Remember: Son’s War – Episodes 5 & 6

Remember is absolutely brilliant. I really like the way things are going with the story, in one-quarter of the show’s run. This time, the conflict revolves around a case which appears straightforward but beneath lies deception and forgery. Jin-woo takes a big step forward on his quest to unravel the truth, but we know he has a long way to go. Still, it’s a good start and it’s even better to know he has some friends in this together with him. To me, there is a saying which can describe the happenings last week: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”


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A car is being driven along the road. It’s Jin-woo who is listening to the radio broadcast about a security guard’s family demanding compensation because overworking resulted in his death. At the same time, a reporter is outside the court building providing the latest news. The prosecution won the first trial and a second one has been scheduled after the defendant’s side filed an appeal.

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The public defender Song Jae-ik answers a call just round the corner behind where the reporter is standing. It’s someone he calls Manager, asking exactly when Jin-woo is coming when the trial is about to begin in five. And he’s uncontactable. The office manager tells him to wait a bit for Jin-woo, who will head there from his earlier trial. He’s told to stall for time in court, and is reminded that he’s also an attorney. But he just grumbles about his stammering problem in front of the judge. She retorts that if he’s going to stay by Lawyer Seo until he can solve this issue, he needs to start making some earnings.

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True enough, we see that four years down the road Attorney Song’s stammering is still as bad when questioning the witness. The judge and prosecutor just look down at their documents as he is speaking. Jin-woo arrives and walks past the public demonstration outside the court. After the prosecutor’s questioning, Jin-woo enters the courtroom and apologises for being late before he’s set to begin his cross-examination. Attorney Song is relieved.

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In-ah is at a private dormitory that is a crime scene for a theft case she has taken up. She just breaks through the police tape and enters one of the rooms just as a team of policemen are having their break. They scurry after her, telling her she’s not supposed to here and that she’s interfering with their public duty. She reveals her identity as a prosecutor and chides the leader of the team for not doing a good job on their report-writing, missing out on information. She wants to go to the Police Chief at the station.

Back in the court, Jin-woo wins the case after providing scientific evidence on the deceased security guard’s illness as well as documents proving that the man was paid for working overtime and pocketed extra money using various ways. He even revealed the man’s reason behind doing this- it was to make extra expenses for his daughter’s education.

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At the police station, In-ah sees a lady asking a detective if he can find her stolen cash. She is Kim Ha-na (Lee Shi-ah), one of the victims of the dormitory theft. In-ah treats her to a warm cup of coffee and they sit down for a chat. Ha-na tells the prosecutor that the thief stole everything of hers that could be sold for money, including the cash she had saved to pay for her mother’s surgery. In-ah observes that she works at Ilho Life. She’s just an intern and will have to find another job at the month’s end. In-ah assures Ha-na that she’ll catch the thief.

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As In-ah enters the court building she drops her pen but doesn’t realise because she’s on the line with the police detective. The judge from Jin-woo’s case earlier on keeps it with him as he leaves since he is unable to get her attention. Then Jin-woo and In-ah miss each other by a few glass doors as he exits.

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Attorney Song also leaves with Jin-woo and the former wonders why Jin-woo had to go to that extent just to win the case. He just says he’s headed for the office immediately and tells Attorney Song to call Manager Yun over. The daughter of the deceased from the earlier case runs over, grabbing Jin-woo’s collar. This catches the attention of the judge as he turns around. She vents her anger by throwing a plethora of questions at him.remembersonswarep05 (1)14

But Jin-woo remains calm the whole time, telling her that if she wants to take it out on someone it should be the lawyer on the other side who didn’t do a good job, or the laws that made this verdict possible. She trembles in rage with tears streaming down her face and cries that a rich lawyer like Jin-woo wouldn’t know how they feel. Jin-woo walks off and the judge having watched the entire exchange, has an unreadable expression on his face.

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A swarm of reporters rush to interview Dong-ho after his trial ends, wanting to know the verdict. He announces his victory in defending Gyu-man’s good friend, Bae Chul-joo for a case of drug abuse. They continue to probe further until Cheol-doo walks out and they push their way through the crowd with the help of Manager Pyun.

