Kim So Yeon and Namgoong Min for SURE

Celebrities Kim So-yeon and Namgoong Min are featured on SURE magazine this January. The pictorials are not linked but both of them have been part of MBC’s variety show We Got Married, albeit in different time periods. They pose with style, the actress with endless beauty and the actor with overflowing charisma~ Both have starred in various projects from last year, and it looks like 2016 will be a great year for them too.

I last saw Kim So-yeon in cable drama Falling For Innocence, where she made up the OTP with Jung Kyung-ho. I enjoyed the drama largely because they were so adorable as a couple XD She’s currently on We Got Married, being paired up with actor Kwak Shi-yang and has been offered a role in a family weekender All’s Well with a Happy Home on the same network. I would love to see her back in dramaland soon!

Her SURE pictorial was filmed by fellow actor Lee Jung-jin, who is also a photojournalist. He had contacted her personally to be part of the photoshoot, which marks his debut as a fashion photographer. They are very good friends and treasured the opportunity to work together on this pictorial, which was shot along the streets of Singapore’s Chinatown.

Gorgeous ❤

Namgoong Min is off to a good start in the new year with his ever-so-convincing portrayal as chaebol Nam Gyu-man in currently-airing legal thriller Remember: Son’s War, and was given a Special Acting Award for his performance in The Girl Who Sees Smells as Kwon Jae-hee at the SBS Drama Awards held on 31st December 2015. In 2014, he was a virtual couple with singer Hong Jin-young on We Got Married. They have since left the program.

In the pictures below, he embraces his look in Remember with style and shows us some abs. He also talked about his drama character in the accompanying interview with the magazine, that he doesn’t feel burdened about playing an antagonist often.

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4 thoughts on “Kim So Yeon and Namgoong Min for SURE

  1. Major crush on Kim So Yeon! OMG, gorgeous pictorial! But my crush for oppa is reduced a bit by that overly thick brows. Sure, thick brows are so in right now but not on men… Eeeeep!

  2. Funny how I couldn’t stand Kim So Yeon until Falling For Innocence (because of her career choices). Although I ended up being frustrated by the ending I really liked her performance. She’s really beautiful here. Nam Goong-Min will forever be my favorite Second Lead of all times. I am just so frustrated that he never seems to get the lead role. I don’t know if that’s because he’s not cut for it or if he’s not really interested (since some actors do decline lead roles), But in The Girl Who Sees Smells, he showed even more of his talent. What a gorgeous man. Definitely my type! ❤

    1. Hi Blue 🙂 Haha hmm I liked her in Prosecutor Princess, Dr. Champ and Two Weeks ;D but yes, she and JKH made FFI a better drama. I know right?! She’s so pretty ❤ Awww haha I’m sure Namgoong Min will get lead roles in time to come! He IS a good actor ^^ if a good script comes his way i think he wouldn’t decline a lead role 😉 Actually I have yet to watch TGWSS but I heard a lot of good things about his acting in the drama! Indeed, he’s model material XD

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