Empress Ki: Eps 25-26

There is no turning back once you’ve reached the point of no return.

I’m sure most of us are already excited for Seung-nyang’s return to the palace, since it means one word: REVENGE! I’m tired of seeing the evil side wins all this while and with Seung-nyang in the game, it means demise for all of them. Yum, revenge is delicious when it’s directed at the right person. It’s a lie if I say I don’t want to see Seung-nyang meeting Yoo again, because his eyes are full of fury after her ‘death’ and I hope he will get to know that she’s alive before he make any reckless move. At the same time, I want to see Seung-nyang embracing Ta-hwan’s heart in the future, because he deserves to be loved by his one and only love. Sigh, it’s hard to root for both male leads!

I still can’t believe that we’ve passed the halfway mark. Woohoo!

Episode 25.





Yoo decided to formally honour Seung-nyang’s death back in Goryeo and only they knew how long he had been mourning for him grow his beard! He’s still keen on tracking down the counterfeit money and Dangkise left for Yuan’s capital first, while Yoo was secretly planning to go to Baek Ahn’s place, Fort Yoyang. Ta-hwan saw Seung-nyang when the candidates for the concubine selection entered the throne hall and finally uttered “Yang-ie!”, something that came out as a surprise for Empress Dowager and the eunuchs, Dok-man and Golta. However, the joy was short-lived; Tanashiri arrived (with her daddy dearest’s t background music!) there to announce that she’s going to judge the selection per Yeon-chul’s order. Drat, who can stop her when she said so, even with all the laws and traditions? Empress Dowager agreed to her request (more of an order than a request! Hmph) and the candidates were escorted away, but not before Seung-nyang exchanged glance with Ta-hwan.



Dok-man had the chance to pull Seung-nyang away to reason with her: why was she returning to the palace? He wanted her to give up on the selection, but Seung-nyang showed him the letters that she was supposed to send, the letters for the dead maids’ families. She was also afraid but she had no other choice but to avenge the people who died while protecting her. Dok-man told Seung-nyang that his loyalty lied within the Yuan palace right now, but his tears while reading the letters proved otherwise, just like what Seung-nyang said to him earlier: A Goryeo person would have the Goryeo blood running through him forever.




Ta-hwan wanted Golta to find out about Seung-nyang but at the same time, he told the eunuch to keep the news about his recovery a secret for the time being. Seung-nyang was secretly brought to meet him…and Ta-hwan pulled her into a tight hug. Awwww. He had never looked so blissful before, hugging her while telling her about how he’s been living after thinking that she was dead. Seung-nyang was overwhelmed with emotions for a short while, before she gathered herself and told Ta-hwan to let her go, since she’s not joining the selection to run into his arms. She’s there to plan her revenge for Yeon-chul; she’s not using Ta-hwan but helping him, since they both had a common enemy. Ta-hwan didn’t want to think about the revenge or whatsoever and told her to stop talking about it. But then, he would help her through the selection by sending letters through Golta. Awwwww! He looked heartbroken when Seung-nyang left, probably thinking that she’s really going to use him. Baby Emperor, don’t lose hope!!



Yoo already reached Yoyang and saw the captured slaves being dragged away and Moo-song knew that a certain warrior was there at the place where the slaves were gathered. Jeombakyi found out about the location of a certain Hong who was responsible for the counterfeits and headed to the place: a courtesan’s house, where Bi-soo dressed as one of the girls there. I’m getting used to her short hair that I found it slightly weird to see her with a long hair….anyway, he was approached by a man who threatened to tell Heuksoo if she refused to give him the counterfeits. She walked past Yoo’s table and he seemed to recognize her, but there’s no time for that since they received the tip about the movement of their target. Yoo and Co. blocked their target’s way, who put the counterfeits inside the wine jars. The leader refused to disclose anything to him and Yoo killed him in a single blow, much to his underlings’ surprise. He didn’t say why he got rid of the man, only telling his underlings to send the bodies to Heuksoo’s place. Oh my…Yoo, please don’t turn to the dark side!



Tanashiri and Empress Dowager discussed about the selection over some tea and Tanashiri wished to plan it according to her way. Empress Dowager agreed without slightest opposition and Tanashiri wondered why she had changed so much. The Dowager told her that living in the temple had made her like that and reminded the Empress to tone down herself, for she would end up alone if she didn’t do so. She agreed to Tanashiri’s request (or order?) to make use of the lecturers from Gukjagam, the national university. Although she showed interest in the selection, Tanashiri was planning not to let any new concubine into the harem this time. Well…you can do that if you’re the Emperor…but you’re NOT!



