Seoul International Drama Awards 2012

So…yesterday, Seoul International Drama Awards 2012 was held in National Theater of Korea in Seoul (pretty obvious,right? haha). Since this was an international drama awards, which means there were participating dramas from foreign countries, not many kdramas were nominated, thus not many actors and actresses were seen around. I’m lucky to see some that I could recognize in these pictures, while some I’ve heard their names but never actually seen them in dramas…or I’m not that hardcore drama watcher yet.

As usual, the actresses got their chance to doll up and look pretty in front of the camera. Well…they’re always looking good in front of the camera, but seeing them in awards with the dresses of their choices are somehow a must. Haha!

The MCs for the ceremony were Shin Hyun-Joon (Bridal Mask) and Han Go-Eun (Me Too, Flower!). While Shin Hyun-Joon chose the usual white suit for men, Han Go-Eun went for a bit of classic do, with her shiny dress and hairdo.


She might be busy with her filming schedule for Nice Guy, but Moon Chae-Won (The Princess’ Man) still made herself present to the award. She’s looking sweet with the purplish pick dress, but it looked big on her. Hmmmm…maybe because of the shoulders.

I totally love this mini dress! Han Ji-Min (Rooftop Prince) pulled it beautifully, and I really like her simple make up and hairdo, even if she’s going to an award. Simplicity at its best, she looked so young!


Kang Min Kyung (Haeundae Lovers, Vampire Idol): She chose black, but that didn’t mean she’s playing safe. Sexy back black dress! She still looked like a teenager even with that hairstyle.

Another sexy back! Jung Yu-Mi (Rooftop Prince) opted for black with shiny sequins for her top. She’s still keeping her short hair and bangs from her days as Hong Se-Na.

Another style that I like! Lee Hee-Jin (The Greatest Love) was a darling in her simple yet eye catching black dress. I’m not used to see her with her short hair, but she looked lovely!

Simple yet pretty. Hwang Woo Seul-Hye (I Need A Fairy) looked gorgeous in her black mini dress and little make up.

Looks like black was the color of the evening since most of the actresses chose it. The difference was only in style and length of the dresses. Goo Eun-Ae (Love Rain) went with a sexy black look.

The only lady in red! Choi Yoon-So (Warrior Baek Dong-Soo, Smile, Donghae) stepped out of the safe zone by donning a red dress. Her earrings were pretty too!

Nam Bo-Ra (The Moon that Embraces the Sun) went for the princess/fairy look this time. She’s beautiful, but would look better if she had a different hairdo..

One of the actors present: Seo Ji-Suk (Manny). Standard suit and necktie…but then, am I the only one who thought that he looked like Choi Jin-Hyuk a little bit?

Korea’s Little Brother, Yeo Jin-Gu (The Moon that Embraces the Sun) in his own share of black suit with ruffled shirt and bowtie. I kind of missing him, so can we have him in a drama soon?


Man of the Day, Park Yoochun (Rooftop Prince). As usual, he looked dashing in that double breasted suit…but I wish he kept that hairdo he had during the fanmeeting in Shanghai. That one suited him really well! Yoochun won several awards for Rooftop Prince, which he dedicated to his late father.

More pictures…

Jung Yu-Mi

Seo Ji-Suk & Kang Min-Kyung

Yeo Jin-Gu and Nam Bo-Ra: I find these two cute, although Bo-Ra was technically Jin-Gu’s grown up little sister in The Moon that Embraces the Sun.

Ji Chang-Wook (Five Fingers, Bachelor’s Vegetable Store) & Choi Yoon-So: Maybe I wasn’t eagle eyed enough, but I couldn’t find Chang-Wook’s picture during the red carpet session. He was probably rushing, because he went straight to Five Fingers‘ filming right after the ceremony. They were co-stars in Warrior Baek Dong-Soo and Smile,Donghae.

Lee Jung-Shin & Goo Eun-Ae

Kang Min-Hyuk & Hwang Woo Seul-Hye

If you’re wondering why Jungshin and Minhyuk were there, CN Blue made a performance during the ceremony. MBLAQ also performed there.

The winners list:

Grand Prize: Tree with Deep Roots (South Korea)

TV Movie

Golden Bird Prize: Home Video (Germany)

Silver Bird Prize: Calm at Sea (France)


Golden Bird Prize: Great Expectations (United Kingdom)

Silver Bird Prize: Sherlock Series 2 (United Kingdom)


Golden Bird Prize: The Princess’ Man (South Korea)

Silver Bird Prize: The Firm (USA)

Individual Category

Best Director: Brian Kirk (Great Expectations)

Best Scriptwriter: Sarah Phelps (Great Expectations)

Best Actor: Jonas Nay (Home Video)

Best Actress: Christine Neubauer (Hannah’s Decision)

Special Prize

Remembering- Fist (Philippines)

The Bomber (Ukraine)

Ezel (Turkey)

People’s Choice

South Korea: Park Yoochun (Rooftop Prince)

China: Nicky Wu (Bu Bu Jing Xin)

Japan: Miyazaki Aoi (Lady Butterfly/Chouchou-san)

Taiwan: Wang Ding-Ju (Days We Starred at the Sun)

Outstanding Korean Drama Prize

Excellent Korean Drama: Rooftop Prince (South Korea)

Outstanding Korean Drama: The King 2 Hearts (South Korea)

Outstanding Korean Drama OST: The King 2 Hearts – Missing You Like Crazy (SNSD Taeyeon)

Outstanding Korean Actor: Park Yoochun (Rooftop Prince, South Korea)

Outstanding Korean Actress: Han Ji-Min (Rooftop Prince, South Korea)

The Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year: Bu Bu Jing Xin (China)

Congratulations to all winners! ~~

sources: Newsen and TVDaily via naver news, SIDA official site

4 thoughts on “Seoul International Drama Awards 2012

  1. I think I like Ha Ji Min’s, Nam Bo Ra’s, and Lee Hee Jin’s dress choices the best. Though Choi Yoon So’s red gown was also really pretty. I’m glad that there weren’t any major no-no’s on the red carpet this time.
    Oh and I agree with you on that Yeo Jin Gu should do a drama soon. He was so adorable in The Moon/Sun.

  2. I saw Yeo Jin Gu in Swallow the Sun a few years ago, and last year in Baek Dong Soo, he grow so much – time sure passes fast. Moon Chae Won is so pretty but that dress isn’t doing any justice to her. Tree with Deep Roots really deserves it’s prize, it was an awesome drama

  3. Outstanding Korean Drama: The King 2 Hearts (South Korea) should NEVER be here there is nothing outstanding about this kdrama

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