gi always came out in the beginning when he felt threatened and had the urge to protect himself? Se-gi might have been created not only to protect the pain, but also protect Do-hyun and people around him. This might the result of his inability to protect Ri-jin back then.

Little Ri-jin was probably hidden in the basement by President Min away from the prying eyes of Jun-pyo and Chairman Seo, but Chairman Cha might be aware of the child’s existence. Do-hyun met her by chance and he continued to visit her, becoming her one and only playmate. Someone (Chairman Seo? Jun-pyo?) might have found out that Ri-jin was there in the basement and she was hit repeatedly, with Madam Shin doing nothing to stop it. Do-hyun saw everything but he was unable to do anything, so he kept blaming himself and putting him in Ri-jin’s shoes for his inability to protect her. It could be a traumatic experience for such a young child like him, and he migt have imagined himself as a stronger version of himself to protect other people…and thus, Se-gi appeared.

The fire might have been Do-hyun, or even Se-gi’s doing, as his way to take Ri-jin away since her mother was dead, but the fire made him believe that Ri-jin died in the incident. As if the guilt of being unable to protrct her was not enough, little Do-hyun might have believed that he killed little Ri-jin, so he blocked all the memories he had about her, thus the one year’s worth of lost memories. Do-hyun would imagine himself afterwards: as the suicidal Yo-sub when he feels the need to escape from his depression; Yo-na when he feels trapped in his agony and have the urge to run free just like what he pictured little Ri-jin would be feeling when she was trapped in the basement; Se-gi when he senses danger or harm around him and there’s a need for him to save someone (or even himself); Ferry when he feels the excitement in his heart which might be a hidden desire of him to run away from the stifling life of a chaebol and live his future as a free-spirited man; and Nana as he pictures himself in little Ri-jin’s stead.


(Don’t judge me, I just can’t stop thinking about it. Sorry….)

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  1. thank you again for the recap
    one thing. in ur capture pict when se-gi meet chairman seo…the painting between them is chairman seo’s husband right?
    and on the next capt pict…it’s chairman seo’s son and do-hyun father, isn’t it?
    so, do-hyun mom is a mistress?
    if min se-yeon had a child, whose child is that?
    sorry for asking too much

    1. You’re welcome! You don’t have be sorry, I love questions because they make me do more thinking 😉

      Yes, the painting is the portrait of Chairman Seo’s husband, the late Chairman Cha Gun-ho. The portrait is also in Chairman Seo’s office, the one Se-gi greeted when he went to the company.

      The young guy in red is Do-hyun’s father, President Cha Jun-pyo. He is Chairman Seo’s son. I think Do-hyun is indeed a mistress’s son, because Chairman Seo is very cautious not to let people talk about Madam Shin.

      My guess is that Do-hyun wasn’t originally favoured in the family but everything changed when Do-hyun’s father was hurt when he was saving Do-hyun from the fire which broke out in their mansion. Chairman Seo probably made Do-hyun a legal son of Jun-pyo’s wife, President Min Seo-yeon, in order to avoid letting the company to fall in other people’s hands. With Do-hyun taking care of Seungjin, then hecan hand it over to Jun-pyo, if he ever wakes up from his coma.

      Min Seo-yeon had another child, but the child is possibly her child with another man, because Chairman Seo won’t let go of the child if that was Jun-pyo’s. It’s still unsure who the father was, but that child could challenge Seungjin into handing over the share of the company, because Min was the company’s President..and she had to possess some shares in the company! Maybe it’s a different case if the child is not included in the family registry…

      Hopefully that can answer your question~ Ask away, I don’t bite ^^v

      1. Aaah am not dying in curiosity anymore thanks to u.
        I feel confuse because the soft sub i watched before when se-gi greeted his grandfather with father. Hehe
        Can’t wait next week.
        I think i gotta watch this week ep again. Really love the leads, ji sung.