On the next day, the candidates were getting ready for the selection, except that the girls had found out about Seung-nyang’s identity, being a Goryeo born and all that. Mean girls alert! They started to mock and tease her low status compared to their so-called noble, sky-high household but one of the girls stopped them. Tanashiri arrived and remarked that they all had pretty faces (as if she’s sincere in her praises.Β  I bet not, not even an ounce of sincerity!). She took a look around and she was shocked to see a familiar face there: Seung-nyang! Tanashiri demanded to know why she was there, but Seung-nyang just looked at her intently and smiled. Yes, you may haunt her, dearie! Empress Dowager arrived there shortly afterwards and said that Seung-nyang was Yoyang’s representative, so they could do nothing about it. Muahahaha!




The first stage of the selection: face reading, or physiognomy. Instead of calling the face reader directly in front of them, Tanashiri made the imperial artists draw the girls’ faces and the portraits were sent to the face readers. One of the face reader was surprised when he took a look at Seung-nyang’s portrait. Yep, you saw the future Empress in her, right?! Tanashiri was so confident that Seung-nyang was the ugliest and Court Lady Seo praised her Empress as the prettiest. If only her heart was as pretty as her face…Ta-hwan was worried that Seung-nyang might be eliminated but Golta assured him that he himself saw that her physiognomy was good. The result was announced and…Seung-nyang passed! It didn’t sit well with Tanashiri but her court lady insisted that Seung-nyang was the ugliest. Hahaha! Seung-nyang realized that the girls who passed the first round wore hair ornaments, just like what she discussed with Taltal before.




Ta-hwan was nervously waiting for the results and Empress Dowager herself went to meet him, assuring him that everything went well. He made Golta ask about Seung-nyang’s result and he was so elated to hear that she passed the first round! The Dowager already knew that Seung-nyang was the one who saved him back in Goryeo and realized that with the girl on his side, he would be happy, but reminded him that the selection was not simply meant to select his concubines. Ta-hwan already knew about it, since he overheard Yeon-chul talking about taking one of the concubines in order to secure the support. He remained extremely cautious and decided not to tell Empress Dowager about his recovery yet.



Empress Dowager met Tanashiri on her way out and suddenly asked about the temple who was engulfed in a fire right after the Empress left and all the nun were dead. It came out as a surprise for Tanashiri that the Dowager knew about the fire, but she acted like it was the first time she heard about it. Empress Dowager said that it might be a sign sent by the Heavens and left, while Court Lady Seo assured her ladyship that no one could have known about the truth that had been buried there. Empress Dowager suspected that there must be something that happened there and ordered Tutor Jang to find out about it.



Back in Yoyang, Moo-song decided to enter Heuksoo’s place himself and he’s confident that with his skills, he could defeat the warrior easily. Cut to Heuksoo, who was having fun watching one of his men who couldn’t be defeated by anyone. Moo-song made his appearance, disguising himself as a wanderer and defeated the man easily. Just like what Yoo planned before, the bodies of the men who delivered the counterfeits arrived there at the same time. Heuksoo wanted to root out the person who did all this and at the same time, Yoo and his underlings were wondering about the person who was beside Heuksoo. They couldn’t see Bi-soo clearly since she’s been wearing that big hat all the time.



Tanashiri announced the second stage, which was to bring the most valuable dish in front of her. The time given for the candidates to provide their dishes was two hours and those who failed to do so would be eliminated. I don’t have a good feeling about this since Tanashiri clearly planned something with Yeon-hwa, judging from their reactions. True enough, Yeon-hwa denied the permission for Seung-nyang to enter the royal kitchen and slapped her. THIS RUDE GIRL. Seung-nyang couldn’t do anything since the maids locked the kitchen from the inside. She had to wait until the other candidates finished preparing their dishes and when she entered the kitchen, nothing was left. Seung-nyang almost missed the time but since Dok-man was the time keeper, she’s saved! Phew~




It’s time for the elimination (LOL it looks like an episode of MasterChef!) and Dok-man announced that the judges would be Empress Dowager and Tanashiri. Suddenly, Ta-hwan offered to be the judge too and everyone agreed to it. The candidates presented their dishes (it’s funny how they didn’t let the judges to taste the dishes; probably they’re afraid of any incident? I want to see Tanashiri being poisoned!) with the explanation. Empress Dowager gave a fair judgement while Tanashiri gave the lowest score for all of them and Ta-hwan gave either 2 or 4 (the girl who defended Seung-nyang get a 4). Seung-nyang was the last one to present her dish and when she removed the cover…




…it was just a plate full of salt. The people around her were either snickering, laughing, or just plain shocked to see her ‘dish’ (Ta-hwan’s face was priceless!). She proceeded to explain about it: salt was included in all the prepared dish, and just like the salt, she pleaded that the Emperor would be as useful (I don’t really get this part) to the people. Love love love Ta-hwan’s face, looking at her with full of pride and acknowledgement! Empress Dowager was also satisfied with the answer and both of them gave Seung-nyang full score, except that Tanashiri didn’t think that it was a dish and refused to accept it. Drat.



