Shin Sung Rok for L’ Officiel Hommes

Actor Shin Sung-rok has not been on the small screen since The King’s Face in 2014, and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that he is featured on L’ Officiel Hommes this May! It’s great to see him again ❤ ❤ He was one of the actors who starred as Death in Korean musical Elisabeth which ran from June to September last year and was cast in action film Secret Agent alongside Song Kang-ho, Gong Yoo and Han Ji-min. A release date for the movie has not been set, but it is said to be sometime this year. I first saw him in 2007’s Thank You and last in 2013 hit drama You Who Came From The Stars where his performance as the villain was captivating. Then I heard of how he shone in tvN’s Liar Game back in 2014 (but haven’t seen it yet T.T) so I must make time for it! As we look forward to his dramaland comeback, take this opportunity to check out the pictorial. How about some poker cards? 😉

His gaze reminds me of his character in YWCTS XD

So tall~~

Credit to L’Officiel Hommes

10 thoughts on “Shin Sung Rok for L’ Officiel Hommes

  1. Ahahaha every time I see him, I can’t help but picture him killing people, very handsomely and dashingly… I’ve heard good things about Trot Lovers, but can’t watch it yet because I keep expecting him to suddenly murder his love interest. 😉 I’d better just watch it and change my mental image, right?

    1. Hahaha he’s famous for his villain roles XD Indeed! Hmm I have yet to watch Trot Lovers too, but I’m not sure if he’s playing a baddie there too. Yes you should watch it if you want to hehe~

      1. He wasn’t a bad guy in Trot Lovers. He was actually quite nice. Just a bit quirky/strange. BUT I couldn’t help but think it was a total facade & that he would turn around and start plotting to kill people bc I was so used to his villain roles that I was actually mentally preparing myself for a sudden personality change LOL
        He was a good guy all the way through though and I didn’t know how to feel really… xD

        1. Ah I see, lol. Thank you for the information^^ Hahaha we need some time to do the switch in our minds xD Hehehe I hope he gets a role as the main protagonist soon! And nicer characters haha

  2. We don’t see enough of him around! Glad to see this pictorial. I first saw him in Thank You too, which I think helped me to not think of him as a villain every time I see him, lol. But his villainous roles in My Love from Another Star and Liar Game are what made him probably my favorite kdrama villain ever 🙂

    1. I know right!! High five Kay, yeah lol. Hehehe he is known for his villain roles XD For me, I like Yeon Jung-hoon as a kdrama villain. Now Namgoong Min has taken my heart though. Hahaha

    1. Hi, thank you for dropping by! You’re making me want to start watching Liar Game now already, lol

      1. His performance in Liar Game is AMAZING, actually his brand of villain in there was so much better & more interesting than the villain he played in You Who Came From the Starts imho. He nailed it, he was terrifying, mysterious, & multi- layered. Definitely a drama worth watching. It’s a drama favourite of mine.

        1. Yup that’s similar to what I’ve heard – that he’s a far more compelling villain in Liar Game than You Who Came from the Stars. It’s still on my watch-list, but I will get round to watching Liar Game sometime 🙂 Glad to hear that you loved the drama ❤

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