Gyu-man is reading the news of Lawyer Park’s win and on the phone with his friend, saying that they can always count on their ace attorney.

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We’re now at the Il Ho Law Firm where Dong-ho meets Chul-joo and his father in his office. They thank him for his help and compliments his good work. Dong-ho beams and tells them to contact him as long as they need any legal aid.

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Chairman Nam announces at the board meeting that the company’s profits have rapidly increased from the previous year. And the biggest contributor to Il Ho Life’s growth is Vice President (VP) Kang Man-soo. Gyu-man had totally expected it to be him and was preparing to stand up. He isn’t too happy with this development, and is pissed off to see that the VP is on good terms with Joo-il who’s been given a job at Il Ho Group.

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Furious, Gyu-man messes up the things back in his office. If it was not for his dad, he wouldn’t have given VP Kang any face at all. I think he’s just jealous that his father favours the vice president.

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Jin-woo drives Manager Yun and Attorney Song to their new office space which isn’t really in a good condition; but it explains why Jin-woo was able to afford the rent for such an expensive area. Manager Yun figures why he rented this place and muses that he got a good location. They start tidying up the messy place as Jin-woo eyes the Il Ho Group office building in the distance.

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In-ah comes by the house Jin-woo used to live in with his dad, but seeing many uncollected letters and flyers stuck beneath the gate it has been empty for long. She recalls her last meeting with Jin-woo back then and wonders where he is now.

Jin-woo is in a small room looking through some papers. He stares up at the wall which has information on Il Ho Group and everyone else involved in Dad’s trial pasted on it. It’s very detailed and he probably has been keeping tabs on them since four years ago.


He visits Dad at the prison, who is unable to recognise his son until Jin-woo shows him the ring necklace from before. He tells Dad he became a lawyer and Dad is overjoyed. But Dad recalls that this is not the first time Jin-woo has told him about this and breaks down in tears. In his mind, Jin-woo tells Dad this is the beginning.

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Jin-woo heads to his the memorial of his mother and hyung, meeting Dong-ho there. Just like in the past. Dong-ho says that he didn’t want to come because he might meet Jin-woo there, but that would be not filial. He’s heard that Jin-woo has become a lawyer, and Jin-woo gives him his name card before leaving.

Back at Il Ho Group’s law firm, Manager Pyun tells Dong-ho that Jin-woo was just like his boss when he first got his attorney pin- taking up all kinds of cases to make money.

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In-ah and Yeo-gyung go through a bag check as they exit the court building. Yeo-gyung tells In-ah that she should have become a detective instead of a prosecutor if she likes to go out on the field and even head to the police station. In-ah is just like, “Why do you care whether I’m a prosecutor or detective” haa. Someone calls out to Yeo-gyung and it’s the judge we’ve seen at the episode’s beginning. He’s Judge Kang Suk-gyu (Kim Jin-woo), who greets In-ah before walking off with Yeo-gyung.

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A while later Yeo-gyung wonders if Suk-gyu is close with In-ah. He says they’re just acquaintances and then the pair sees Prosecutor Tak who is now In-ah’s superior chiding her about going out to the scene to investigate. She should know her division of work and not disrupt the police’s line of work. However, In-ah thinks that it’s possible for the detectives to make mistakes since they’re human too. So she’ll continue going out on the field.

A party is held for the staff of Il Ho Group, and VP Kang as well as intern Ha-na are both present. The intern seems slightly intoxicated, as she continues to drink.

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Meanwhile, Dong-ho and Joo-il are having a drink at the lawyer’s now quiet office. They ask about each other assisting Gyu-man and Chairman Nam respectively. Both of them know that they are just servants to the chaebols, but Joo-il points out that he became a President at the company while Dong-ho is now the most expensive lawyer in Korea. Dong-ho tells his buddy that Jin-woo became a lawyer too, referring to him as the young man from the one and only trial he lost.

