October Spreadelicious: Yeon Woo Jin

Riding his popularity in Marriage Not Dating, Yeon Woo-jin further spreads his charms outside the small screen through several magazine features. Gong Ki-tae’s tale might have ended, but this guy still has a lot of things to do, now that his name is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Give this man a lot of fun roles, please!

From a spring guy to a broody man, he nails it all; but my favourite is the mischievous boy look. I have to say that he can pose with anything and still make the shots turn out pretty. Oh apples and apple crates, be grateful that you can be together with him in one picture!

yeonwoojin+voguegirl+oct14_4 yeonwoojin+voguegirl+oct14_3 yeonwoojin+voguegirl+oct14_5 yeonwoojin+voguegirl+oct14_2 yeonwoojin+voguegirl+oct14_1  Mmmm is that a five-o clock shadow I’m seeing??

yeonwoojin+harpersbazaar+oct14_3 yeonwoojin+harpersbazaar+oct14_1 yeonwoojin+harpersbazaar+oct14_5 yeonwoojin+harpersbazaar+oct14_4 yeonwoojin+harpersbazaar+oct14_2As if this pictorial can’t get any cuter, the cake shots have two more adorable photos. They’re small but I am willing to squint my eyes just for him~

yeonwoojin+allure+oct14_4 yeonwoojin+allure+oct14_6 yeonwoojin+allure+oct14_5 yeonwoojin+allure+oct14_1 yeonwoojin+allure+oct14_3 yeonwoojin+allure+oct14_2 Source: allure Korea, VOGUE girl Korea, and Harper’s Bazaar Korea

Saving the best for last, I accidentally saw him while skimming through Cinderella’s Sister and I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. He’s wearing a school uniform too! And his expressions when he witnessed the two sisters fighting? Priceless.

Cinderella Sister - 04.avi_000165331


9 thoughts on “October Spreadelicious: Yeon Woo Jin

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for this 🙂 I reallllly enjoyed his enthusiastic acting in MND, and felt for his broken character in Arang and the Magistrate, but I didn’t even notice him in Cinderella Unni.

  2. why does the allure kitchen background look like the one from Gong Gi Tae’s apartement xD I love him because if his one pack abs and hopefully he’ll keeo it that way

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