        Thaaanks again (bow)

  2. Hello there, I’ve been silently reading your recaps for a while. Thank you for the recaps. This show is awesome and you’re right, so many answers involving identities around this drama, they do need 20 episode. I have a question, Shin Se Gi called Cha Gun-Ho, the portrait of the old guy in the office Aboji right, which means father not grandfather. That would explain a lot of things more clearly. The way Chairwoman hates Do-Hyun is a bit weird. Who hates their own grandchild that much?? If he is the son from a mistress of Cha Gun-Ho, that makes Do-Hyun a direct heir after her son and explains why she can’t stand the sight of him. Cha Joon-pyo and his wife Min Seo-Yeon gave him the legal name to cover it up. I never thought that it was possible but both the time when Shin Se-gi was talking to the portrait and when he went to see comatose Joon-pyo, the way he called him ‘Father’ felt more like a taunt then a real relation. And Oh Ri-Jin might be Min Seo-Yeon’s daughter from another man while she was away in US, maybe she left her husband who didn’t love her even thought she excelled in everything and when she came back she bought her child along but lets say hid her really well.

    1. Hello~!
      I have replayed the scene a few times and I think that Se-gi said harabeoji, but it wasn’t that clear, though…but then, the way he called him grandpa before changing to the formal title, addressing him as Chairman Cha Gun-ho was probably a hint that Do-hyun never really got the chance to call him grandpa when Chairman Cha was still alive.

      Chairman Seo’s hatred towards Do-hyun might be a result of Jun-pyo (Do-hyun’s father) falling into comatose after getting injured while saving Do-hyun. In her eyes, Do-hyun was the one responsible for turning her cherished son into an unconscious man after all these years. I see Se-gi’s way of addressing Jun-pyo just like how he did in front of the late Chairman Cha’s portrait: he wanted to address him formally, yet he had to call him father..maybe because Jun-pyo did something that wasn’t worth of Se-gi/Do-hyun to regard him as the father?

      Yup, Ri-jin is most probably Min Seo-yeon’s hidden child! Ohhh if President Min had Ri-jin from her relationship overseas even after she was married to Jun-pyo, that will make more sense for her to hide the child. Chairman Cha might knew about it all along and helped to hide little Ri-jin since he preferred his daughter-in-law over his own son..

      1. What you say actually makes a lot of sense. I also replayed that scene where Se Gi addresses Chairman Cha’s portrait. He seems to have a lot of animosity towards his grandpa and dad. Remember that scene, where he said that his dad was probably the cause of his condition? But u know, as usual we only see parts of a puzzle. But i’m certain that Ri Jin is the lost child. She and Do Hyun had dreams involving each other’s grown up equivalent, and there’s that bed scene at the end of ep 9 which kind of shows that the mysterious child beside Do Hyun is present day Ri Jin

        1. The grandpa and the dad must have played important roles in whatever things that have happened back then, and from a child’s point of view (Se-gi), he would have blamed the adults for causing such unfortunate incidents to happen to the helpless children like Ri-jin and him. The parallel scenes have to be a major clue pointing out that Ri-jin was the lost child. Gaaaahhh let’s hope that the revelation is bearable..thinking about the kids being abused breaks my heart 😥

  3. isn’t it 20 episode , in the description on dramawiki and asian drama it’s said that there will be 20 episode not 16.. so we still have time to enjoy and for the writer to make a great ending ..

    The only thing that’s buggin me is ” how did SG reconise RJ in the first place ? ” i think it won’t be answered .. so we will take it that he just remember her and was able to reconise her even after 21years !

    I don’t know how many times i replayed that ” don’t touch me ” ! One hell of a pairwe have her , they are just having fun !

    1. Hehehe I forgot to check the English sites before writing this ^^; I’m relieved that we have more time to spend with the drama and the characters!

      The writer might explain how he recognized her but most of the time, suspension of disbelief is needed when watching a drama, because people can recognize each other even when they’re all grown up!

      LOL the don’t touch scene was gold, and Se-gi rolling with the chair was so funny too! XD

  4. Actually there are 20 episodes according to wiki and i couldn’t be more thrilled. 🙂 I love all the personalities so i don’t get why anyone would just want to see do-hyun only, this is a drama about a man with seven personalities not just one.
    Se-gi is awesome, I’ve been waiting for his return. Of course i love do-hyun but se-gi goes really well together with ri-jin in a fun way. I hope all the personalities mold together into one with do-hyun being the overall host of there emotions and desires or something like that.
    I don’t think there is any point in speculating on what trama occurred in the basement because this show isn’t giving anything away until it decides to, i love how unpredictable it is. I am curious about Ri-jins brothers plans because they are also shrouded in mystery.