For the next stage, Tanashiri ordered the lecturers to prepare the hardest question for the candidates and even assigned the guards (including the rat Byung-soo) to prevent anyone from communicating with them. She’s totally lost it. Ta-hwan was worried to hear Tanashiri’s order and even if Seung-nyang was a bright girl, she might not be able to answer the lecturers’ question. The question was prepared and it was presented in front of everyone: a painting that the candidates had to guess the real meaning behind it. Tutor Jang and everyone else thought that it was easy, but Tanashiri’s evil grin said otherwise. Heh, I bet she won’t even know it herself if she’s one of the candidates.




Seung-nyang thought that it’s not possible to be that easy and the other candidates all finished writing down their answers while laughing at Seung-nyang, who’s still pondering about it. Taltal and Baek Ahn went to see the process and Baek Ahn wondered why Seung-nyang couldn’t answer such an easy question, but Taltal knew that the answer was not the one that everyone was thinking about. The time was running out and Seung-nyang thought really hard about it…until she recalled the phrases she once read to Ta-hwan. Now all those bedtime stories and poems finally became useful for her! Ta-hwan was relieved that Seung-nyang started to write down her answer while the other candidates were wondering why she was writing such a long answer compared to theirs.



Dangkise made his way back to the palace but a bad news was waiting for him: Byung-soo told him about Seung-nyang being alive, and worse, she’s one of the candidates for the concubine selection process. Muahahahaha. He immediately went to Baek Ahn, demanding to know why he sent a criminal as his representative. Baek Ahn told him that he knew about the massacre, so Dangkise’s side might as well kept the secret about Seung-nyang’s involvement with Jeokho if they wanted to protect their secret from Yeon-chul. Brilliant!




Dok-man paid a visit to Officer Park, who was brought into the palace since he’s planning to become an eunuch himself. However, he was worried that Seung-nyang might not make it into the palace as a concubine and it will be useless for him to become an eunuch. Even Dok-man thought that her answer was wrong. The lecturer wanted to hear Seung-nyang’s explanation for her answer and she explained how she came out with it. Her answer was the only one that was correct and even Tanashiri couldn’t object to the decision since Seung-nyang had proved her own abilities in front of them! Ta-hwan looked at Seung-nyang and nodded in acknowledgment. He’s acting like a true Emperor right now…but all the acknowledging nods made him look like an old king. Hehehe!



Yoo was planning to go to Yoyang in order to meet Baek Ahn, but Eunuch Bang told him that Baek Ahn had went to the capital for the concubine selection. Bi-soo wore the courtesan attire again and she was on her way out to meet someone when she ran into Yoo. Oopsie! She immediately lowered her gaze, but both Yoo and Eunuch Bang recognized her even with her makeup and new attire. Bi-soo looked at Yoo again, and would she come clean with him about her identity? Dun dun dun!




It’s the final stage, where Ta-hwan’s decision would determine the candidates’ fate. He would hand out a pouch filled with money for those who failed and flowers for those who passed the selection. Each of them went to Ta-hwan and he gave all of them the pouch. Seung-nyang was the last one standing and Ta-hwan took the time to think over his decision. Seung-nyang could only wait for him to make up his mind…


…and he handed her something that we couldn’t see it yet.



Pouch or flowers? It has to be the flowers, right?! He used his right hand to pick that something…and it has to be the flowers! I’m nervous for nothing, right? Hehehehe~

Episode 26.




Just like I predicted above…Ta-hwan gave Seung-nyang the flowers, which made her the sole concubine chosen by him. Woohoo! She was taken aback for a while and Ta-hwan urged her to receive the bouquet. Everyone looked so happy, except for a few (you know who they are). Why do I feel like it’s more of a silent agreement between them, where Ta-hwan had accepted to join forces with Seung-nyang? Empress Dowager told Dok-man to escort the new concubine and Seung-nyang took a long glance towards Ta-hwan. She ran into Dangkise, who was naturally surprised to see her being appointed as a concubine and she smiled at him triumphantly. LOVE LOVE LOVE her, and Dangkise’s reaction too! The baddies were worried that Seung-nyang might spoil their secret (and they’re more afraid of Yeon-chul, actually) but Dangkise didn’t have any other choice than to trust Baek Ahn, who promised to keep the secret. I believe it won’t be that long until someone broke the news to Yeon-chul.



Seung-nyang was brought to her temporary room and Dok-man congratulated her for being selected. She still addressed him as her superior and he told her to lower her speech since he’s someone under her. Awwww. He promised that he would assign Goryeo ladies (including Hong-dan!) as her maids and court ladies, so she didn’t have to worry about it. Suddenly, Hong-dan informed her that Tanashiri was outside. The Empress didn’t enter the quarters since she was still seething with anger. I bet she’s planning something in that evil brain of her!




