Frolicking Under the Sun(shine)

I just realized that it has been two weeks (and a day) since the last time I posted on the blog. Uh-oh! Life is so hectic nowadays and I have limited internet connection these days, so that’s one of the reasons why it’s not easy to post here. Although I’m currently slacking off when it comes to blogging, my fellow drama bloggers have nominated me for the Sunshine Award. Glad to know that my lacking self is considered as an inspiration for someone. Heee! Now I really have to work hard to become someone who is worthy of that award 😉

+To Dahae-holic apqaria, kfangurl, conan, Indigo, and Fannie: thanks for the nomination!+

I’m thankful that I am going to have a stable connection for this week before returning to ‘the jungle with expensive internet’, so I’m looking forward to publish several of the drafts which have been sitting there for months. They still need some minor touches here and there, so wait for it! Hint: they’re related to Korean culture 😉


Drama watching schedule of mine has been badly affected as well, and I have to pick only one drama to follow closely in these upcoming months. Secret Door will be my priority from now on, because I’m falling head over heels for it! I’ll have to put Three Musketeers and The Night Watchman’s Journal on hold as I can only get the new episodes once in a while. Maybe it won’t be so bad to marathon these two later..

I’m several episodes behind with My Secret Hotel (sorry to the leads *sobs*) but I’ve checked out My Spring Days. If you’re looking for a heartwarming drama, go watch it now! I had a laughing fit watching the first four episodes 😀 The melo is looming around but we gotta seize any chance of happiness coming our way~

Back to the Sunshine Award, I won’t give out any nomination because I hardly visit the blogs these days, plus those I frequent have already received it, so…maybe I’ll keep this to myself :p But I’ll answer Dahae-holic apqaria‘s questions first~

[tvN] Three Musketeers E04.mp4_000771804

  1. What was your first ever Kdrama you watched? Autumn in My Heart, starring Song Seung-hun and Song Hye-kyo.
  2. What is your favorite genre? Currently enjoying historical genre but I’m not rigid 🙂
  3. What is your favorite quote? There are lots of them but the first one that came to my mind was, “Be the best, beat the rest!” from my secondary school years. Hehehe
  4. Are you interested in Horoscopes? A little?
  5. Are you so into social media? I used to but keeping it at moderate level now..
  6. Did you visit Korea before? Nope 😦
  7. Do you like Anime/Manga? if Yes what is your favorite? Not really into manga but I did read Detective Conan religiously when I was in school.
  8. Did you ever won a prize before? if yes, what was it? and if no, what would be your dream prize? If you’re talking about a general prize, the most memorable one for me was to become one of the top 12 students from public boarding schools all over the country 🙂

My inspiration is not only the fellow bloggers but the people of kdramaland in general. So many insightful opinions can be generated from fruitful discussions about dramas and I learn a lot from the people who watch the same dramas as me. Sometimes I really want to brag to my real life friends that we’re not simply wasting time watching dramas; instead, dramas become a medium for the fans to interact and exchange thoughts with each other. It is beautiful to think that people from different walks of life can relate to a dramas. That’s one of the countless charms of being a resident of kdramaland 😉

Oh my, enough of the emotional thoughts 😛 Thanks again apqaria for the nomination! ❤

My Spring Days E05.avi_001607607 Here’s my response to the questions from The Fangirl Verdict‘s kfangurl in her nomination post.

  1. What’s your favorite kdrama? Ohh this is tough. I have lots of favourite dramas but I’m going to settle on the one I’m missing the most nowadays..King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang. I had the opportunity to skim through the episodes and I still cry during lots of scenes.
  2. Your favorite k-movie? It’s not a perfect movie but A Millionaire’s First Love has never failed to make me shed lots, lots of tears. Listening to the soundtracks sung by DBSK alone can turn me into a bawling mess.
  3. Your favorite thing about blogging? Meeting new people sharing the same passion with me (dramas and blogging) but I am sad that I have little time to explore these days.
  4. How do you balance blogging with Real Life? Assuming that you have a Real Life 😉 I used to be crazy about blogging and stayed up late to finish some posts but I’m keeping it at moderate level now. Maybe I’m getting older, but I don’t like it if I feel forced while writing a post. RL is getting busier and I have accepted the fact that it has to be prioritized over blogging. So I am blogging whenever I have the time and mood to do it.
  5. Which kdrama character (does not have to be a lead character) would you like to date in real life? This…is another tough question! Since most of the first and second male leads always have lots of issues, I’m going to choose Choi Yoon from A Gentleman’s Dignity. Ehehehe~
  6. Which kdrama character (again, does not have to be a lead character) would you like to be BFFs with in real life? Jo Yoon-jin from Reply/Answer Me 1994.
  7. If you could re-cast any kdrama, which roles would you re-cast, and with whom? Any future works of Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin so that they can star alongside each other again.
  8. If you could say one thing to any actor or actress in k-ent, who would you pick, and what would you say to him/her? Song Joong-ki, and I want to say that I really, really miss him.

