Lee Jin Wook is a Royalty! (and Other Three Musketeers News)

Sometimes I feel that I was being pampered with lots of promotional materials when a drama aired and now, the week seems empty without much spoilers from Three Musketeers. That kind of explains why I am grinning widely while reading all the news from a press conference held on September 11 at the filming site in Gyeonggi-do. The cast seems careful not to spoil the plot but they promise that the story will take a new turn starting this week. I’m already invested in the series but for those who are still on the fence about watching it, this might be a good news for you!

As what I’ve spoiled above in the title, Lee Jin-wook has got the royal blood running in his veins! He’s apparently a descendant of the royal family of Joseon, a great-great-great-great grandson of King Sejong and thus, a member of the Jeonju Yi clan. I can picture him smiling as he said that he felt the urge to protect the people and worried about the lives of the citizens. It must be the king’s genes acting up in him.


Starring in a drama which only aired one episode per week meant more time to shoot the scenes and our Crown Prince also stated that it provided a good working condition, since he did not feel like being chased while filming. Well…they did not have to be rushed or anything, but it is a pain to wait for the next episode! At least he understood that the viewers were quite sad that the drama aired only on Sunday. Yep, count me in!

He’s not that worried about the ratings although the numbers were not as high as anticipated. Lee Jin-wook stated that it’s normal for a drama airing on a cable network, plus for a historical drama like this, it would take some time for the viewers to get accustomed to the characters. He’s positive that with more things to be unveiled in the next two seasons, the ratings would rise eventually. That’s my man!

Jung Hae-in, the adorable maknae among the cast and he worked hard to learn from his seniors, plus it was his first historical piece. Aside from the weather, the hardest thing while filming according to him was to wear the official’s hat. It was Lee Jin-wook’s idea to wear a helmet under the hat so that it did not put much pressure on his forehead.


When asked about his role at the set, he admitted that instead of being a mood maker, he became a mood killer instead. Awww! He explained that he’s actually a quiet person so it’s hard for him to fool around, making jokes. But he’s trying to react when the other cast were pulling out jokes. I’m sure the seniors are trying to make him comfortable too~

As one of the people who spoke Manchu language in the show, Yoo In-young had to learn the language and the language teacher even had her lines recorded so that she could practice when she had time, Thankfully, there were only three persons who could understand the language and she’s relieved that even when she made slight mistakes on the pronunciation, no one would notice it.


At least Mi-ryung could speak Korean once in a while, not like Yong Gol-dae. Kim Sung-min was having a hard time learning the language and his character was a pure Manchu, so he would have to speak Manchu until the end. LOL, poor him! Lee Jin-wook joked that they should get a real Manchu actor for the part if they were going to do that, rather than torturing the poor Korean should who couldn’t even speak his own language! Yonghwa joked that Kim Sung-min was the happiest when it’s time for gatherings, since he could speak Korean with others. I can imagine his smile when the director said, “Cut!”.

Jung Yonghwa, who plays the country boy Park Dal-hyang, admitted that acting in a sageuk was hard. Of course, it was harder than the modern dramas but he’s enjoying all the fighting and horse riding scenes, although he’s jealous of Seo Hyun-jin, who had no action scene to be filmed. You don’t even know what she went through in her drama before this~ The fight scene he had with Kim Sung-min in the bamboo forest took 10 hours to film and as a result from pulling his hair into a topknot, it left a mark on his forehead. Because of that mark, he couldn’t even go to the cafe. Hahaha~someone please help our Dal-hyang to get his coffee next time!


Although Yang Dong-geun was not present during the interview, Yonghwa brought up his name, stating that the actor playing Seung-po was so relaxed when acting but he turned into a cool man when filming a fighting scene. I bet Yonghwa got shiny eyes looking at him, just like Dal-hyang admiring Seung-po~

The princess also had a good time filming beside Lee Jin-wook, but her experience with sageuk did not make her feel that it was easy to act in one. Seo Hyun-jin admitted that every production was different and it was a challenge to match the tone of the people acting alongside her, but the cast made the filming less stressful and she’s thankful for the enjoyable set. For the royal couple shippers, rejoice! Because our princess said that she had faith with her feelings for her husband, the crown prince. Yeay! Apparently, the benchmark for her cute antics was Choo Sarang. I personally think that Kang Bin’s more adorable ๐Ÿ˜‰


They are having a good time filming and the interaction seems natural behind the scenes. It will be fun if tvn could give us more making of films because it’s always a delight to watch them being playful behind the camera ๐Ÿ™‚ Although they are not that worried about the ratings, the cast still hope that the more viewers will tune in, as the journey will get more interesting from now on. Coming from the writer-director combination behind Nine and Queen Inhyun’s Man: Writer Song Jae-jung and Director Kim Byung-soo, Three Musketeers airs on every Sunday.

Source: naver news

14 thoughts on “Lee Jin Wook is a Royalty! (and Other Three Musketeers News)

  1. I’m really liking this drama so I’m glad you are too! I’m becoming a fan of Lee Jin-wook – I only saw him in Nine before this but now I totally love that smile of his – equal parts annoying and cute! LOL!

  2. This series has made me rediscover and reminded me that I have a crush on Lee Jin Wook. ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope they do have a good time filming and that the show will be successful.

  3. omg thanks for this news XD !!!!
    i’m happy their enjoying the shooting circumstances and situation, though here i’m hoping the rating will get higher.
    seriously this series just makes me excited in each week XD.

  4. @muchadoaboutlove
    How you doing I have not been here since EK ended. How you doing?
    You watching this drama too. LOL
    Its is very interesting but I can’t help but feel sad over CP Sohyeon’s fate. I hope there is a twist. I was not going to watch it but I watched the first episode and LJW caught my attention. That smile and charisma๐Ÿ˜Š. I am here for it.

    1. Hello~!
      I’m surviving well after EK ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m loving this drama but I’m lagging behind. I guess we’re in the season of ill-fated Joseon princes right now..but I want to have a drama that will make me cry, so that’s possible with both Secret Door and Three Musketeers ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. @muchadoaboutlove
        I usually don’t cry watching dramas but I believe I will with these two dramas. It is just too sad. I almost did cry watching Cruel Palace though but I held it together.

  5. @muchadoaboutlove
    Have you watched episode 7 of The Three Musketeers? Have you seen the preview for episode 8?

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