August Spreadelicious: A Two-Faced Ji Chang Wook

Same person, different styles. Nowadays it’s not even hard to turn a completely innocent and fresh face into a different look, thanks to the make up, and in this case, the hair extensions. Ji Chang-wook explores both angelic dandy man and devilish beast looks for the magazines, Sure and Arena Homme+’s August editions. Pick your favourite, folks!

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June Spreadelicious: Joo Won & Ji Chang Wook

Wow, June is going to be a month full of my biases and I’m not complaining at all, simply because next month is going to be my birthday (yeay?!) and to have both Joo Won and Ji Chang-wook grazing several magazines in June alone is enough as an advance gift for me. Maybe I’ll get more spreads in one month’s time and it’ll be a real birthday present! Now I’m going to stop all those wishful thinking and put their June magazine spreads, because sharing is caring! If only we get some of my girl crushes’ spreads as would be perfect!

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Ji Chang Wook – Allure May 2014

With less than 12 hours until the penultimate episode of Empress Ki, Allure Korea has released Ji Chang-wook’s interview with the magazine for its May issue. I didn’t expect this at all and it’s a nice surprise while waiting for the drama! The interview took place back when episode 45 had yet to be aired. Check out the dapper man in suits~!

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