First Impression – Answer Me 1994

If someone asks me about the things I remember about the year 1994, honestly speaking, I can’t remember anything about it. I was three years old and I can’t even recall the memories of being a five year old, let alone two years prior. Because of that, watching Answer Me 1994 wasn’t something that I planned to do in the nearest time but last Sunday, I felt it was the right time to dive into the world of 1994.

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Looking Forward to Empress Ki

Formerly known as Hwatu, the drama is probably one of the few dramas that prefer to stay away from the limelight instead of making headlines for several months prior to its broadcast. Not much information was known about it except for a few: Ha Ji-won will play the titular character and the writers are the same people behind Giant, History of the Salaryman, and Incarnation of Money. It’s not until last month that the production team started to release tidbits about the drama that has changed its title to Empress Ki.

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First Impression – Suspicious Housekeeper

Dramas come and go, and so is the mood to watch them. Maybe I’m reaching a point where I’m not that addicted to dramas after being ‘forced’ to reduce the time spent for the addictive hobby. While I spend less time watching dramas, I do pay attention to the updates from the Kdramaland, witnessing the end of several dramas through the news and reading people’s takes on new shows. Since the blog was left without any updates for the last few weeks, I think it’s good to share my impression about Suspicious Housekeeper, the new drama on Mon-Tue slot that replaces Empire of Gold starting last week.

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