Anyone Watching Shark?

Sharks and Polaris aside, let’s leave behind the stories about the KFC grandpa lookalike that is Hae-woo’s evil grandpa and that poison pen ahjusshi…and focus on these two beautiful people. Heehee.

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Lee Yeon Hee – Harper’s Bazaar July 2013

Ohhh me likey. I love the pictures when I first looked at them and then I saw it….that woman is Lee Yeon-hee! The edgy black and white/ noir concept turns her into someone else! Is it just me who can’t recognize her? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

The pictorial will be featured in Harper’s Bazaar Korea this July.

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Jang Ok Jung: Live (and Die) in Love

It’s hard to believe that Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love has ended. To be honest, I was contemplating on whether to continue the journey with the conflicts that started to rear their ugly heads when Ok-jung decided to pursue her love, but I hesitated. I loved the first 9 episodes too much to let it go just like that and I decided to follow the drama as an outsider. I read the recaps and the forums, witnessing how people were reacting to the episodes with each week passed by in the blink of an eye and getting the gist of the story from my friend, who is also a loyal fan of the drama. I thought I would be able to bid goodbye to the drama coolly, but I found myself sobbing like a baby after I finished watching the last episode live. I think Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love is like an unrequited first love to me: you thought you can forget it, but there’s a part of you that will be attached to it.

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Joseon’s Court Attire: Kdrama Style (Part 2)

I can’t resist myself from writing another post about the hanbok worn inside the court during Joseon Dynasty, simply because of the awesome hanbok galore in Jang Ok Jung: Live in Love and Cruel Palace: War of the Flowers. Both sageuk portray the ladies as the main focus of their plots and just like the women nowadays, the female characters cannot live without the beautiful clothes and accessories. But it doesn’t mean that the male characters are left behind; they also have their own share of gorgeous hanbok shown in the dramas.

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