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Ha-na walks into the police station barefooted and collapses to the floor, shivering in front of the police officers before she can even ask for help.

Vice President Kang is arrested at a carpark by a team of detectives for being under the suspicion of sexually harassing intern Ha-na. He seems to have just woken up in the car, totally unaware of what’s going on.


Jin-woo tells Attorney Song to find out about the sexual harassment case VP Kang is involved in, seeing that a newspaper article has already been published. But Attorney Song thinks that cases which are tried in the media have a 90% chance of losing in court, and it’ll be tough even for Jin-woo. Manager Yun agrees with Jin-woo to take up the case though. We all know why.

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Chairman Nam has breakfast with his son and daughter. Yeo-gyung thinks the whole sexual harassment case doesn’t make sense and asks her dad but the chairman just asks Gyu-man to ensure that this incident doesn’t affect the company’s image and mood. He doesn’t look worried at all, while Gyu-man is just gloating inside.

In-ah asks Prosecutor Tak to hand over Ha-na’s case to her. He doesn’t agree because she’s still inexperienced and leaves his office for the washroom. In-ah follows him straight into the male toilet, not wanting to let go. She tells him that Ha-na is also a victim of the theft case at the private dormitory, and that she had promised to help her.

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Gyu-man asks Dong-ho to take up the case to defend the vice president. Manager Pyun and Secretary Ahn share a steamed red bean bun at the stairwell, with the latter complaining about his superior Gyu-man not treating him well. As we have seen, he sure doesn’t have it easy working under the chaebol. He must be under lots of stress too.

Later Manager Pyun goes telling Dong-ho that the prosecutor’s name on the trial documents for Vice President Kang’s trial is In-ah’s, which Jin-woo hears about as well. He’s investigating at the car park where the said incident happened. Jin-woo pulls Attorney Song to hide behind a wall when he hears In-ah coming into the carpark to investigate the case too, and only comes out of his hiding spot after she leaves.

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Dong-ho meets with VP Kang to ask for details of what happened that day, but the man just tells the lawyer that he cannot remember exactly but is certain that he did not do it. This triggers Dong-ho’s memory of meeting with Jin-woo’s father back then.

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Jin-woo goes to meet the senior manager of Il Ho Group, Kim Jun-sik. He had won a case for the manager before and asks about the situation at the company following VP Kang’s arrest. We flashback to a meeting the VP had with Gyu-man where they had some disagreements about managing the company. Gyu-man of course uses his authority as the President to ride over the VP’s opinion.

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At the same time, In-ah is questioning the employees of Il Ho Group. She is in the lift when Gyu-man enters. She recognises him as the man who killed Jung-ah, lips quivering. But he doesn’t know her.

Jin-woo is in his office looking at Il Ho Group’s building through the window. Manager Yun comes in, asking if he’s getting a real start now. And this is his answer:

“I already started four years ago.”


In-ah organises the information she had gotten from investigating the whole day in her office.

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The next thing we know, it’s the day of the trial. Dong-ho meets In-ah along the corridor to greet her amicably. But she doesn’t care to play nice and says that he must be doing well for someone who gave up on his client. Dong-ho retorts that his client isn’t convicted yet, and she should be careful with her words.

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In the courtroom, In-ah begins with her argument with evidence of call records and summons Ha-na as witness. She gives her statement in details to which VP Kang argues he did not do what she described. Everything is now in the prosecution’s favour. Jin-woo observes the trial from the seating floor above.

After the first trial, Dong-ho praises her for a good job done. She tells him that she will prove Dad’s innocence. Dong-ho knows why she took up the case and reminds her that the world is not as simple as it seems. And that her thinking is too ideal, because it will be tough. After he leaves, In-ah spots Jin-woo above and chases after him. He’s nowhere to be seen. Judge Suk-gyu approaches her to return the pen she had dropped, and remarks that he was impressed by her in court today. She gives her thanks and quickly runs off to continue finding Jin-woo.

