A Brief Peek at Good Doctor

Second teaser for Good Doctor is out!

As expected, Joo Won will have a hard time at the hospital despite his magnificent skills. We get a glimpse of other cast apart from the main couple, including the stern Team Leader Yeo Ji-hoon…err I mean Joo Sang-wook, who’s looking good in suits and even the surgical gown. Yeah.

Is it just me, or Kim Min-seo looks so similar to her character Kang Yun-seo in Baby Faced Beauty? With Na Young-hee there, they remind me of their mother and daughter relationship in the designer drama back then.

AND~ Here’s the third teaser. So fast!

Good Doctor will take over the slot currently occupied by Shark on Mon-Tue slot. 19 days left until the premiere on 5 August!

Can’t get enough of Joo Sang-wook in suits? Here’s more shots of him. No need to thank me.


Joo Won is having fun with his 3D glasses.


Our 2won’s presumably first meeting, or the second one after the brief encounter in the teaser? Looks like blue is the couple colour of the season and that includes their blue doctor’s gown later 😀


Bonus: the good doctor is taking his nap~ credit to Joo Won’s twitter


2 thoughts on “A Brief Peek at Good Doctor

  1. 2won?! That’s genius! XD This looks like it’s going to be good.. A great underdog story. Though, wouldn’t it be hard to swoon over Joo Won if he’s always got those confused dazed faces on? 😛

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