Seo Hyun Jin for Marie Claire July 2015

Yeay for another pictorial! Seo Hyun-jin is laid back in this pictorial for Marie Claire’s July edition, as if she is lazing around on a normal day. Seeing her basking in the sun and chilling on the sofa made me so happy for her, and it’s a great thing that Let’s Eat Season 2 made her name known to the drama viewers. I guess that’s one thing to thank tvn, although I’m still (and will always be!) bitter when they decided to axe Three Musketeers after one season. Hmmmph!






Credit to marie claire Korea

2 thoughts on “Seo Hyun Jin for Marie Claire July 2015

  1. She looks fab! And YES, wish they’d carried on with 3M, so that I could’ve seen more of her as the adorable Crown Princess, and YES, I really liked her in LE2! ^^ Thanks mimi!

    1. Although I’m sad over the cancellation, I still hold on to the smallest of hope that tvn will revive the show, although securing the same cast might be more difficult >.<

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