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Jin-woo visits VP Kang to convince him to let him be his defense attorney. He lists three reasons: he’s been abandoned by Gyu-man and the whole of Il Ho Group; Dong-ho has no will to win at all; and finally he knows Judge Kang very well. The VP doesn’t believe him even after Jin-woo shows him the list of candidates to become the next VP. He had gotten the documents from his contact Senior Manager Kim. But Jin-woo tells him he’s been left alone by the conglomerate, regardless of the results of this trial. And Judge Kang had presided over a sexual harassment case two years ago and the defendant committed suicide after he was found guilty. Furthermore, he knows the prosecutor-in-charge, In-ah very well.


Dong-ho is in his office, pondering over Gyu-man’s words that ordered him to lose the VP’s trial. Manager Pyun runs in to tell him that he’s been fired as the attorney for the VP.

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Gyu-man goes for a swim. When he’s out of the pool, Dong-ho speaks to him about the change in lawyer. It’s the son of someone they know very well: Seo Jae-hyuk. It seems like he doesn’t remember but Lawyer Park makes it clear to him: it’s the Seo Jae-hyuk who is on death row instead of him, and his son has returned after becoming a lawyer. He frowns.


We come back to the ending of Episode 4, where Jin-woo enters the courtroom as he is now VP Kang’s defense attorney. Dong-ho sits in at the back.

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The second trial begins, with In-ah questioning Ha-na. Then Judge Kang summons Jin-woo’s witness for cross-examination. He’s an assistant professor at a university where Ha-na used to study in. She had filed a suit against him for sexual assault back then. But he didn’t stand for trial because they had agreed on a settlement. Jin-woo provides the account statement as evidence. In-ah looks like she was unaware about this. Ha-na gets worked up and argues her side of the story. The judge tells her to calm down and Jin-woo continues. The witness says that Ha-na was the one who brought up the settlement money first.

[End of EPISODE 5]


We continue from the trial. Jin-woo manages to prove the point that Ha-na has made false claims of sexual assault in the past, and that the life of a man with a family and career should not be ruined. Dong-ho gives a silent applause at the back, haaa.


In-ah asks Jin-woo why he took up the case when the court is recessed. He replies that there’s no other reason, the VP chose him and he is obligated to defend his client. Outside the court, Ha-na is told by In-ah that she should have let her know if something like this had happened before. But she thought it was over and had agreed on a settlement because the professor said that he would never be able to teach again if the case had gone to court. And the settlement was given to Ha-na because he felt apologetic about deceiving her.

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Jin-woo is in his car with the university professor and gives him documents with evidence of his illegal gambling site usage. The professor wonders how Jin-woo knew, and he says he saw him at a gambling house 4 years ago. Thanks to his super memory, he even remembers what the man was wearing.

After the witness leaves, Dong-ho meets Jin-woo at the carpark. He muses that Jin-woo also has a 100% success rate, which is very much like him. He knows why Jin-woo took up this trial: to get at Gyu-man. To this, Jin-woo answers: “Do you need any other reason?” before driving off in his car.

remembersonswarep0612 remembersonswarep0613

Prosecutor Tak and In-ah are having a meal together. She stuffs herself while Prosecutor Tak encourages her to forget about this trial and likens it to playing baseball. What’s important is not winning for a long time; you just need one win at the end. He then receives a call and they’re told to go up to the office and meet the newly appointed Chief Prosecutor.

The minute they’re in the office, In-ah recognises her new superior as Prosecutor Hong when he looks up. The chief prosecutor wants them to follow his guidance and hopes they get along well. In-ah is stunned as he gestures for a handshake.

remembersonswarep0614 remembersonswarep0615

In-ah tells her office manager to look up the contact information of the defense counsel. We then see her in a café with Jin-woo. She asks after him, but he says it’s very uncomfortable for a lawyer to sit with a prosecutor during the period of an unfinished trial. When she wonders if he is the Jin-woo she used to know, he reminds her of her words to him back then: “The truth wins over the facts.” But he now knows that the truth is relative and because it’s relative, he will always stand on the winning side of the truth. As he gets up to leave In-ah tells him about her newly appointed superior and also that she has never forgotten about Dad’s trial. That’s what she wanted to tell him.

remembersonswarep0616 remembersonswarep0617

Jin-woo returns to his rented office and asks Attorney Song to get hold of any concrete evidence the prosecution must be looking for- such as a video recording of the sexual assault taking place. First he needs to obtain a list of all the vehicles in the parking lot on day. Attorney Song muses that it’ll take a long time, so Manager Yun sends him running before he can even finish his ramen.

