Modern Emperor and Empresses

It’s been a while since the last time a magazine pictorial was featured on the blog, so with the hype that Empress Ki is getting around the dramaland and on this blog, I present to you…the emperor and his empresses in fine modern garbs.

Ha Ji-won is the cover girl for the magazine The Celebrity for January 2014, donning veils and crowns for the shoot. Her family was also featured in the magazine and that’s one good-looking family she has! She’s joined by the other empress of Empress Ki, Baek Jin-hee, sporting blonde, short curly wig and laden with handbags in the same magazine. She’s truly looking like a doll, far from her bratty Tanashiri in the drama! Their emperor Ji Chang-wook spends his time in between the filming to join Instyle and Grazia for their January 2014 issue, lending them his smoldering eyes and providing us a peek at his body. As if his adorable portrayal of Ta-hwan isn’t enough, now he’s stealing hearts in these pictorials!


Added the scans for Ha Ji-won’s solo pictorial in The Celebrity magazine, courtesy of Empress Ki DC Gallery.

Also…the scans of Ji Chang-wook’s pictorial for Grazia. Credit as tagged.

sources | The Celebrity | The Celebrity, Instyle, Grazia via naver news |


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