Magazine Monday – Park Hae Jin

The star for the week is actor Park Hae-jin, who plays Yoo Jung in the Mon-Tue cable drama Cheese In The TrapThe television ratings have been hitting new peaks every week, which is great for the production team and cast! It’s even better to know that filming for the drama is completed; the cast even had a wrap-up party! I haven’t started watching the drama yet, but I definitely hope to strike it off my to-watch list soon 😉 Check out the various pictorials he has had, classified into 3 segments ❤

Park Hae-jin had shot pictorials with leisure as the theme. For ELLE in May 2013, he is seen relaxing by the poolside whereas he prepares to play golf in HIGH CUT’s Volume 125.

In January 2014, he showed his playful side with Ceci and SURE.

Park Hae-jin also shows us that he can look great in more formal clothing, and I have to say he’s oozing with charisma for HIGH CUT Volume 98 and Esquire Hong Kong’s October 2014 issue! ❤

One of his most recent pictorials would be for Esquire Korea’s February 2015. He’s seen in various shirts and jeans; sometimes, simple is the best 😉 Some of his 2015 pictorials are also on the blog, such as those for ONE, allure and VOGUE.

BONUS! He posed for Ceci’s July 2014 issue in a pictorial titled Shooting Star. I really like his smile 🙂

My personal favourite is his ELLE pictorial XD Which is yours?


Credits | ELLE | HIGH CUT | Ceci | SURE | HIGH CUT | Esquire Hong Kong | Esquire Korea | Ceci |


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