Park Hae Jin for @star1

Park Hae-jin has taken up a lead role in upcoming cable drama Man To Man, where he will play a bodyguard to a top star. Cheese In The Trap is still sitting on my watch-list…but I’m sure that I will get to it sometime. Man To Man is looking to premiere on jtbc near this year’s end. While waiting, check out his latest pictorial for @ star1! 🙂

Thank you Star1 for this ❤

Credit to @star1

3 thoughts on “Park Hae Jin for @star1

  1. Such an adorable puppy! (_) His character in CITT was questionable but he made me like him anyway. Such a good actor.
    His rumpled hair… those knees… what a cutie.

    1. I know right! Haha yes, he has charms that melt our hearts XD Happy that you like the pictures too ❤

  2. I know it’s my American frame of reference, but most photo shoots I see of Asian stars, particularly Korean, make the actor appear ultra feminine. You enjoy an actor for his part, which definitely is not feminine, then they do these strange photo shoots and eh, please no!

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