Ji Jin Hee for L’ Officiel Hommes

Ji Jin-hee, known for his roles in sageuks Dae Jang Geum and Dong Yi as Scholar Min and King Sukjong respectively, is back on the small screen with weekend melodrama I Have A Lover. I haven’t been watching his recent projects (the last one being One Warm Word which I didn’t manage to complete) but I definitely miss seeing him in good dramas so I hope this one will turn out well for him! This month, he is featured on the magazine issue of L’Officiel Hommes and the pictorial is titled [Chill Vibes] 😉 In every look he sports, the shot comes with a Samsonite bag.

Ahjusshi looking good ^^

His side profile is ❤ ❤ ❤

Hope you enjoyed the spread! 🙂


Credit to L’Officiel Hommes


11 thoughts on “Ji Jin Hee for L’ Officiel Hommes

  1. LOVE THE PICS thanks for sharing. The man is gorgeous and elegant. 🙂 I promise I wanted to watch “I have a lover”, I was intrigued by the synopsis but 50 episodes is way too much. I’m already watching my first drama of 50 epi, not as easy as I thought, no matter how interesting the story might be.

      1. You’re welcome! Yes he is 😉 I agree, 50 episodes is very long and it will be hard to sustain throughout. And there is also the time factor. I’ll probably only watch it when i have more free time.

        1. As a retired person, I can say I don’t mind the stories with many episodes. Especially if they are well written and have an equally fine ensemble of actors. One fines one self so involved with the story, that when it ends you feel like your have lost something, You are no longer part of what went on.

        2. Yes, I’ve watched dramas with many episodes before too and indeed it’s worth the watch if the plot and cast are good. Yeah I felt that when I was watching Dae Jang Geum and Dong Yi but I think it’s good enough if you have memories of the drama left in your heart. Moreover you can re-watch anytime!

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