Jin-woo looks up at the wall with the organised information, particularly at articles and photographs of Yeo-gyung. He tells Manager Yun that the surest and fastest way to get information on Gyu-man is through his younger sister when she asks if he’s getting too ahead of himself right from the start. And to take one step each day, he doesn’t have much time left.

remembersonswarep0619 remembersonswarep0620

Dong-ho and Joo-il meet with Chairman Nam. He asks Lawyer Park if the vice president will win this trial. And it’s a yes, unless new evidence that overturns the trial comes out. He tells Joo-il to proceed with the plan, along with Dong-ho.

Later when the two buddies are alone, Dong-ho asks Joo-il when Chairman Nam became involved in the vice president’s case. And it’s revealed that the trial is all part of the chairman’s plan, to get rid of anything that could disadvantage his son. Dong-ho questions why he was kept in the dark about Joo-il’s involvement. His hyungnim answers that he doesn’t want him to get into any harm after it took him so much to get to where he is now. About the next step in the plan, there is certain evidence that cannot be denied.


Jin-woo watches Yeo-gyung and Judge Kang together from his car. In-ah calls him, sounding like she’s been drinking and tells him to go over now. At the place where she’s been drinking, she spots a couple trying to take a picture with their selfie stick and drunkenly teases them while laughing. The boyfriend goes up to her just as Jin-woo enters and gives an apology. In-ah starts telling Jin-woo how hard she had worked to become a prosecutor as soon as he sits down. She continues to drink soju even after Jin-woo tries to stop her. She shouts that she became a prosecutor in order to help his father who was wrongfully accused and doesn’t understand why they have to fight. A tear falls down her cheek before she collapses from drinking too much.


Jin-woo carries In-ah on his back when she drunkenly thanks him for coming back. Her family spots her on the street and Jin-woo greets them. After putting her in bed they invite him to stay for some tea and fruits, talking about how he’s become a lawyer while she’s a prosecutor having changed a lot from Dad’s trial. As In-ah sister wows at the lighted up Christmas tree in their home, Jin-woo recalls the last Christmas he had spent together with Dad.

He visits his old house in the neighbourhood and tells himself that he will never come back here until he can return with Dad.

remembersonswarep0622 remembersonswarep0623

Jin-woo visits Dad at the prison, who speaks as if they’re meeting for the first time thinking he must be an attorney. Even after Jin-woo shows him the ring he used to propose to his mother back then, he doesn’t recognise it, let alone his own son. Jin-woo breaks down in tears, begging him to take a close look and remember him. But he doesn’t and says he must have gotten the wrong person. T.T

remembersonswarep063 remembersonswarep6

Secretary Ahn has done a background check on Jin-woo and we see him reporting it to Gyu-man. He became the youngest attorney at the age of 22 after dropping out of high school. He’s only gotten his lawyer’s pin for a year but is doing pretty well. And he has a special ability, which Gyu-man doesn’t think much of when his secretary says “good memory”. But when he hears that Jin-woo has absolute memory and he’s said to be preparing for an appeal regarding Jung-ah’s case, Gyu-man angrily tears up the documents with his personal information.