    Also i just have to add how freaking Hot Hot Sexy Fine Deliciously Great looking Ri-on was when hooked up the extra style. Yeah he was already awesome and extremely handsome but after the make over his eyes, lips, hair. . . . . . Oh just everything came into focus a little bit more in a very eye opening way. 😉

    1. Hehehe all the speculations are part of the fun watching this drama 😀 Plus we get to do something while waiting for the next episode! Ohhhh it’s only Saturday >.<

      I hope Ri-on is keeping this hairstyle, now that he’s going to work with ID Ent! The new look definitely highlights his features and the old one made everyone distracted by the hair to focus on his face ❤

  5. Thanks for the recap! Love this episode but so confused now about what happened in the past.

    Also, the last line in the episode, it wasn’t Se Gi’s voice, right? What do you think?

  6. YAY for recaps. I found your blog recently, so I’m excited.
    A few thoughts:
    I think your analysis on Segi is spot on. That he is likely one of if not, the earliest personality to show up. But I am wondering about Nana. I think Nana may have appeared first in his childhood. Remember how Dohyun’s mom was freaking out in the cellar when she saw the teddy bear drawing? It makes me wonder if she first saw it during the time she witnessed the bad things that happened to him. I can’t wait to find out what happened in his past. For now, I’m leaning towards Ri On being the missing child and Ri Jin being Do Hyun’s playmate in the basement. I’m mostly rooting for this because I want Ri Jin and Do Hyun to be a couple lol

    1. If Do-hyun’s mom did know that there’s something wrong with her son and did nothing to help him, then I can’t imagine how Do-hyun will react after he remember everything. Yeah, there’s a possibility for Nana to have come out when he was young but the little girl alter only make her appearance when Do-hyun is in the basement, so it makes sense if Do-hyun has never found out about Nana when he was in the US.

      Ahhhh I want Do-hyun and Ri-jin to be together without any potential of fauxcest going on ㅠㅠ

  7. Hi! I was dying to read your recap, thanks a lot for it. I don´t know how I´m going to keep going until wednesday. uuuggghhh!!! Se Gi is my favorite character so far, I like him, he´s funny, a little bit uncontrollable, but he´s like putty in Ri Jin hands, love that of him, he´s like a little porcupine prickly in the outside but really soft inside. Altought Se Gi is my favorite, I love Cha Do Hyun and I´m rooting for him to come back a better version of himself, stronger and resolute to take back his life.
    Again, thank you for your blog. And we will enjoy our love for dramas together. 😀 . Read you next week. Take care.

    1. It’s the same for me…Wednesday feels so far away and there’s no preview for episode 11 yet, so the wait seems to be longer this time!

      No one but Ri-jin can control Se-gi! Heeeee~ Although I’m missing my puppy Do-hyun, kitty Se-gi is adorable too..and he made me cry /sobs/ I’m waiting to see these two making peace and then fighting together against the people who made him (or them?) suffer all this while!

      Have a safe weekend ahead ❤

      1. Ooohhh, is really nice to get a response to our little comments, thank you a lot for taking the time to write to each of us. Yes, today is only saturday and I don´t really like mondays, but for KM, HM I´m looking forward to next week with bated breath. Hope you enjoy your weekend and have fun :D.
        Tomorrow is sunday!!! Yeeyyy!!! Take care ❤

        1. Awwww don’t mention it, I’m having fun discussion this show with all of you! ^^v LOL I don’t really like weekdays but after KMHM, I just want weekends to end faster so that I can have new episodes of the drama! Be safe dear ~
          (Three days left until episode 11! Yahooo~!)

  8. Ah, finally someone who does fast KMHM recaps! Thank you for taking your time to do this! This drama is seriously one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched and no other drama has ever given me a headache like this one (but in a good way ^^). Anyway, I actually love seeing Segi in this episode, so intense yet so cute at the same time. I especially love his doodling! Hahaha~ he’s such a kid sometimes. But after finishing this episode I realized how much I love Dohyun. I miss him so much right now! T.T But I hope he’ll come back soon, and he’ll come back stronger than ever just like Segi.
    As for the lost child theory…well there are too many possibilities at this moment so I can’t pinpoint exactly whether Rion or Rijin is the lost child. But whoever it might be, I think that the child and Dohyun were both abused. Reading some more stuff on DID made me conclude that the reason Dohyun created the alters must have been much more severe. Dohyun must’ve gotten abused somehow for many times, and seeing his playmate getting the same abuse must’ve added a lot more pain for him, which is why his personality cracked into the pieces that he has now.
    Oh, another random thought… Segi is said as the same age as Dohyun, so does that mean he grows up with Dohyun? Since other alters seem to have their own fixed age, and Segi is the only one not stated that way, I do wonder about it…but he’s such a kid at times! If he also grows up, I wonder how and why.
    Ah this is why I said this show gives me a headache…because of the mystery! Must wait until Wednesday again. Too long a wait. *groans