The governors were not that happy since their pretty (but snobbish) daughters didn’t make it through the selection and felt that they were being tricked by Empress Dowager, who persuaded them into doing so. Baek Ahn tried to ease off their anger but he couldn’t do anything. Taltal was worried that Yeon-chul might won their favour, plus the old men already invited the governors to his house on that night. Meanwhile, Yeon-chul wanted Tanashiri to bring in the candidates and she disagreed, saying that her father didn’t know a woman’s feelings. He told her straight that it’s not about the concubines; it’s about their fathers, whom he’s trying to control through the daughters. He’s also thinking of removing Ta-hwan altogether from the throne once Maha was made the Crown Prince. Tanashiri herself could end up as a regent for her son if things went well. That’s…not a sight I’d want to imagine, let alone seeing it with my own eyes! Ewwww~


Four of the candidates were called back and together with Seung-nyang, they received the appointment as imperial concubines. Baek Ahn got to know about the appointment and vowed to the late Emperor that he would bring down Yeon-chul this time.



Bi-soo went to meet Yoo, who had been warned by Eunuch Bang that the girl shouldn’t be trusted. She just told Yoo that she ended up there while Yoo used visiting Baek Ahn as his excuse to be there. He asked for her help about something and Bi-soo gladly agreed, but ordered her underling to keep his eye on Yoo. Yoo himself was suspicious of her and ordered her to be watched. Moo-song successfully infiltrated Heuksoo’s group by becoming one of the bodyguards and Heuksoo himself was so fond of him. He saw Bi-soo (with her oversize hat) coming to the place and decided to eavesdrop on Heuksoo and the hat man Bi-soo. They were discussing about moving the money on that night and Moo-song got to hear the details before passing the information to Eunuch Bang and Jeombakyi (who were disguising themselves as beggars in the cold weather. Poor dudes!).



Yoo used the signal that was promised between the dispatch group and Heuksoo: a signal arrow. The dispatch didn’t suspect anything although Yoo turned up earlier than promised and after confirming the money, he ordered the whole dispatch group to be killed. He didn’t even blink an eye as he witnessed the men being slaughtered in front of him. Wang Yoo…are you becoming a heartless person now?



Tanashiri ordered for the concubines to be served by her girls so that it would be easier to control them. However, she couldn’t stop the consummation night for one of the concubine, which would happen on that night. Seung-nyang was escorted to her new quarters and Yeon-hwa was the one who welcomed her. Urgh. Seung-nyang wanted her maids to be the Goryeo girls but Yeon-hwa refused to do so since it was the direct order from the Empress herself. Huh, she was showing off her power in front of Seung-nyang, controlling the maids since she had the backup from Tanashiri. Be patient, Seung-nyang ah~~




Empress Dowager went to see Ta-hwan regarding the consummation night and he insisted that he would do it. She suggested Lady Oh but he had another idea: what about Lady Ki? Hehehehe. He must had planned it with Golta beforehand and Empress Dowager gladly agreed with his choice. He smiled and she was so happy to see him like that. The concubines were all preparing themselves since they didn’t know about the chosen concubine for the night, while Seung-nyang was waiting for someone. She’s still getting used to lower her speech when Dok-man arrived with Officer Park, now wearing a eunuch’s attire. Seung-nyang was shocked to see him alive in front of him and that’s not the only surprise for her; he’s appointed as her eunuch and Officer Park bowed to her, offering his greetings. He wanted to keep his promise to her father and by becoming her eunuch, he would be able to protect her. sobs Seung-nyang then had to prepare herself since Ta-hwan had chosen her for the night and she looked like she had something in her mind…



Seung-nyang was wrapped in a blanket and delivered to Ta-hwan’s room on that night. She told Ta-hwan to turn off the lights and the eunuchs left the doorsteps. Ta-hwan broke the awkward silence between them by praising her, saying that she looked pretty, but Seung-nyang went straight to the point to ask him whether he’s still lacking of confidence.



Ta-hwan: Are you going to talk about that matter again?

Seung-nyang: I came here to talk about that matter.

Ta-hwan: I don’t want to see anyone else dying because of me.

Seung-nyang: Running away is what a coward would do. Do you know the reason why I decided to come back to this palace? It’s because I can’t face myself living alone. For the sake of those who died because of me, I came back. But Your Imperial Majesty is running away and living alone.

Ta-hwan: Yeon-chul is planning to get rid of me. Do you know why he permitted the concubine selection? He wanted to control the governors while their daughters were inside the palace. Before he cause another bloody massacre, I want to prevent it on my own. That’s why I’m here like this, keeping my recovery a secret. Even if I’m the only one who’s treated like a fool, like someone who can’t speak, I don’t want to see any blood in the palace.