In his office, Dong-ho stares blankly at the 50,000 won note with the signatures. He tells Manager Pyun to keep an eye on Jin-woo until the trial is over.

remembersonswarep0624 remembersonswarep065

Jin-woo visits Yeo-gyung’s art gallery, and while speaking with some guests she notices him staring at a painting for a very long time. She goes over to engage in a chat with him before sending him off. Dong-ho has been waiting for Jin-woo outside. He knows why Jin-woo took up the VP’s case- having managed money VP Kang knows most about the company’s secrets. The young lawyer must have asked for the company’s slush fund book instead of his legal fees. Dong-ho means it when he says that their contract has not ended yet, and warns him not to cross the line. But Jin-woo tells him it’s already over and he regrets so much for ever trusting him, before walking off.

Prosecutor Hong meets secretly with Gyu-man in the chaebol’s car. They talk about the case and Gyu-man requests for it to end quickly for the media to stop bringing it up. The chief prosecutor agrees to change the prosecutor-in-charge.

remembersonswarep0625 remembersonswarep0626

Suk-gyu meets with Gyu-man and Secretary Ahn for drinks. They attended the same school before. Gyu-man brings up the VP’s case, but Suk-gyu is not keen to talk about that and stands up to leave. The chaebol casually says that he would have gone to someone higher up if he wanted to ask for a favour. Oh, that’s awkward. Even Secretary Ahn feels it lol. Suk-gyu says that he wants to meet them without tension. Then the topic goes to whether Suk-gyu has been meeting any ladies. He says frankly that there’s someone he keeps thinking about. Gyu-man says Yeo-gyung would be disappointed to hear that and he says that she is like a younger sister to him, before the men clink glasses.

Suk-gyu asks In-ah to have coffee with him, and tells her about the sexual assault case he had presided over two years ago. It was a guilty verdict, but the defendant committed suicide after the trial and the truth was that he had a consensual relationship with the victim. Therefore he will use concrete evidence as the basis for judgement this time, in order to prevent any wrongful punishment.

Attorney Song has yet to find any black box evidence from the cars at the parking lot that day, so Jin-woo tells him to keep looking because it’s important.

remembersonswarep0627 remembersonswarep0628

In-ah is in Prosecutor Hong’s office, and he tells her to hand over all the files regarding the case involving Il Ho Life’s VP. Just then she receives a text message that says they have received a tip-off with evidence from a car’s black box. She confidently tells the chief prosecutor that she will remove herself from the trial today if she cannot reverse the outlook. She will win it.

In-ah is on her way to meet the informant as she looks through some documents. She meets him at the car park with her office manager, under Dong-ho’s watchful eyes as they verify the video evidence.

The next time we see that video playing it’s in the court during the trial. The audience’s murmuring gets louder as they watch the clip.


Jin-woo meets with VP Kang, who first asks after his family. He tells Jin-woo he began to doubt himself after watching the video and he’s not afraid of how the public or company may view him, but he’s most afraid of his wife and daughter. Jin-woo tells him not to get too caught up when faced with a trial like this. Until the final verdict is announced, he is innocent.


Jin-woo finds Ha-na’s father who has held back from returning to his family for he feels guilty. All the memories he has had with his family remain and he wants to do his best in life so that he can recreate those joyful moments. This makes Jin-woo think back to the good times he had spent with Dad. Ha-na’s father tells Jin-woo to pass on the message to her that he’s sorry for not being able to be by her side.

At night, Jin-woo replays the video clip over and over again and finds that the ring finger of the man in the video is not the same as VP Kang’s. He calls the VP’s wife to confirm.


The next morning he asks Attorney Song to look up the information of the one who provided the video evidence. It’s the key to the case now that Jin-woo has realised that the video is fake. He eyes the man from his car and with his perfect memory he remembers that he was one of Dong-ho’s men he had seen before. He follows the car after the man drives off.

Manager Pyun has been tailing Jin-woo all along. He calls his boss saying that it looks like Jin-woo will cause big trouble. At the meeting point which seems to be a jetty, the men are with their luggage and prepared to skip town until it has quietened down. At that moment, Jin-woo realises the truth: it was a ploy planned to target VP Kang right from the beginning.

remembersonswarep0631 remembersonswarep0632

Jin-woo is about to dash over when Dong-ho grabs him to stop, saying that he’s already been warned. But Jin-woo does not heed the warning and runs towards them, only to get beaten up by the gangsters. It is halted and Dong-ho goes over telling him to forget about catching Gyu-man.

