Empress Ki: Previews

Previews credit to MBC.

Ep 51 (Final) Preview

Seung-nyang: Your Majesty, how about your hallucination?

Ta-hwan: As you can see, I’m okay, so you can excuse yourself.

Seung-nyang: Your Majesty!

Ta-hwan: I’ve forgotten your greed for a while.

Empress Dowager: You have to meet the commanders personally, Tutor Jang.

Empress Dowager: Empress..we’ll see whose neck goes off first..wait and see.

Golta: Your Majesty!

Golta: When the preparation for the new world is done, by then, I’ll send you away in peace.


Ep 50 Preview

The preview is posted on Empress Ki’s official website HERE.

Ta-hwan: Is it true that Maha was the child from Wang Yoo and Consort Ki’s relationship?

Court Lady Seo: Yes, it is true.

Byung-soo: If the Emperor is eliminated, it will be the turn for Consort Ki’s downfall soon.

Tutor Jang: Are you thinking of starting a revolt?

Byung-soo: The Emperor ‘s side will be slowly dying with the illness. (literally or figuratively?)

Seung-nyang: Your Majesty, you shouldn’t kill Wang Yoo!

Seung-nyang: Wang Yoo, please avoid (the confrontation)!

Ta-hwan: Now, you have to be killed.

Ta-hwan: If I don’t kill you, Yang-ie will die.


The rest of the previews and translations have been archived HERE





46: What do you mean by Maha is my real son?

45: Stop thinking that I’ll abandon you if you’re acting so conceited like this.

44: Which country do we belong to?

43: He has got some nerves.

42: Consort is not someone like that.

41: Taltal has found out about the secret treasure..

40: Right now, your attitude is no different than Yeon-chul.

39: I want to show her just a little.

38: Maha has to take revenge!

37: I am ready to die too and I will fight.

36: Raise the army!

35: Curse, Yang-ie ya?!

34: Did you say that it’s possible to kill that Lady Ki?

33: Kill that Lady Ki!

32: I will catch a remarkable beast.

31: I will bring a good news (to you).

30: Stamp the Imperial seal!

29: Lady Ki has been poisoned!

28: You’ve made a big mistake.

27: I will initiate the fight.

26: Tonight, please go to Lady Ki’s chamber.

25: Please keep my ability to talk a secret.

24: It was ordered by the Empress.

23: I will take this child.

22: If brother kill that woman..

21: I will kill Yeon-chul..

20: Will you be my queen?

19: Seung-nyang is no longer a palace lady!

18: Don’t you ever cry in front of be because of that jerk.

17: You have to protect me by my side.

16: What is the happy occasion?

15: Do you regard me only as a palace lady?

14: Would you push me away if I’m Wang Yoo?

13: I won’t do anything for Your Imperial Majesty’s sake.

12: Seung-nyang ah..please protect me.

11: Did you come here to mock me?

10: I am not fond of that girl.

9: I miss you..I’ve been missing you..

8: Tonight, you will go to the concubine’s quarters.

7: Seung-nyang is actually a girl!

6: Shut that mouth of yours!!

5: Don’t die, Seung-nyang ah..

4: Give Seung-nyang to me.

3: If you’re the Crown Prince, then I’m the Jade Emperor!

2: You…Who are you?

1: Kill me..Hurry up and kill me!

44 thoughts on “Empress Ki: Previews

  1. So SN & TH finally had there ohlala scene. Glad it is over. I got tired hearing people talk about it. I do find it funny that people are not in uproar this time over SN being pregnant. Hmm..makes me think.

  2. My oh my…episode 37 is going to be very interesting!!
    It is funny how eunuch Bang knew about sn’s son identity before her and WY. ..
    I hope they will not kill the child during the fight.

  3. The empress from Bayan’s clan is one of the actress in the heirs, the tutor and the lover of the older brother.
    It would be interesting to see her acting in this series.
    On the other note, poor SN just becoz the empress dowager afraid of SN’s capabilities and her inner strength….She really is going against her now.

    I feel like ED and Bayan just used SN as the mean to get rid Yeon Chul, after the job had been done. They kinda just abandoned and ignored to recognise all her efforts and her achievement in the last battle.

    Good thing that this made SN and WY are somewhat closer again…

    I would say TO needs SN more as of motherly love rather than true love type of love….becoz next to her, he always fears of losing her. He always feels jealous toward WY, and always doubts SN, he is so unsecured himself that is so hard for him to actually trust or love other properly.

    Just my 2 cent piece of thoughts. Don’t be offended if my ideas are not the same as you.

    Peace out!

  4. I have just found a few adorable photos of our Empress Ki team.

    The most adorable picture of these three…only if they have realised they are actually family on the show ^^

  5. I heard the show will go darker. I am not surprised by how Byul/Maha is acting now towards SN. I am not surprised by TH behavior because that is what happens when you are insecure. That is sad because I wanted TH to be mature & stay mature.

  6. let this show end happily…… Writer, try and repair seungnyang’s marriage pls. Let it not be a sad story. Glad Maha/byul will soon be reunited with his Dad, he deserves a man like wangyu being there for him. Guess he wont believe his dad was the same man whose words always affected him. He’ll make a great king for goryeo in future. Like father, like son.

    Question is….. Will TaHwan ever know it’s her son?

  7. Thanks very much for all the translations. I think I read somewhere that it’s going to be a 51 episode. Is this true?

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