Lee Sang Yoon for Harper’s Bazaar

Not long after Cosmopolitan back in January, actor Lee Sang-yoon is featured on the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar! This pictorial is in anticipation of his upcoming film Insane (the literal translation of the Korean title 날 보러와요 is Come Watch Me) which will be released at the local cinemas on the 7th of next month. It is his first thriller project and from the bleak poster and trailer below, it appears dark from the outset. The movie also stars Kang Ye-won and is about a producer who sets out to find out the truth about a murder case that was made to look like a fire and the sole survivor of the incident.

The suit and shoes ❤

Credit to Harper’s BAZAAR

See the movie’s poster, trailer(with English subtitles) and character video below:


5 thoughts on “Lee Sang Yoon for Harper’s Bazaar

  1. Eee!! He looks fabulous!! ❤ ❤ Although, I don’t know if I’d watch the movie.. I love Lee Sang Yoon, but I don’t like thrillers 😛

    1. Hi-five! I absolutely love this pictorial ❤ ❤ ❤ So nice hehe~ The movie will surely take a long time to get to us, I’m not sure if I will end up watching it myself too haaa. Hee it’s okay, I completely understand! Sometimes loving the actor(s) is enough to overcome all odds 😛

  2. Oooohhh…. he looks absolutely gorgeous in this pictorial… <3, But like you guys I don’t think I would watch that movie, don’t like trillers… jejejeje… I am a little of a coward. But I can eat him with a spoon. ❤

  3. Yes he is, looking great! Hehe you can watch his tvN drama Twenty Again 🙂 It also stars Choi Ji-woo ^^ I need to watch it too~

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