Wow, that was like answering a term paper! Hehehehe anyhow, thanks a lot kfangurl for the nomination ❤

Secret.Door.E03.140929.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002891691Dearest conan from We eat lemon has also nominated me ^.^ Heeeee! The questions are also tough, but I’ll try my best to answer them 😉

  1. If you can recommend one drama to a K-drama virgin, what would it be? I would suggest that person to watch Full House since it’s one of the earliest Kdramas I watched and it’s a good introduction to the Kdrama tropes. Still, it depends on that person’s preference and the genre s/he likes.
  2. Which K-drama couple you wish could reunite once again? I have lots of them but these days, I keep thinking of Song Joong-ki and Moon Chae-won. I can’t help but to wonder what will happen if they reunite in a sageuk. I miss both of them! Nice Guy was too melodramatic for these two. Hehe.
  3. What is your favorite K-drama OST? (Could be just one song or the whole album) The Princess’ Man‘s OST! I like all the tracks, including the soothing instrumentals. Not too many, and the soundtracks make me reminisce various scenes in that drama. I listen to lots of drama OSTs but TPM’s tracks have a permanent place in my playlist.
  4. What is one (or more) K-drama(s) you wish you haven’t watched? I am lucky to have dodged lots of underwhelming dramas (from what I read from the Kdrama blogosphere) but I wasn’t too lucky for my first venture into dailies. I tried Cheer Up, Mr Kim! and then I just fell out of love. Those 20 hours I spent watching it faithfully..uhhh.
  5. What is one thing you love and one thing you hate about blogging? Love – the space to share my addiction and encounter fellow souls who enjoy Kdramas. Hate – that frustrating feeling when I can’t get myself to write anything, even when I really want to update the blog.
  6. If you were a food, what would you be? I like cakes, so I want to be one! Cakes are usually served during happy occasions and it can lift someone’s mood as a comfort food. I like to make people happy 🙂
  7. What is your favorite sick day movie? I usually spend the day sleeping when I am down with flu, but on depressing days, my current favourites are Miss Granny and My Paparotti.
  8. Recommend us some of your favorite books! Most of my collection of books are either chic-flicks from Sophie Kinsella or Harry Potter series. If you like something different, try Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I love that crime novel to bits and the rest of the Millennium series aren’t too shabby either 😉

Thanks again for the nomination and the questions, conan!


Here’s my response to Helena aka Indigo from Between Wor(l)ds..tricky questions ahead!

  1. Kim Woo Bin without his trademark eyebrows or Kim Woo Bin without his deep voice – which version of him would you choose? Kim Woo-bin without his trademark eyebrows,because I really like his voice. Yum.
  2. Choose a K-pop song to describe how you feel about your favourite K-drama actor/K-pop bias. (Feel free to include a line or two from the lyrics to further explain your choice.) 2PM’s Tired of Waiting. This song is for Song Joong-ki, whose military service feels like forever. Come baaack!
  3. Pick two drama titles and mash them into one. Briefly explain the premise of this mash-up drama. (e.g. The Heirs From The Stars)Two Weeks: Fugitive of Joseon. From Two Weeks and Mandate of Heaven: Fugitive of Joseon. These two dramas have similar plot and I always wonder how it will fare if the hero has limited time and the story is set in Joseon, because I love historical dramas 😉
  4. You’re going to noraebang (karaoke) with your Korean friends. It’s your turn to sing, what song will you pick? (It has to be a Korean song) Big Bang’s Wonderful. I really like this song and I have memorized the lyrics, so it won’t be a problem to sing it! I can mimic TOP’s lines too~
  5. Pick three Korean male celebrities of your choice….Okay, ready? Now highlight the hidden text in the following brackets: (Let’s play a round of Kiss, Marry, Kill. Out of these three celebrities, who will you kiss, who will you marry and who will you kill? Let the games begin, muahahahahahaa XD) Luckily I made a good decision: Kiss Jung Il-woo, Marry Song Joong-ki, and Kill Lee Je-hoon(’s character). HA!
  6. Which drama do you think would be more interesting to watch if all the leading female characters were male and vice versa? What if instead of the time-traveling Crown Prince and his retinues in Rooftop Prince, they were switched with Crown Princess and her female retinues?It can be hilarious too if it is done well 😀
  7. Who do you think was a better boyfriend: Gu Jun Pyo from Boys Over Flowers or Kim Tan from The Heirs? Or rather, who was worse? I won’t pick either one but if you insist..Gu Jun-pyo? Kim Tan had too many personal issues and Jun-pyo is slightly better in terms of stability. Ehh..just give me Jun Jin-ho from Personal Taste 😛
  8. Finish this sentence: A K-drama is not a K-drama without…LOVE. All kinds of love, be it between family members, friends, couples, siblings, fellow countrymen, the king, and even the country, are the foundation in most Korean dramas.
  1. BONUS: Do you watch The Walking Dead? (I could really use myself a Walking Dead buddy, none of my friends watch the show and I have nobody to share my impressions of the season 5 premiere :P) Sorry, but I’m not watching the series 😦 But can I claim my cookie???