    1. LOL us drama fans really love it when our dramas give us headache, right? ^^v

      (I miss Do-hyun too ㅠㅠ)

      The writer is trying to confuse us about who’s the child and although I feel that it’s Ri-jin, the speculation can always turn out to be wrong >.< Yeah, most DID patients have the experience of getting abused especially during their childhood and the pain…I can’t imagine how hard it is for a little child to experience the torture. Whoever who made Do-hyun and the child suffer has to get a satisfactory punishment by the end of this drama!

      I think he’s one of the earliest alters to show up..maybe around that time Do-hyun was abused/witnessed the abuse (7 years old). Although Do-hyun didn’t realize it until later, it’s possible that Se-gi had been living inside him all this while, growing up alongside him; however, the way he act is like a child, because he probably can’t grow out of the painful memories. He is like someone who’s living in an adult’s body but with a mentality of a 7 year-old…

  9. I am so happy and grateful that we get to start the year with this awesome and lovely drama 😀
    thank you thank you ❤
    as usual, great episode~ I’m anxious that there was no preview. My anticipation for next week just got higher >.<

    1. ah and after this ep, I am sure RiJin is President Min’s child. I wonder if they were kidnapped at that time, but there were toys, so someone close to them? I don’t know, the chairwoman and mistress seems suspicious. It seems RiJin’s parents know something too. ah and I don’t know about rooting for who, but since they’re technically the same person” RiJin can keep both DoHyun and SeGi 😀

    2. Hopefully they will release the preview on Sunday! Don’t make us wait for too long, please…

      I believe that the child was locked in the basement with toys and Do-hyun went there to play with the child, bringing his own toys to be shared with his new playmate. I’m thinking that either the grandma or Do-hyun’s daddy was the one who abused the kids (or possibly only the hidden child) and Do-hyun’s mom could only watch everything happening there.

      Ri-jin ❤ Do-hyun forever! (Sorry Se-gi but you’re technically a part of Do-hyun, so..)

  10. Thank you for the recap, and more importantly your in-depth analysis on Dohyun and his alters. While I appreciate that this drama make us think and wonder a lot, but teasing us with the traumatic secret is getting exhausting by now.

    I’m mostly agreeing with your analysis because I have the same thought. Rijin is definitely Min Seoyeon secret child and Dohyun childhood friend in the Cha household. I’m trying not to think of their possible blood connection at the moment because I just want this OTP to be together, I think only one of them is the real Cha Group heir. But I do think Dohyun couldn’t handle the trauma because he was a child back then and powerless to protect himself and Rijin. Plus Segi seems really obsessed in Rijin it makes me wonder if it was her who was locked down in the basement for being the secret child. And Segi once told Rijin his first love is alive, thankfully. So I think the fire was really the trigger to his DID. Because it made Dohyun believed Nana (Rijin) died in the fire, and he was blaming himself for her death. So he was a child full of rage, agony, depressed and suicidal, that all of these pain came out as characters/alters.

    A lot of people seem to prefer Segi because he seems charismatic and cool but weak in front of Rijin, but I still feel he’s too one dimensional and manchild for Rijin. Dohyun on the other hand is just grateful to have Rijin by his side and enjoying the bliss while it lasts, though he lacks the determination/strength that Segi has as a man. When Segi said that he found the child first, I think he thinks of himself worthy to replace Dohyun as the host because he took the pain in Dohyun’s stead and he kept the memories despite being pained, so he wants Rijin for himself and Dohyun to be killed because Dohyun’s existence threatened his.

    I didn’t enjoy this episode as much because I was really warming up to Dohyun and his admittance to falling for Rijin. I love Segi as a character but I don’t like him for Rijin because he seems like a kid and forceful at the same time. I liked him more when he kissed Rijin under the firework, he seemed much more gentle and loving as oppose to his volatile character. But I love the never ending cheesy lines! What a dilemma! I cried a little when Rion drive Rijin away and Segi cried a silent tear watching Rijin go. His emotion is always raw I can’t help but sympathize because Segi is the one who remembers and hold onto the pain.

