Byun Yo-han and His Exes in Ex-Girlfriend Club

Teasers are already pouring in for the next drama on tvn’s Fri-Sat slot Ex-Girlfriend Club and it looks wacky. At least that is what the teasers are suggesting, although it’s a well-known fact that tvn has a knack in making those quirky and colourful to lure us in. Well, having Byun Yo-han onboard as the main lead will probably help in creating lots of buzz, and I’m crossing fingers that it will be a fun ride. Wait, it is fun to watch angry ex-girlfriends getting back at their man…right?

Besides Byun Yo-han starring as a webtoon artist who incur the wrath of his ex-girlfriends after he basically let their secrets known to the world through his webtoon, the series also includes Song Ji-hyo, Lee Yoon-ji, Jang Ji-eun, and Ryu Hwayoung. The titular character Myung-soo gets his work to be adapted into a movie and encounters a female PD. He’s already putting his life on the line because he has no one, but THREE exes! He has to be quite boyfriend material for him to be able to score again and again with girls, but that’s a low move to write a non-fiction. No wonder Lee Yoon-ji looks like she’s ready to kill him the first teaser!

Ex-Girlfriends Club Teaser 1.avi_20150415_214814.974

“Catch that public enemy!!!”

Myung-soo then introduces his exes in the second teaser as we’re shown short snippets of them frolicking on the beds: Ji-ah (Jang Ji-eun) the rich and chic divorcee, Hwa-young (Lee Yoon-ji) who liked (and obsessed with) him, and Ra-ra (Ryu Hwayoung) the young, hot, and sexy girl. They’re start contrasts to Song Ji-hyo’s Soo-jin, whom he regards only as a bear-like friend. Is it because he likes to cuddle with her, or they just fight like bears all the time?

Ex-Girlfriends Club Teaser 2.avi_20150415_222008.010

I wish that she will team up with the exes to get back at him and show him the taste of women’s wrath. Hahahaha! Ex-Girlfriend Club premieres on 8 May after Super Daddy Yeol ends its run.



Ex-Girlfriends Club Teaser 1.avi_20150415_220543.804

Ex-Girlfriends Club Teaser 1.avi_20150415_214631.467

Ex-Girlfriends Club Teaser 1.avi_20150415_214803.793

Ex-Girlfriends Club Teaser 1.avi_20150415_214756.311

Ex-Girlfriends Club Teaser 1.avi_20150415_214717.571

Ex-Girlfriends Club Teaser 1.avi_20150415_214735.648

Ex-Girlfriends Club Teaser 2.avi_20150415_221020.101

Ex-Girlfriends Club Teaser 2.avi_20150415_221351.516

Ex-Girlfriends Club Teaser 2.avi_20150415_220705.962

Ex-Girlfriends Club Teaser 2.avi_20150415_220719.310

Ex-Girlfriends Club Teaser 2.avi_20150415_221945.373

2 thoughts on “Byun Yo-han and His Exes in Ex-Girlfriend Club

  1. 이윤지 looks amazing! All of them probably had fun filming the teasers and 변요한 is blushing. Thanks…

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