Fannie from Black Sesame’d also nominated me..Oh, have you been planning this together with Helena??

  1. If you could chose to play any character in a Korean drama, who would it be and why? Flower Boy Next Door’s Go Dok-mi! I want to be like her, able to express her thoughts in words easily, although she does not really mingle with others at first. I can see some similarities between myself and her, and the thing I like the most about her is her frugality, plus the creative way she makes use to live her life.
  2. List your TOP 3 dramas of all time and briefly explain why you love them. Bridal Mask – for all the heart attacks and the heartaches it gave me, and Joo Won; Nine – for those days spent pondering about the possibilities in that drama and giving my brain an extra homework; and King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang, for all the tear I shed for the characters.
  3. Let’s say there’s going to be drama or film made based on your life, which actor would you want to play YOU in the drama/film? Moon Geun-young? Not that my life is anywhere near the word ‘awesome’, but it will be nice to see her becoming me. Heeee~
  4. Describe the perfect date with your ultimate K-drama actor/K-pop bias (or any celebrity you prefer). I don’t really wish for an extraordinary date, just a simple “spending the whole day doing normal things”…like what they did in We Got Married? The thing that makes the moments special is the person I spend the time with…and can I borrow Joo Won for one day??
  5. You’re the script writer and casting director for a new upcoming drama, who would you cast in your drama (OTP, secondary/supporting actors, etc.) and give a brief synopsis of what the drama will be about. This is something I have wished from few years back..Joo Won and Moon Geun-young in a drama. I want to make a drama in which the main leads were best friends during high school and they have never thought of becoming lovers, yet they are fated to meet each other several times because of people around them. But then, I won’t make them end up with each other, because I want to portray more on the friendship, although there are instances where they will question about their true feelings. No idea about the supporting actors yet, and I’ll tell you once any of the broadcasting station pick up this project. Hahaha!
  6. How has watching Korean dramas and/or listening to K-pop changed your life? A new language, new people, learning lots of new things, and adapting a new way of viewing life. That sounds deep but it’s not.
  7. Have you ever had second lead syndrome? Who’s your favorite second lead? If you could create a spinoff drama based on his character, who would you cast as his leading lady? Nowadays, it’s a rare thing for me to have a strong second lead syndrome…but if Ta-hwan from Empress Ki counts as second lead, then he’s my current favourite. Spin-off drama? Of course with his evil Empress Tanashiri, but with less evil and more healthy bickering! Preferably set in a modern time too~
  8. I have a giant sweet tooth. If you could be any dessert what would it be and why? Cake, my favourite! I will become a red velvet cake and feed you my friends! Muahahaha! *evil cackle*

If only answering exam questions could be this fun 😛 Thanks, both of you! 😉


10 thoughts on “Frolicking Under the Sun(shine)

  1. OOh, loved your post and answers dear ❤
    Now I know that we both got introduced to Korean drama through Autumn in My Heart, that was my first as well 🙂
    And wow, one of the top 12 students from public boarding schools all over the country?! That is BIG ^^
    Thanks chingu for taking the time and answer my questions ❤

    1. Heee I was mostly curious why my aunts were crying while watching Autumn in My Heart, so that was the reason I joined them watching it 😛
      Glad to know that you enjoyed reading my answers 😀 I’m honoured to be nominated..thanks!

  2. Wow! Love your answers, chingu!! 😀

    I haven’t seen King’s Daughter or A Millionaire’s First Love – I should check them out sometime, if they get so much love from you! Yoon from AGD’s a sweet choice – now I know your “type”? 😉 Yoon Jin in AM1994 is also adorable! I enjoyed her character quite a bit, she was so funny and such a lil straight-talker! XD And OMIGOSH, yes, yes, YES to having Woob and Jong Suk reunite on the screen! I would SO LOVE to see that!

    Ah, Song Joong Ki.. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?? I’d love to see him back on our screens too.

    Also! You were a top student across the country? WOW. You are such a smart cookie, chingu! 😀

  3. That was fast! And really liked your answers. Now I really need to watch Miss Granny since so many have said how good it is. And I guess A Millionaire’s First Love. Hyun Bin? Hello.
    And include me as one of those people who misses Song Joong-ki. When is he coming back again? It’s been too long. Need to see his army abs.

    1. Miss Granny made a good transition between the funny and the more serious parts. Oh, A Millionaire’s First Love is worth the ride just to watch a young Binnie. Hehe~
      It’s been a little over one year since he enlisted, so we’ll get our boy back next year. Don’t forget to show us the abs, Mr Song!

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