    I just want everybody to stop being in pain and let Dohyun just be with Rijin, AFTER Dohyun confront his lost memories, and maybe keep his alters, because Rijin accept him for who he is, beast or no beast. Rijin is Dohyun’s belle!

    1. Thanks for dropping by 😀

      Yeah, at this point in the story, Se-gi is definitely thinking of eliminating Do-hyun completely but there are so many reasons that push him towards that decision. Aside for Ri-jin, I think that Se-gi hates Do-hyun for being a weak man that forces Se-gi to experience the pain, and he feels even more threatened when he knows that Do-hyun is trying to conquer the pain and driving him away. But then, I see Se-gi as a child with misunderstanding, especially towards Do-hyun. In my opinion, Se-gi himself is acting like Do-hyun’s knight in shining armour without him realizing about it, and he does realize that he can’t really escape the reality that he is indeed Do-hyun. That’s why I’m hoping that he will come to accept that he is a part of Do-hyun and ‘integrates’ himself into Do-hyun, so that Do-hyun can become a stronger person.

      Who doesn’t love such a kind and down-to-earth guy like Do-hyun?! I was kinda worried that Se-gi’s back, but the emotional side of him really got me…but I’m still team Do-hyun! He doesn’t even try to deny his feelings for Ri-jin! Awwwwww maybe I should rewatch episode 9 and enjoy all the sweetness that is the DoRi couple 😉

      Se-gi and his cheesy lines can’t be separated. Muahahaha! He’s really like a child who throws tantrums because of the pain he experienced. I really want to give a big hug to both Se-gi and Yo-sub 😥

      I wish that Do-hyun won’t put a distance between him and Ri-jin no matter what happened between them in the past. If she was indeed abused and he couldn’t protect her, I really hope that he will protect her, this time by giving her lots of love. Ri-jin is indeed Do-hyun’s Belle, but he’s no Beast..because he’s the Prince! ^^

  11. Thank you for recapping this episode! I really like reading your analysis on the entire hidden secret situation. I guess my obsession with wanting to solve the mystery could be just to satisfy my craving for the next episode.

    I’m actually thinking that Ri On might be thinking that he is the lost child. His parents are always very vague when they discuss about this topic. He could’ve easily mistaken himself as the lost child. I’m saying this because he keeps making references that imply so. Although I do think that it doesn’t make sense. The lost child was the only one among the twins who lost his/her memories. If Ri On is not the lost child, he should be able to recall being in the household since young and should know that he isn’t the lost child.

    I also think that there’s a parallel between Young Ri Jin + Young Ri On’s situation and Young Ri Jin + Young Do-Hyun’s situation. Probably Ri Jin was made to go to the basement (perhaps a cinderella-ish life? I.e. punishments in the basement and all) during her time in the Seungjin Group household and whenever she was made to go there, she would be scared and ask Do Hyun to follow her. As a result, Do Hyun always ended up witnessing the abuse that Ri On suffered?

    Last note – if Ri Jin is the child of Do Hyun’s grandfather and Do Hyun’s father’s first wife (I took so long to figure out his messy family situation. Too confusing @@ I might even be wrong now.), will it be incest if Ri Jin ends up with Do Hyun? She might be his aunt if that’s the case.

    I can’t wait for the next episode! In serious case of withdrawal now.

    1. You’re welcome! I feel like the wait would be more unbearable if we don’t have something to think about, so I’m glad that the drama is turning us into part-time drama detectives! 😀

      Your theory made me recall what Dr. Seok said about the human minds, that we can push unwanted memories to the back of our minds and bring forth thing we wanted to believe to be true. It can be the case for both Ri-on and Do-hyun: Ri-on believes that he was the adopted one, probably because of his strong urge to protect Ri-jin from the shock when the truth is unveiled..and Do-hyun believed that he was the abused one, because he felt so guilty of his inability to protect the other child that he put himself in the child’s place. Ri-on might remember everything from his childhood prior to Ri-jin being adopted into his family, but he probably found out about Ri-jin’s past from his parents quite early too, so that could be the reason for his conviction to bear the burden of being the adopted one instead of Ri-jin. I agree with your idea about the basement. Ri-on witnessed how scared Ri-jin was of the basement and Do-hyun witnessed how she was abused as a child in the basement. No matter what it is, these three people experienced a very sad fate from what we could conclude the mistakes of the adults.

