Park Hae Jin for ONE

The leading man for upcoming tvN drama Cheese in the Trap, Park Hae-jin was in Hong Kong for a photo shoot for August issue of ONE magazine. He has been confirmed to star in the series adaptation of the webtoon of the same title, but no details on its airtime has been given yet (all we know that it is slated for December premiere in the Mon-Tue slot…for now). I am really glad that he’s getting another lead role after Bad Guys as serial killer Lee Jung Moon. Do watch the drama if you have not; especially if you like dark action flicks from OCN XD I love the styles he had for this pictorial, especially the red suit ❤ Enjoy!

Credit to ONE Korea via bnt korea | wstarnews


5 thoughts on “Park Hae Jin for ONE

      1. A lot of Korean actor and actress have unconventional exotic look, like him, Kim Heesun and Go ara. But since I’ve started picking up Jdrama again these days, I noticed Japanese has a much more rougher face features compared to Korean, they are neither stylish nor look pretty on screen but their charisma is overpowering and they naturally look good. Plus, the actresses don’t shave off their faces to get the v-shape, it so refreshing to see. Gosh, it’s like I’m back in time, I’ve started picking up my old hobbies like reading manga, watching Jdrama and movie, and even old Kdrama.

        1. Japanese stars are more..natural and approachable-looking 😀 Some time we just have to enjoy what we enjoyed to do in the past! I’ve been rewatching movies too ^^

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