Ji Chang Wook – L’Officiel Hommes May 2015

The Healer of All and the rising Asian hero. L’Officiel Hommes Korea does not hesitate to laud heaps of praises for their May cover boy, Ji Chang-wook, and we’re all aware that he’s indeed the one and only Healer. I was waiting if the official magazine site would upload more of the pictorial this week but they’re still saving those for now, so we can only be content with these shots in the meantime. Well…let’s hope that L’Officiel Hommes will be kind enough to share the rest of the pictorial soon!





Credit to naver and L’Officiel Hommes Facebook Page

4 thoughts on “Ji Chang Wook – L’Officiel Hommes May 2015

  1. Missing him in our dramas!!!

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    “There will never be another one.”

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