Ji Chang Wook – Ceci February 2014

Red and brown, together with roses and chocolate are the themes for Ji Chang-wook’s pictorial with CeCi for its February issue. Which one suits your taste? Pick one!

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Empress Ki: Eps 25-26

There is no turning back once you’ve reached the point of no return.

I’m sure most of us are already excited for Seung-nyang’s return to the palace, since it means one word: REVENGE! I’m tired of seeing the evil side wins all this while and with Seung-nyang in the game, it means demise for all of them. Yum, revenge is delicious when it’s directed at the right person. It’s a lie if I say I don’t want to see Seung-nyang meeting Yoo again, because his eyes are full of fury after her ‘death’ and I hope he will get to know that she’s alive before he make any reckless move. At the same time, I want to see Seung-nyang embracing Ta-hwan’s heart in the future, because he deserves to be loved by his one and only love. Sigh, it’s hard to root for both male leads!

I still can’t believe that we’ve passed the halfway mark. Woohoo!

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King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang : A Quarterly Review

What’s the best cure for drama addiction? Watch another drama and continue the addiction, I’d say. Hee. I consider myself a fan of the historical drama or sageuk, and I feel like I’m deprived of a good sageuk lately. I am watching Empress Ki and loving it to bits, but the wait for the new episodes is getting unbearable. Hence, few days ago, I decided to browse through my drama folder while thinking that I would give another sageuk a try…and here I am, unable to stop watching the currently airing sageuk, King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang.  Somehow I regret the choice I’ve because I find myself craving for another episode after finishing one. It’s hard to stop the urge, because it’s that good!

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Empress Ki: Eps 23-24

See what you want to see, and believe what you want to believe.

Last week was probably the turning point for us the viewers and also the characters in Empress Ki. So many things happened and we’re left to ponder what would be happening to the characters, especially our tough cookie Seung-nyang. After witnessing a bloody massacre in front of her eyes, what would she do next? Is she going back to Goryeo just like her original plan, or is she going to make a U-turn and avenge her fellow Goryeo maids’ deaths in Yuan? It’s not easy for us the viewers either; I’m sure many of us wish that Seung-nyang won’t have to face any torture in the future. Same goes for Wang Yoo and Ta-hwan, who seem to have problems following after them everywhere they go. The perks of being a nation’s ruler, I’d say…

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