Moving and Playing Catch Up

Today I did something which I consider a big leap in my life, and it’s related to this blog! This blog has become a big part of me and I am proud to announce that it’s now getting its own domain! Look at your address bar! If it shows , then you have the new address to this blog. I am so excited because it has been a dream of mine since last year and I’ve achieved that dream 🙂

The old links will be automatically redirected to the new ones so you don’t have to worry of losing those links, if you’ve been bookmarking them or linking them anywhere. I am relieved that everything progressed smoothly, but there are little things (such as featured images without heads) which need to be tweaked since I also changed the theme, just to give the blog a makeover for the move! Ah, I was (and still) so excited that I stared at the new URL for almost 30 minutes, unable to believe that it happened.

I guess this week has been very kind to me, blessing me with lots of good things although not without challenges. From a lengthy trip to the bank to set up my account for the process to the time spent to set up PayPal (which was challenging for first-timers like me!), not to mention the hours spent pondering whether this would be a right thing to do. Yeah, I take this blog thing very seriously because I love my little cupboard and I treasure the friendship I have through this blog. So..I hope this will become one of more milestones for this precious little talking cupboard! Thank you for your support~

Falling for Innocence E04.mp4_20150418_232001.353

Okay, enough with the long speech. I’m also enjoying the good mood I have right now and I am watching a number of currently airing dramas: something that I rarely do in the recent years. It’s a relief when a drama I’m interested in before it starts airing turns out to be a drama I can get into, and there are a few dramas like that!

The Girl Who Sees Smells/Scents (and the many alternate titles and nicknames, like Smelly Girl, heh) is, in my opinion, a perfect drama to watch this spring. I tried out the first two episodes because I was curious on how Park Yoochun would be faring after his Sea Fog days, but he’s not the only reason I’m sticking with the series right now, and I’m pretty confident that I will be able to follow it until the end.

TGWSS E02.avi_20150418_230552.125

There are lots of things to love about it but the best thing has to be the rediscovery of Shin Se-kyung. This is not the first time I watch her because I’ve seen her before in one of her earlier works, which was the movie My Little Bride as Moon Geun-young’s best friend. It’s always nice to see her getting praise and recognition through this drama and it is possible for her to break the stigma about her acting this time. Oh Cho-rim is one lovely girl and Shin Se-kyung truly shines in her role as the smell-seeing girl.

TGWSS E05.avi_20150418_225102.443

Plus, she has a very cute and adorable chemistry with Yoochun, and his character Mu-gak is a complete opposite of her: she has heightened senses while he’s void of any senses. He lost his ability to feel anything: from pain to taste, and even his limit of staying awake. They’re so different from each other but share one common thing: they’re also different from the rest of the humans because of their unique abilities.

TGWSS E05.avi_20150418_225639.899

I won’t say that Mu-gak is disabled with his inability to feel anything, because it does have its own perks, especially in his job as a policeman (although it can be quite painful to look at at times). Mu-gak has this straight face he tends to use most of the time but that doesn’t mean he is a boring person. I have a feeling that Yoochun truly enjoys filming this drama because he gets to unleash his infamous Chunface when the situation calls for it.

TGWSS E06.avi_20150418_230038.234

Cho-rim and Mu-gak’s fates are bound together thanks to the Bar Code Serial Murder Case happening in the drama, and things are getting really interesting in the recent episodes. The drama knows how to balance the light and happy scenes with the heavy and dark ones, and watching Cho-rim’s sight of scents coming alive and floating around on the screen is very enchanting. It’s like watching the scent bubbles in Febreeze commercials but this is definitely better! Do pick up the series if you haven’t already and don’t spoil yourself!

I’m also watching Falling for Innocence and to be honest, I cried more than I laughed while watching the first four episodes. I blame Jin Gu for bringing alive one of the most perfect guys in dramaland, Dong-wook. I was tearing up while skimming through the first episode to take the screencap above. When I first started the series, I thought that Soon-jung (Kim So-yeon) was so fortunate to have a boyfriend like him but after a few episodes, I can see that he’s also lucky to get such a strong and level-headed lady like her. They deserve each other..

Falling for Innocence E01.mp4_20150418_220406.088

Anyway, I won’t spoil too much but I’m also warming up to the real leads of the show: Jung Kyung-ho’s Min-ho and Yoon Hyun-min’s Joon-hee. Min-ho is cold and cruel in his effort to bring down his enemy, but I’m warming up to the softer side of him. Still, I acknowledge that he’s an a** (sorry for the language, but that’s the best adjective to describe him) because even his friends approve that he’s a garbage, and he doesn’t argue with them about it, acknowledging that he IS one.

Falling for Innocence E04.mp4_20150418_224319.329

Joon-hee has been carrying a torch for Soon-jung from a long time ago, but he had to be satisfied with second next to Dong-wook, and he’s just her very best friend. I really like how he treats her, although he should learn that giving someone shoes will make that person run away from him. I do hope that they will remain friends, and Joon-hee is not going to do anything foolish in the future.

I have just realized that it’s been one month since the blog ‘s anniversary. We’ve already passed the middle of April and before I know it, May will be here! Where did the time go? 2015 is shaping to be a good year, and I really hope it does! Hopefully, with the new URL and new look, I will have more motivation to keep blogging. Ah, it still feels so surreal to me…

Falling for Innocence E04.mp4_20150418_232456.399

52 thoughts on “Moving and Playing Catch Up

  1. Congratulations! I always read your posts but I never comment, but this time I just couldn’t resist! You’re very talented and you’ve got a great site. Keep up the hard work!

  2. I’m very happy for you! I have only picked up you blog since Kill Me Heal Me and I just love it! I don’t leave many comments either but you have become one of my go to blogs. I’m so happy you are watching Smelly girl too. I’m just falling in love with that OTP. Getting back to your exciting news, Congratulations Mimi and thanks for sharing this blog with us.

    1. Thanks! LOL I always laugh when I read ‘Smelly Girl’ because it sounds like a cute nickname, and it fits the show’s bubbly tone! (Can you tell that I’m so impatient for this week’s episodes?!) I am honoured to be able to share this blog with you guys ❤

  3. Hi Mimi, congrats on your new domain! Found your website not too long ago when I was addicted to Kill Me Heal Me and needed to read the recaps (love your quick recaps btw) I don’t normally comment much, but I happened to read from the comment above that you’re from Malaysia? Why – I’m Malaysian too! 😀 Anyway, keep up the good work! Look forward to reading more stuff from you..

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