Ji Sung is Back! (For ELLE)

I can’t think of proper words right now but yeah, this makes my day. Ji Sung for ELLE Korea, May 2015 edition, brought to you by my neverending affection for Kill Me, Heal Me and him. Can’t wait for the full pictorial because it sure looks like a KMHM-themed photo shoot…or am I the only one imagining it?



Yo-na and Se-gi strangling Nana the bear? No, I’m not over them yet!

Ji Sung will talk about his life as an actor, a daddy-to-be, and a normal person in the interview with the magazine. He once dreamed of becoming a baseball player when he was young but gave up because of his parents’ objection. He says that he will always look at the top baseball players like Ryu Hyun-jin and wonder if he can be like them if he did pursue his career in baseball back then. Right now, he only dream is to have a chance to act using a baseball as props. Quick, someone give a baseball date scene in his next project!

Talking about his role as an actor, he muses that he would like to bring his new confidence in acting to the past and make his debut again if he could turn back the time. Ji Sung shares that he failed to appreciate himself in the past which led to his loneliness, but the confidence he recently gained through acting makes he think that the past wasn’t so bad if it made him the strong, confident man he is today.

He is still reading books in his preparation of his new baby girl’s arrival this June and thinks that it’s not an easy thing at all to become a good father. He also jokes that his wife’s belly appeared the same as his own when she was in the early stage of her pregnancy. LOL he must have indulged himself with food while he was resting and gained weight! I have to give credit to Lee Bo-young for maintaining a good physique because she didn’t appear to have a big belly in their vacation photos last month..but he has to take care of his own too 😀

ELLE has released a making of video for the photo shoot featuring Ji Sung and he is adorable as always, making his choices for a number of questions. See it for yourself, when two Ji Sungs agree and disagree on his choice.

Which one do you like more, between..

  1. ..result or process?
  2. ..going out to play or staying at home?
  3. ..reading or watching movie?
  4. ..John Lennon or Paul McCartney?
  5. ..safety or freedom?
  6. ..sea or mountain?
  7. ..creativity or knowledge?
  8. ..tattoo or piercing?
  9. ..tea or coffee?
  10. ..same sex or different sex?
  11. ..movie or song?
  12. ..summer or winter?
  13. ..fiction or truth?
  14. ..Truth or Dare?
  15. ..city or countryside?
  16. ..Spielberg or Hitchcock?
  17. ..the ability to change the past or to predict the future?
  18. ..Paris or Las Vegas?
  19. ..Arts or Science?
  20. ..wealth or honour?
  21. ..looks or wealth?
  22. ..even number or odd number?
  23. ..appetizer or dessert?
  24. ..relaxation or adventure?
  25. ..text or call?
  26. ..artist or celebrity?
  27. ..shopping mall or make up?
  28. ..pessimist or optimist?
  29. ..idealist or realist?
  30. ..chest or head?
  31. ..fame or wealth?
  32. ..ending or beginning?

Last but not least…more shots of the pictorial, courtesy of ELLE.



Credit to ELLE


16 thoughts on “Ji Sung is Back! (For ELLE)

  1. Totally Se Gi in that bear picture, totally him! I find it amazing how we can still tell based on the look in his eyes who he is, even after the drama finished. Sigh he’s so great!!

  2. I think there are tears in my eyes. Gosh, I miss Jisung oppa. I do think the pictorial is ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ themed, no one can miss that giant bear in the room. I can’t imagine Jisung as a baseball player though, he’s buff but skinny, I can imagine the wind blow him over. Heh.

  3. Thanks for translating!I knew I could count on your blog to bring me details about Jisung that are not yet on Soompi. Heh

    Still not over KMHM. So not over it.

    1. Also, I saw a pic of LBY on ipprrOr’s IG and she looks very much preggy. She’s put on weight on the face, but still looks beautiful and happy. But which woman wouldn’t when she’s got a devoted husband taking care of her, right? I even read on soompi how they’re doing spring cleaning at their house one day, and her answering his phone for him because he was busy moving stuff around. Le sigh. LBY so lucky.

      1. She didn’t look that different last month but seeing the latest photo, I remember that it’s quite normal for pregnant women to gain a bit of weight especially when they’re nearing the due date. LOL I don’t know why, but I feel so happy reading about their life and I can’t wait to hear Ji Sung bragging about his little princess after talking about his Princess Bo-young all this while! 😀

  4. Wow, I came here looking for recaps of Hwajung and saw Ji Sung. I miss him, I’m just so happy I watched Kill Me Heal Me, It turned out to be so good and I was introduced to him. I don’t think I will ever get over him. I just love his acting, the fact he is a happily married man, and is so hot! Thanks for Ji Sung update.

  5. Se Gi is wrestling Nana. I wonder if there is a Yo Na themed picture?

    just don´t give me one with a boat, I will start crying.

    I don´t think we are supposed to get OVER this drama. it is ok if you never will. just don´t forget, ok? “Remember….”

  6. The first one reminds me of Yo-na and this particular scene 😀

    Awww I really want to see a Perry look with a hat! I think I won’t be able to forget KMHM forever :’)

  7. It’s in Kill Me Heal Me that I 1st saw Ji Sung. I was so amazed of his performance portraying 7 personalities. Love you oppa Ji Sung – Shin Se Gi.❤️

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