Empress Ki: Eps 23-24

See what you want to see, and believe what you want to believe.

Last week was probably the turning point for us the viewers and also the characters in Empress Ki. So many things happened and we’re left to ponder what would be happening to the characters, especially our tough cookie Seung-nyang. After witnessing a bloody massacre in front of her eyes, what would she do next? Is she going back to Goryeo just like her original plan, or is she going to make a U-turn and avenge her fellow Goryeo maids’ deaths in Yuan? It’s not easy for us the viewers either; I’m sure many of us wish that Seung-nyang won’t have to face any torture in the future. Same goes for Wang Yoo and Ta-hwan, who seem to have problems following after them everywhere they go. The perks of being a nation’s ruler, I’d say…

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