      Lots of theories regarding Ri-jin’s father but if she’s indeed granpa and legal mom’s child…then she could be Do-hyun’s aunt. I really hope that the family ties won’t be that complicated, though!

      1. Yep. Ri-jin could really be the victim in the basement. I just recalled the part where Se-gi got really upset when Ri-on reminded him that he has less rights as he’s a son of Seungjin Group. That could mean that Seungjin Group was responsible for hurting young Ri-jin.

        Anyway, thanks for being so active with the discussions happening in the comment section! It’s nice to know and talk to people who share the same obsession haha

        1. Yeah, and his reaction proved that something did happen to Ri-jin because of Seungjin! I hope that Se-gi will recall what Ri-on said and start to wonder how Ri-on came to learn about the secrets of Seungjin.

          Awww no problem, dear. I’m sharing the same sentiment as you 😉 it’s a good thing to spazz together and the drama will be much more enjoyable with a bigger crowd in the house!

  12. Thank you for another week of recaps, muchadoaboutlove!

    Well, I feel like all the suppositions I posted in my comments for episode 8 just got turned right on their heads with these last two episodes. This show is doing spectacularly at keeping us on our toes and I can only say, Bravo! I hope it keeps surprising us!

    The ideas everyone has already posted are really interesting. A few things I’m mulling over:

    I think Grandmother/Chairman Seo despised Do-Hyun even before his father fell comatose from saving him. That’s why she told him in Se Gi’s memories to live as if he didn’t exist.
    I think it is a triumph for the actor, writer, director, etc. that just when people were starting to miss Se Gi after episode 8 and 9, episode ten leaves many of us missing Do Hyun 😀
    One small detail I really like is that whenever Se-gi is pushing Ri-jin into a car he always guards her head with his hand so that she won’t bump into the car frame. That little gesture says so much. 🙂
    In that latest dream Do-hyun was having of the basement, looking at the longer length of the shadowed child’s hair, it could very well possibly be Ri-jin. I find it easier to notice when watching the moving video but here’s a screenshot.

    Of course, I could be wrong and that could all be just blurry shadow.
    I’ve been wondering about a couple of things concerning Se-gi. In the first dream/flashbacks that Do-hyun had -the one where he gets thrown and then a figure is about to beat him- on the wall there is a figure drawn wearing a Superman-like outfit but looking angry and scary.
    I’m wondering if that wasn’t the birth for Se-gi. He told Ri-jin that she called for him long ago. Maybe Do-hyun and Ri-jin wished for a strong and dangerous guy to come save them, someone who could go toe-to-toe against the violent grown-up(s).
    Also on that wall behind Do-hyun’s left shoulder -and somewhat obscured by the MBC logo- there is a drawing of a fairytale princess. So, that -and some of the toys- makes me think that there was indeed a girl down in that basement -and might also have to do with Se-gi thinking Ri-jin would like Beauty and the Beast.
    Continuing about Se-gi, I think he was born back then and after the fire stayed dormant for ten years until Do-hyun was beaten by his friend’s abusive father. That triggered his locked-away memories, but Se-gi couldn’t quite come out yet. However, I think it makes sense that later once Do-hyun got home and exhaustion and further panic were probably kicking in that Se-gi took over and went and beat up his friend’s step-father. Saving his friend from abuse matches with Se-gi’s past birth. -Though I agree with purplecow over on Dramabeans that I wish they had not done that scene the way they did. It gave the wrong message about how to deal with an abuser.-
    I agree that Nana was probably born back when Do-hyun was seven after he thought Ri-jin died in the fire. Just like how Se-gi could somehow recognize Ri-jin, Do-hyun probably somehow in his subconscious recognized Ri-jin. That’s why when Nana “woke up” and appeared for the first time was after Do-hyun met Ri-jin properly at the hospital.

    He was seven going on eight when Nana and Se-gi were probably born and that is why Nana is seven and Se-gi is still seven in someways.
    He was seventeen when he discovered he had D.I.D. and the stress and despair he felt about that -or for the reasons you wrote at the end of your recap- probably gave birth to the seventeen year-olds Ahn Yo-sub and Yo-na.
    And, as you suggested that Perry Park was his desire to live free in the future.
    I think that all makes sense, and I like your idea that Mysterious X might come up to help deal with Do-hyun’s current struggle. It seems they are just going to sweep under the rug the fact that Yo-na and Ri-jin were captured on film by a lot of cellphones with it just being good enough that Ri-jin stopped Yo-na/Do-hyun from getting on stage and being broadcasted by the film crew of the band. I had been totally expecting for several people to have uploaded Yo-na and Ri-jin’s catfight online. That would be how her parents found out she was still in Korea and working for “the chaebol”, and that would also make Do-hyun want to hide more than ever leading to the birth of the mysterious yet cultured Mr. X. But, that scenario probably would have been too early for Ri-jin’s parents to find out that she is working for the heir of Seung Jin Group.

