Welcoming the Good Doctor

It’s too early to say anything but I think I’ve fallen in love with the first teaser of Good Doctor.

Please be good, dear ‘human medical drama’!

Savant syndrome is a rare, but extraordinary, condition in which persons with serious mental disabilities, including autistic disorder, have some ‘island of genius’ which stands in marked, incongruous contrast to overall handicap. As many as one in 10 persons with autistic disorder have such remarkable abilities in varying degrees, although savant syndrome occurs in other developmental disabilities or in other types of central nervous system injury or disease as well. Whatever the particular savant skill, it is always linked to massive memory. (Source)



Mark your calendar! 26 days left until the first episode which will air on August 5th 🙂


8 thoughts on “Welcoming the Good Doctor

      1. It looks very promising! And how glad am I, that his musical involvement didn’t take him away from our screens like we were thinking it would! Although, I do want him to get enough rest too! >.<

        1. Plus he has that movie with Kim Ah-joong that is still in filming stage I think…Woah, he certainly works super hard! Hopefully he’s not going to army soon..I don’t know why but I have this feeling that he has some kind of target to be achieved before he enlist, so that’s being the reason why he’s working non-stop since 2011 O.O

        2. Plus he’s still doing 1N2D, right?!? O.O! This man doesn’t know how to rest! And you could be right – this might be him getting in as many projects as he can, before MS.. *gulp*

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