Seung-nyang was took by surprise but brought something out of her sleeve and gave it to Ta-hwan, telling him to check it out for himself. He opened the folded paper and upon seeing the writing and the butterfly, he knew that it was his late father’s Blood Letter. Ta-hwan wanted her to tell her what’s the content of the letter, but Seung-nyang told him to read it himself since it was written by his father with his own blood, so it’s only right if he’s the one who found out the content by himself. She urged him to learn how to read and get to know the world.


Seung-nyang: When you get to know the world, people will come to your side; with the people, you’ll be able to overthrow Yeon-chul and get back your position.




Unhappy Tanashiri was getting angrier (I hope she will get a heart attack one day) to find out that Seung-nyang has spent the night with the Emperor just a day after she entered the palace. She ordered Yeon-hwa to prepare something that would ruin all the concubines’ faces. The maids brought the water for Seung-nyang to wash her face in the morning and she thought that it had a nice scent. However, she recalled Master Taltal’s teaching about the things women inside the palace did to ruin their opponents’ faces and he even showed her the ingredients. She recognized the scent and called the maids to come closer to her before throwing the water on their faces. They shrieked in horror and soon, their face were ruined. Next step: ruining the food. Seung-nyang took a bite of the rice and realized that the maids put sand (or some kind of herb? I’m not so sure) in the bowl. She offered the bowl to her maids and after being threatened to be sent away for defying their lord’s order, they had to eat the rice themselves.




The plans failed and Tanashiri had another idea. Sheeesh. The maids helped Seung-nyang to prepare herself for the day before meeting the Empress and the ornaments were strangely flashy and big. Look at that huge crown! She went to the Empress’ quarters (with her maids giggling behind her but got warned by Officer Park. HA!) and made her entrance without any suspicion. The other concubines were shocked to see her and Lady Oh was about to tell her something when Tanashiri arrived. She was not wearing her ornaments and so were the rest of the concubines, because it was her mother’s death anniversary. Darn. Seung-nyang looked like she intentionally trying to insult the Empress while she herself didn’t have any idea about it. Tanashiri ordered for her outer robe to be removed and proceeded to whip Seung-nyang. My blood is boiling!!!!!



It’s so painful to watch her being hurt, so imagine how she must had felt! Dok-man stopped Officer Park from helping her since it would mean more problem for them. Ta-hwan got to know about it, but Golta stopped him since he’s not supposed to be able to talk at the moment. Aish, no one could help her! Tanashiri stopped when she herself was sweating and Seung-nyang looked like she could pass out at any moment. Tanashiri said that it was how the Inner Court was and Seung-nyang thanked her for the valuable teaching. Seung-nyang walked out bearing the pain and Taltal was waiting for her since Baek Ahn wanted to see her.




Baek Ahn wondered if she cried in front of Tanashiri, in which she replied that she didn’t have any tears left. Seung-nyang admitted that she could accept any torture or sadness coming her way, but she couldn’t stand being treated unfairly. She didn’t want to live like that anymore, but Baek Ahn reminded her that even with the unfair treatment, she still had her pride. He trusted Seung-nyang with her own judgement, since she was his last hope, his last pride.



Ta-hwan went to visit Seung-nyang that night. She insisted that she’s okay but he felt sad even with her in front of him, simply because he couldn’t do anything for her.Β  He thought that he’s just a puppet king who couldn’t do anything other than acting like a fool. Since he’s thinking that he couldn’t be of any use to her, Seung-nyang told him to come to the Empress’ place on the next day to show him what he could do.




The maids were called to meet Seung-nyang in the storeroom and she told them that she knew about them receiving orders to humiliate her in front of the Empress. They just said that they didn’t know anything about it, and Seung-nyang brought out a whip. Ohhhh~Seung-nyang, having experienced the life as a maid herself, knew that the maids didn’t have any choice except to follow orders from the people above them, but they were lying to her right now. The maids were still confident that they’re backed up by the Empress but soon pleaded when Seung-nyang was about to hit them with the whip. They admitted about being ordered by Yeon-hwa and Seung-nyang wanted them to tell the Empress the truth if they wanted to get out of that room alive. She also reminded them that they shouldn’t be too confident with the Empress behind them, since she herself had the Emperor backing her up.



Yeon-hwa was bullying Hong-dan to massage her leg when Seung-nyang went to find her. Officer Park grabbed her collar and yanked her out of the chair before Seung-nyang added the finishing touch: she slapped Yeon-hwa. I can watch Seung-nyang bitchslapping the hell out of her again and again! Yeon-hwa realized that the truth had been known when she saw the maids cowering in fear.



