Potato Chips (feat. Yoo Seung Ho)

Why did no one talk about this before? Or did I miss the notice about Yoo Seung-ho endorsing Sumi Chips Honey Mustard, selling those chips using his smoldering gaze and heart-stopping smile?

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Joo Won (feat. Strawberry Waffle) for BeansBins

This guy doesn’t know how to take a long rest, does he? He was recently introduced as the new model for BeansBins Coffee, a coffeehouse chain in South Korea and Joo Won might be known as the waffle guy soon. The hungry me right now is craving for that strawberry waffle and I blame you, Joo Won! It’s freaking 4 AM over here!

More pics under the cut. Warning: not for the fainthearted ones and the hungry souls. Except if you can be full from staring at Joo Won alone, then feel free to proceed!

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Empress Ki on MBC Drama Awards 2013

Looks like my heart couldn’t get enough of the spazzing on twitter last night that I need to watch the awards and squee about it again. Although Empress Ki was pre-empted this week to give way to MBC’s award ceremonies, namely MBC Drama Awards and MBC Gayo Daejun, there’s still a silver lining for both us viewers and the cast: we get to see them on the award ceremony while the cast can get some rest for a while. Sometimes they look so tired from the continuous filming that I wish to tuck everyone in bed for a week straight. Even the make ups can’t hide their dark circles and eye bags from the lack of sleep.

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Wish It Was You…

So…I fell in love with Flower Boy Next Door’s latest OST sung by Lee Jung. The song can be heard at the end of episode 8 and it’s just sad and pretty at the same time. I made my first MV with the song and cuts from the drama, featuring Jin-rak and Dok-mi. I think the lyrics suit Jin-rak so much with his crush towards Dok-mi!

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