At a hospital, Jin-woo goes to find Ha-na, whose mother just had her surgery which ended successfully. He wishes her mother a quick recovery and tells her not to forget that she’s taking away someone else’s father now. And she should understand more than anyone else how it feels like to not have a dad by her side.

remembersonswarep0634 remembersonswarep0633

Yeo-gyung tells her father at the breakfast table that she’s nervous about VP Kang’s last trial today. Chairman Nam is not one bit concerned and just says that with the video, the vice president has gone too far to be back in his place.

Gyu-man is already looking through the list of nominees for the next VP and tells Secretary Ahn to pick the one who is most loyal to him. He’s also told that Dong-ho has gone to court and will inform them once the verdict is out. Confident that VP Kang will be doomed, he calls his good friend Cheol-doo to go out for a celebratory drink tonight.

Jin-woo goes to trial with his bruised face. When the guards bring VP Kang out he tells Jin-woo to pass on a letter to his family once the judge finds him guilty. Jin-woo tells him to give it to them himself because he will not lose the trial. Ha-na takes a look at the VP’s wife and daughter, deep in thought.


The final trial starts. Jin-woo points out the flaw in the video because the VP has never removed his ring since he got married. The list of personal items at the VP’s time of arrest included his ring but the man in the video is not wearing any. He tells the judge that the video is not real, and requests to summon Ha-na as witness to verify the authenticity of the video clip.

remembersonswarep0636 remembersonswarep0637

Yeo-gyung watches the trial from upstairs and recognises Jin-woo as the defense attorney. Dong-ho steps in to sit right behind. Jin-woo begins his cross-examination, questioning how Ha-na obtained the money for her mother’s surgery when there was a theft at the dormitory she stayed in. He raises his voice bit by bit despite warnings from Judge Kang as he asks if the man in the video was really the VP. She turns around to look at the VP’s family members sees her dad in the distance, and finally tells the truth- VP Kang did nothing wrong and sincerely apologises. This was the only way for her. In-ah and Yeo-gyung are both shocked at the revelation. VP Kang is moved to tears while Dong-ho knits his brows. The VP’s wife and daughter are relieved.


In-ah chases after Jin-woo following the trial. She tells him that Ha-na wouldn’t have done this alone but he just says that it has nothing to do with him. He proved his client’s innocence and that’s enough. Furthermore she’s the prosecutor so it’s her job to find out who’s behind this.

Yeo-gyung catches up with Jin-woo, which In-ah sees. She thanks him for doing a great job on the VP’s trial and offers to buy him a drink. He agrees and they leave the court building together.

Chairman Nam watches the news of the ‘not guilty’ verdict and angrily turns off the television. Joo-il goes in front of him to assure the chairman that the issue ends with him and Dong-ho so Gyu-man will not be affected in any way.


Gyu-man slams his glass on the table when he hears that the VP was not found guilty. When Dong-ho repeats that he throws the glass across in rage. He asks who caused this and Dong-ho remains silent. He yells for Lawyer Park to bring ‘that attorney’ to him right now, just as Jin-woo enters the bar with Yeo-gyung.

remembersonswarep0640 remembersonswarep0641

Yeo-gyung calls her oppa and Jin-woo turns, coming face-to-face with Gyu-man. Dong-ho and Cheol-doo also rise to their feet. After Jin-woo introduces himself as the defense lawyer for VP Kang,  Gyu-man says with sarcasm that their company’s image has been saved because of him. He muses that they should thank him by giving him a position at Il Ho Law Firm. But Jin-woo says no thanks, he has his own law firm too.

Wanting to avoid worsening matters, Dong-ho suggests for Gyu-man to end the night there and then. He agrees and they slowly leave but Jin-woo addresses him again. He picks up the handphone Gyu-man had left and passes it back to him, saying that it’s been four years and it’s disappointing he’s just leaving. Gyu-man asks him to come to his office sometime, but Jin-woo goes close and whispers that the next time they meet will be in court. And that is because he’ll bring him to trial. Dun Dun Dunn!