Ta-hwan suddenly joined Tanashiri during her morning greetings with the concubines, something that Golta couldn’t explain the reason since the Emperor couldn’t speak. Hehehehe. He just sat on the throne and then, Seung-nyang entered the place. Tanashiri was about to call her names but realizing that Ta-hwan was there, she kept her tone down. Seung-nyang wanted to address the matter that happened before and although Tanashiri insisted that she already forgotten about it, Seung-nyang told her that Yeon-hwa was the one who caused the misunderstanding. The maid, seeing Ta-hwan there, admitted that Yeon-hwa ordered them to prepare the ornaments for Seung-nyang on that day.



Tanashiri didn’t want to do anything since Yeon-hwa was one of her people, but she couldn’t oppose the fact that Yeon-hwa was trying to destroy the good relationship between the Empress and the concubines. Hence, she should be hit 20 times as per the Inner Court’s law to remind others of the mistake. Tanashiri had to uphold her integrity (as if she has any) in front of Ta-hwan and ordered it to be dealt just like the law. Yeay! Ta-hwan and Seung-nyang smiled at each other. Double yeay!



Yeon-hwa was punished by the guards and Byung-soo was cringing to see her being hit like that. Then, Jo-cham asked him a question, which is probably the funniest thing I’ve ever heard today:

Β “Do you like Court Lady Yeon?”

Pwahahahahaha! Byung-soo was flustered and left in a huff. So ‘lovely’, but I wouldn’t dare to see them breeding more of their kinds. Urgh!




Seung-nyang and Ta-hwan oversaw the punishment (they look so compatible!). She told him that with him beside her, that’s the best support he could provide her with. Hence, he should never think that he’s useless. Awwwwwww!! I’m flailing over here with all the smiles!



Moo-song secretly went into Heuksoo’s room to find the record of his transactions regarding the counterfeits and brought it to the courtesan house. Yoo was drinking with Bi-soo, who noticed that he was looking rather down. He was missing someone ( I’m sure it’s no other than Seung-nyang sobs) but refused to tell her more about it. It’s so weird to see her talking with a soft voice =.=’ Eunuch Bang told Yoo something and Bi-soo was sent out. But then, she was actually hiding and saw Moo-song meeting with Yoo. She recognized Moo-song as one of Heuksoo’s bodyguards and putting two and two together, she knew that the person who took the money before was Yoo. Yoo, on the other hand, got to know from the record about another transaction that would take place on the next day.



Bi-soo was contemplating between telling Heuksoo about it or not since it would mean death for Yoo. She went to meet Heuksoo, who was eager to tell her something. He knew that someone had been sniffing around and confirmed that it was Moo-song. The record was his work: Heuksoo planted a fake record and the fake transaction would be the place when the people behind Moo-song would meet their demise. Bi-soo was troubled and she went to see Yoo. He wanted to know the reason why she wanted to meet her when it’s already late…



The maids under Tanashiri had ran away because they were afraid of the recent happenings and Yeon-hwa was hurt badly. Tanashiri decided it’s time for her next plan and she ordered for tonic to be presented to the concubines. All of them except Seung-nyang drank it and Tanashiri wondered why she refused to drink it. Was she suspecting the Empress? She should, okay?!


Tanashiri urged her to drink the tonic but Seung-nyang only lifted her gaze to look at Tanashiri with no fear in her eyes…



I know I’m late for the commentaries but better late than never, right? I couldn’t really enjoy the episodes due to my health but still, I love me some badass Seung-nyang too! Hehehe. One thing that I’m happy apart from seeing those bad girls getting their initial shares of karma in the form of Seung-nyang is that our girl is still the same. Although she’s toughen up due to the recent events, Seung-nyang retains her old self especially in her judgement, where she prefers using her wits than force. The whip scene might come off as quite harsh, but Seung-nyang intends to teach the girls their lessons. Most of the time, she’s using her brain, unlike Tanashiri who instill fear in the people below her using tortures and poison. Knowing that Seung-nyang is not her usual opponent, I’m sure Tanashiri will be crazier in dealing with her in the future.

Ta-hwan shouldn’t be called Baby Emperor anymore…he’s matured enough to rule on his own soon! I’m sure we’ll be missing the crybaby and (adorably) annoying version of him, but a confident man in the making is something I’m looking forward to! Things will definitely get better for him with Seung-nyang beside him and these two will surely rock the palace with their combined power. Is it just me, or Seung-nyang and Ta-hwan are already in tune with each other? Shipping aside, I’m anticipating the moment for these two to trample over the people who made their lives miserable back then. Soon, people…SOON~

But then…is it just me, or Yoo seems to be forgotten in this drama? I know that the focus is now on the palace matters, but his screen time is getting shorter, plus no one bothers to tell him about Seung-nyang being alive. Maybe the characters don’t think that Seung-nyang is that significant to him…Hmmm….

