Anyone Watching Shark?

Sharks and Polaris aside, let’s leave behind the stories about the KFC grandpa lookalike that is Hae-woo’s evil grandpa and that poison pen ahjusshi…and focus on these two beautiful people. Heehee.



“Refill, please.”


“We don’t do refills.”

“Is that so?” *Walks away*


“Give it to me.”


“We don’t usually do refills but since you’re close to Hae-woo unni, I’ll do it for you.” *Smiles*


“Thank you.” *Smiles*



“I heard Hae-woo unni went to Japan. What are you doing here?”


“(I) come here to drink juice…” [speaking informally]


“Ah…have you made your order?”

“I was waiting so that Miss Yi-hyun can take my order.” [again, he’s speaking informally]


“But then..why you keep speaking informally?”


“Ah…did I?” [switching to formal speech]



“Hae-woo unni must be really busy these days.”

“What about you, Miss Yi-hyun?”



“Are you busy?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Because I’m curious.”


“Why are you curious?”

“Well..if you’re busy, then it’s okay.”

“What do you mean?”


*Sheepish smile* “I’ll come again.”


“Ahjusshi must be really free, unlike (Hae-woo) unni.”


“I’m very busy! I’ll get going!” [informal speech, because he’s pissed off. LOL]


“I’ll get going?” [informal]


They are like my energy pills while watching Shark. Super cute! I never thought they’d be paired together but seeing how they keep bumping into each other (well, technically it’s Soo-hyun ‘ahjusshi’ who keeps visiting the juice shop), I hope to see them together! Awww my shipping heart! Amidst the mystery surrounding the people around them, it’s a breath of fresh air to see a normal couple to be born amidst all the angst. Hahaha. Still, I’m enjoying the drama though I keep falling behind in playing catch up with the drama. Though real life is super crazy nowadays, I hope that I’ll be able to finish this without dropping it.

Because I can, I proclaim these two….my ‘Mango couple’, because the place for their meeting is the Mango Six’s shop. Also, isn’t it adorable that both of them ‘Hyun’ in their names? 😀

10 thoughts on “Anyone Watching Shark?

  1. They’re too cute! I’m not watching the show (because Kim Nam Gil kind of creeps me out), but if these two played a larger part, I might. 🙂

    1. They’re like third leads or something, with Lee Soo-hyuk working under Son Ye-jin’s character and Nam Bo-ra is Kim Nam Gil’s little sister in the drama. Maybe in another drama…but I want to see them end up together! 😉

  2. Their interactions is too cute,thanks for intro 🙂
    just might take a peek, cos like @Jules,not too keen on Kim Nam Gil in Bad Guy
    i think this actress acted in vineyard, she never seems to age

  3. These two, together with Mrs. Park and Hae Woo make me look forward to Shark every week. Anyway, after episode 11, I am finally beginning to like Yi Soo. Just a little.

  4. I am watching this…liking how the story unfold even if it’s a tad bit slow. And yes they were the cutest thing …well YiHyun and her dad were quite adorbs together as well. At least now the story is progressing into unknown territories. The bits about Yisoo’s dad we already know…just want to know the big secret behind the old grandpa. And kinda glad they drop/tone down the loveline btw Yisoo and Haewoo. Don’t see how that could work because she’s married. And finally junyoung figures a bit more than just a supportive husband…

    1. Yi-hyun is basically living a good life after Yi-soo’s (fake) death and I am glad. Very, very glad for her that the kind detective adopted her and he’s still alive, not like in other dramas where they tend to kill of the kind detectives and let the corrupt ones live until the end. Honestly, I’m liking the pace so far and the mystery keeps me watching and waiting for more. At this point I think I’m okay with Yi-soo not ending up with Hae-woo, if Joon-young continues to be the supportive clam..

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