[End of EPISODE 6]

NOTE: This week there were no new episodes for Remember this week due to the end-year award ceremonies held by the Big 3 broadcast stations. The 7th episode will be aired on Wednesday, 6th January. Tonight!

After the time leap, the positions of our main characters have all changed, both literally and figuratively in this “war”. It’s still early to tell who is better placed in this battle, but it will be a path full of twists and turns.


Jin-woo has returned, more determined than ever to fight for Dad’s innocence. He’s no longer a helpless high school student, but an attorney with the potential ability to clear Dad’s name. Beneath his increased confidence as a lawyer we still see his past self during his interactions with Dad. Things went well for him this time, so I think the baddies will come back strong delivering a massive ‘hit’ the next episode. It was encouraging to see him achieve his first indirect victory, but more difficulties will come his way and they may be out of his expectations.


Trust is easily broken but difficult to rebuild. Dong-ho misplaced the trust that Jin-woo had in him and it would be quite an uphill task for him to regain that trust. Furthermore, he’s now working for the enemy’s camp. As of now we can’t be sure which side he’s really on, but I appreciate the purposeful ambiguity that the show has depicted. We know that Dong-ho is street-smart, so he chooses to be on the winning side. And he’s not bad. He has never forgotten Dad’s trial four years ago, and still cares about Jin-woo genuinely. He’s in a pretty precarious position himself if Il Ho Group finds him not beneficial to the company one day. I don’t think he will be working with Jin-woo anytime soon, but I’m curious as to how he plans to fulfil the broken contract with Jin-woo.

I continue to like Dong-ho and Joo-il’s relationship; they are still very concerned about one another even though many things have changed over the last four years. They’re both trying to survive in the literal and figurative monster of Il Ho Group; it’s tough. Joo-il is still a fatherly figure to Dong-ho, and the lawyer is equally precious to Joo-il. It’s heartwarming to see ❤

remembersonswarep05 (2)

The same goes for In-ah, since Jin-woo already has Manager Yun and Attorney Song helping him. Probably Jin-woo does not want to implicate her, since what he’s doing could put himself as well as the people around him in danger.

Finally we heard the first part of the drama’s OST (original soundtrack) which was released 3 weeks ago. The song is titled ‘Cold’ 시리다 (shi-ri-da) and the singer is K.will, who is famous for his moving ballads. Actually the scene when it was played wasn’t all that sad, but like on cue when the music came on it felt sorrowful. All thanks to the power of music, and K.will’s lovely voice. It’s such a nice and sad song. You can listen to it below.

I doubt the romance between Jin-woo and In-ah will come soon, as I don’t think they’ll be allies yet. However I hope that they will make In-ah a more layered and interesting character, which actress Park Min-young is surely capable of showing more dimensions. For now In-ah is still a rookie prosecutor, handling her cases by the book. It’d be good if we get to see more development on her character.


We were also introduced to Manager Yun and Judge Kang, who will be important supporting characters. It looks like the office manager knows Jin-woo pretty well, and his plan to clear Dad’s name. Can’t wait to see more interactions between them! On the other hand, Judge Kang seems like a very interesting character. He’s friends with the Nam siblings, especially Yeo-gyung. They must be close, seeing how she calls him oppa. As for Gyu-man, he doesn’t agree with the chaebol’s ways and seems to be on the righteous side. He could potentially be someone on Jin-woo’s side! 🙂

I totally love the camera work and music cues in Remember, it’s amazingly good! The cinematography actually makes me enjoy the drama so much, and the music makes the exciting parts even more thrilling, it’s awesome. Fortunately it’s still pretty early in the show’s run, so we’ll get many more hours of greatness!

With new characters in the mix and the ending we got in Episode 6, I am really looking forward to what will happen next! The preview is out, you can watch it here 😉


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