I just hope that Tanashiri’s fall will come soon! Muahahahaha~

64 thoughts on “Empress Ki: Eps 25-26

  1. Mimi, as always, thanks for the wonderful recap dear.. Am surprise to learn that you had to visit hospital, hope all are alright with you and fam.. It’s not because of nonstop marathoning your new drama crack, is it? Got dark circle underneath my now puffy-reddish eyes.. Umm, should I go and check up as well? ^^

    Thanks again dear, and take a good care of you~! *hugs*

    1. What? Why the hospital? I hope you’re okay!
      Excellent recap as always, you never fail to bring up things that I either missed or don’t think about. (LOL) The revenge is ON. *hee*

      1. So glad you’re doing better πŸ™‚ Continue to get your needed rest so that you can recover well.. And thank you again for doing the recaps despite how you’ve been feeling/doing.

      2. Hope you’ll be well soon. Take a much needed-good-healthy and beauty rest, dearie..
        In the meantime, don’t you worry about our crown prince charming, he’s in unnie’s excellent care and loving hand… Tee-heee~!!

  2. thx so much for Episode 26 recap!!! love how SN got back at her enemies and instilled confidence in the Emperor. YAAAAY!!! WY is getting scary to me >_< What has heart break done to you, WY???? Hopefully, he can see SN soon and be transformed again to the character we all know and love.

  3. Thank you so much for the prompt recaps for episodes 25 & 26. I’m fairly new to your site, but have now become a fan! πŸ™‚

    Your recaps are detailed, witty at pertinent moments and lively…much appreciated!!

  4. thanks again…loving the priceless smiles coming from our baby Emperor and Seung-nyang. i hope that in the coming episodes everything will be put to it’s rightful places…love love love…

  5. OMG !!! love this episode πŸ™‚ hehe thanks so much πŸ™‚ always look forward to you recaps! like everyone else I can’t wait for the subs πŸ™‚ !! love baby emperor & SN !

  6. Thank you for doing the recap even though you’re unwell!! I stalk your site every week for your recaps:))
    I was flailing my arms with all the sweetness too!! She referred to herself as ‘shin chop’ in the blood letter scene and I squeeeeed. It’s official! They’re married!!!!!!!!~~ (And this is coming from a WY-SN shipper…)

  7. I am new to this site but please allow me to hope/wish for your immediate recovery. Thank you for your hard work and dedication for giving recaps as soon as possible. I’m one of your avid fans always waiting and reading your insightful recap right after watching the raw episodes. Once again thank you and be well.

    1. It was on Empress Ki soompi forum. It was under a spoiler tag. I can not remember the page but it was some time ago. It was under a spoiler tag so it could just be a rumor.

  8. Ohhh thank god I found your site. I can just read the recap rather then watch it, hence saving time!

    I hope you get better and thank you very very much! ~ ❀

  9. Hello ^^

    thank you so much for this awesome recap
    You’ve done a great job! I am a huge TH fan and I adore every single thing about him!
    so these recent two eps were like heaven to me! especially ep 26!! YES SN started to support the emperor! I waited for her to do that since long T_T

    I do have one question that kept wandering in my mind. Did Ta-hwan and Sueng Nyang sleep together?? because I so wanna see that! I see no hints!
    i hope they didn’t! because I really want to see some passion from TH side 😦
    And the drama just didn’t make it a big deal! no hints at all. Just a regular visit and a blood letter’s reveal

    1. @Momo, me too was anticipating for it! or I’d rather have that baby Emperor for myself, bwahaha! But you know how dramagods work, i dont think they’d do anything to realize SN&TH’s romance for now, it’s too early in the game… maybe if we could wait towards the end nearing the 50th episode. I really hope at some point in this story, SN would see TH as a man.

  10. I hope SY will tell TH that she has a child or loss her child before having intimate scenes to avoid any misunderstanding.Very proud of our baby emperor. He is starting to mature and I’ m looking forward to some scenes when SY will be teaching our baby emperor.I’m sure it will be a lot a fun and sweet considering their previously sweet and romantic scenes.If I am not mistaken this is the first time that I’ve seen more mv of the second lead than the first lead .As I’ve say before I love SY and WY at the start but to my surprise I end up liking SY and TH more..

  11. My shipping heart=πŸ’”πŸ˜„
    I get what the writers are doing but come on now. Can somebody send a letter, carrier pigeon, or something to let Wang Yoo know that SN is still alive. This man has a memorial tablet for somebody he thinks is dead. SMH
    I can’t wait until he finds out she is alive. It is going to be sad. The whole story about the counterfeit money is okay but I do think it will play a part in the take down of ET.
    I am glad TH came out of his sadness after he saw SN. It was heartwarming when he hugged her. I am happy she was honest with him about the reason she was back at the palace. I am wondering why Dokman did not tell her WY thinks she is dead. The concubine process was okay but those other chicks did not stand a chance against SN. Tana is such an evil chick I can not wait for her to get hers. I am ready for SN to take that chick out. LOL
    That Turkish chick needs to leave ASAP. I am not liking her at all.

