Upcoming Drama Updates

Since I’ll be quite busy in this upcoming 2-3 weeks, I’ve been forced to pay less attention to dramas. I even have to put a hold to my Baker King! But this is all for my future so I don’t exactly have any choice 🙂 Still, I’m so excited about the upcoming dramas and I do read the news and updates, it’s just I don’t update about them here. So…this is a make up post for the latest news about the upcoming dramas: Arang: Magistrate’s Chronicle, Five Fingers, and Nice Guy.

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Joo Ji Hoon – GQ & Harper’s Bazaar August 2012

With his drama premiere around the corner, Joo Ji-Hoon is the star in kdrama land. He has not one, but two pictorials set to be featured in August edition of the magazines. Well, he deserves the attention since he’s been out of the limelight for too long. It’s about time for him to be the center of attention. Yay! My Prince Shin is back~!

He will be featured in the August edition of both GQ and Harper’s Bazaar magazines.

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Five Fingers: First Teaser & Poster Shooting

Who doesn’t know about Joo Ji-Hoon’s comeback drama Five Fingers? I think everyone has to know about this, considering the fact that it’s the first time he’s appearing on the small screen since 2007. I heard about the drama for quite a while before the cast was confirmed but I wasn’t thinking about following the drama closely because of the length. It was slated for 50 episodes and I never had faith in myself when it comes to dramas with more than 20 episodes, except for a few. However, after watching the teaser, I couldn’t help but been captivated by the simple yet beautiful teaser.

Not just because of that; another reason is the actual number of episodes turns out to be 30. So, why don’t I give it a try?

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Princess Hours : my mini review

One word that comes into my mind when I open my folder of Princess Hours : classic. Re-watching it makes me feel like I’m fifteen again, giggling and crying alone, watching the DVD in the middle of the night. The fact that the story is about school girls and boys makes it dearer to my heart, although I’m nothing near to any kind of royalty. This drama surely brings back so many memories and I can’t help myself but laugh at Shin and Chae-Kyung’s silliness all over again.

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