    1. The production team is doing a good job, really. Even if I am team Do-hyun, Se-gi affected me with his suffering and his silent rage and just like Ri-jin, I feel like hugging every alter and every side of Do-hyun :’)

      Yeah, Do-hyun probably was despised by his grandma because he’s just an illegitimate son of his father and he might be accepted into the family only after the grandpa died with his legal mother. When the fire happened and his dad got injured while trying to save him, that made grandma despised him even more, but she kept Do-hyun near because she needs him to protect the company in dad’s stead.

      Se-gi is rough with people who mess with him but he’s warm and affectionate (especially towards Ri-jin) since he’s also a part of the polite Do-hyun 🙂 I really miss Do-hyun now!

      Love your observation about the basement! The angry Superman might be Se-gi, and he probably wanted to make Ri-jin as happy as a princess. Now I’m reminded of the pumpkin carriage and the fireworks scene..that might have been his lifelong wish to make her happy 😥 Just like what you said, Se-gi only came out when Do-hyun’s memory was triggered with violence and abuse. From an outsider’s point of view, it’s never a good way to deal with the abuser like that, but for Se-gi…maybe he’s trying to live his life as a Superman for the abused people?

      It’s still unsure whether the drama will address how Se-gi came to recognize Ri-jin (or it’s just his strong instinct) but for Do-hyun, your words make sense. The alters might indeed appeared when Do-hyun was at their respective age, but he didn’t realize their existence until later. Nana probably represented the image of little Ri-jin in his subconscious memory and Se-gi as the stronger himself; he wanted to grow up stronger and become an adult but he also want to stay as a friend to little Ri-jin, hence his childlike side. I find it interesting that both Yo-na and Yo-sub adopted the family name Ahn…probably because Secretary Ahn is the closest person to Do-hyun when they appeared?

      I also thought that the catfight video might be a problem to Do-hyun but I believe that it will be brought up later..since ID Entertainment is working with Rocking, there are possibilities of the video to be picked up by news because to have a Vice President fighting with a woman during an idol’s meet and greet can be blown out of proportions. Mr. X is really giving us the headache, no? He’s so mysterious!

      I am curious on how Oh Family will react to the fact that Ri-jin is close to Do-hyun and Seungjin, and the polite Ferry they know is actually Do-hyun. Will they try to separate Ri-jin and Do-hyun, or will they tell the couple the whole truth? Looks like we’re going to fry a few of our brain cells before Wednesday comes! Oh, the agony of waiting is killing me!

      1. Only one more day to go! I’m on tenterhooks!! 😀

        I bet you’re right that the Ahn twins’s family name comes from Secretary Ahn. Aww. Secretary Ahn is awesome. I’m so glad he is so human(e) instead of just being bought by Chairman Seo.

        Thinking further on Se-gi. I’ve been wondering since the beginning how in the world Do-hyun managed to play American football and not have Se-gi come out sooner. But, I feel like my question has been answered now; it really had to be an abusive scene and fear felt by Do-hyun to trigger Se-gi out of his dormancy.

        Augh. The possibility of the catfight video or even just Rocking meeting Do-hyun is awful. -No wonder Do-hyun is so scared and horrified by the trouble Yo-na brings.- I hope that if Rocking does meet Do-hyun that it will still be Se-gi in control. I think Se-gi would just waltz through that situation with a glare and a line that makes us laugh. >.<

        1. I wish I can just sleep for the whole day tomorrow..until the episode airs!

          I love Secretary Ahn and his loyalty! He’s like a father figure to Do-hyun and he ships the OTP too (hey, isn’t that a must for all the kdrama secretaries?!) ~~

          I believe that Rocking will meet Se-gi soon and hopefully they won’t get confused to see that their passionate ahjusshi fan has turned into an idol himself. Hahaha! I won’t be surprised if Se-gi treats them like he treated Ki-joon, or he’ll just ignore them. Heh.

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