    I am glad that SN won but at first I thought TH gave her a purse. So now that SN is a concubine and I am wondering how will WY see her. I am ready for SN to destroy Tana and ET. Plus didn’t Yeonhwa say she would cut all 10 if her fingers off if SN became a concubine. Yeonhwa needs to start cutting. LOL. I like that Tal Tal had told SN about the water. I admit I do like SN & TalTal. I am glad SN included TH in her plans and showed him the Blood Vow. SN is giving him the motivation he needs to become a mature Emperor. She is going to be the woman behind his success. πŸ˜„
    I ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀ Gangsta SN and Officer Park!!!!! I was LMAO when she got those court ladies back and slapped and had Yeonhwa punished. I had to watch it twice. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
    I am loving SN vs Tana. The war is very interesting. I hope SN wreaks havoc on Tana. If the writers do this vengeful SN right. SN will be one the baddest chicks on TV. LOL. What Tana did was awaken a sleeping dragon. Watch Out Tana!
    Back in Goryo, I hope nothing bad happens to WY and his friends. WY has changed. He is more ruthless. His heart is black now. Him and SN both have become ruthless and dark. I like it because it will bring the end of ET. It is sad seeing their son in the hands of Tana because I can’t help but to think that something bad might happen to him when ET is taken down. Poor baby.
    Okay am I the only one thinking it is weird that nobody asked SN about her baby. Dokman, Hong Dan, and even Officer Park did not ask her what happened to the baby. I think that is strange. It was sad to see that Officer Park is a eunuch but I am glad he will help SN.
    I do hope SN gives TH a piece of her heart and they work together.

    Your review was great. I am loving Gangsta SN. She is not playing with these chicks. She is kicking butt and taking names.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
    Game On. Let the begin War. I am excited.

    1. I was actually hoping instead of b*tchslapping YeonHwa, SN gave her a fist-punch, given her boyish-soldier background. Oh well, it’s only ep.26, more opportunities and challenges ahead.
      But that whipping-scene on SN by Empress is just terrible, I’m not satisfied w/ YeonHwa’s lashes, I cant wait how SN will fight back to this bratty Empress.
      Yah, also worried how will WY take it all in when he sees SN as an Emperial concubine, noticed his character is becoming ruthless; hope they are not going to turn him into the dark side due to SN (just recalling DarthVader’s turning point to darkness because of his lost love, Q.Amidala). Oh no,hoping I’m so wrong.

  12. I don’t know if anybody on here is a member on soompi forum. I lurk the Empress Ki soompi forum on there. I am reading the comments on the discussion of WY and TH. Can somebody for me go on there and tell Chrissydiva a lurker agrees with her comment on page 786. Thank youπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

      1. @MeMe, sorry to offend, but you are actually following a notorious WY-ship blogger in soompi. Seen them in action on how she’s bullying, ganging-up and driving away TaHwan shippers in that forum. Felt bad on that forum, it’s like there’s just 20 of them an avid offensive blogger, compared to probably million viewers of this drama who’s just modestly silent. If you asked me, they’re like suicide-bombers of WY-ship. Just too unhealthy and questionable credibility.

      2. @Kristine Marie
        I just liked their comments because what they said was true. I mean seriously why are people making a big deal about JJM playing a gay king. A frozen flower was a good movie. People need to separate the characters and the characters from the person. Now I like both WY & TH. Ever since I have started looking at different places and reading comments about this show. All I have ever seen people is bash JJM/WY and some bash JCW/TH. JJM/WY gets it the worst.
        Yeah I seen you on many places as well such as Youtube and Asianwiki. I recall you calling the writers racist because they had SN love WY and not TH. Let me ask you was that comment even necessary? So my point is TH shippers only are just as bad WY shippers only. It sucks for somebody like me who likes both couples and WY & TH.

      3. @MeMe, understand your point, but you dont have to get too personal on this. We are supporting each of our own ship and sometimes get too emotionally attached to their roles; but why do I sometimes feel that the WY-ship had to always assert their point whenever a TaHwan shipper gives praises or comments about him, isnt that too much of a desperation act. Can’t we just live in symbiosis for Empress Ki’s sake.

      4. @Kristine Marie
        Hmm… I am not getting personal. I am just stating facts about both ships. It is funny that you say that about WY & SN shippers when TH & SN shippers do the exact same thing. Maybe because I like both ships I am not looking at this one sided. I am looking at it as whole. Yeah that is true some people get emotionally attached but to start going after the actors and calling the writers racists is going too far. Look I think shipping wars are funny but they can be brutal. Both ships have their faults and have bashed each other.

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