November Spreadelicious: The Leading Ladies

If CeCi has rounded up the popular supporting actors for its November spread, Harper’s Bazaar Korea gathers the leading ladies in the dramas. I suspect that it is not simply a coincidence 😉 I always welcome any magazine spread of the actors and actresses and this upcoming November, several actresses are going to graze the Korean magazines.

Soon after the weekend ratings monster ‘Jang Bo-ri is Here!‘ ended, Oh Yeon-seo lends her beauty for Harper’s Bazaar Korea. Forget about Jang Bo-ri for a while and just enjoy this mesmerizing side of her!







The cat is a nice surprise!

Shim Eun-kyung, currently playing the bubbly Nae-il in Tomorrow Cantabile, channels her quirky self in the same magazine. Love the shots, especially the second one.




Seo Ye-ji is almost unrecognizable with her makeup on for the pictorial! She models for the sportswear Adidas, shedding her evil girl character Park Soo-ryun in The Night Watchman’s Journal.




SURE is featuring Yoo In-na, who recently finished her drama My Secret Hotel. Being used to her character Nam Sang-hyo in office wear, it’s quite a surprise to see her flaunting her pretty legs in the pictures. To be honest, I’m jealous of her~

yooinna+sure+nov14_1 yooinna+sure+nov14_2 yooinna+sure+nov14_3

It’s been a while since the last time I saw OhBoy!’s pictorial and this time, they chose the young leading lady Kim Sae-ron to be featured in the magazine. I love the style of the magazine’s pictorial: bright and minimalist, and the lead of the drama High School: Love On matches well with the concept. Ah, the essence of youth!





Sources: Harper’s BAZAAR, SURE, and OhBoy! via naver

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