[summary] The Incarnation of Money – Episode 19

It’s just a matter of time until the puppets realize that their lives are being controlled by the strings of a puppeteer. The concern right now is whether the puppeteer realizes it or not, that those who used to be under his power are already two steps in front of him…

The Incarnation of Money.E19.130406.HDTV.H264.avi_000443443


The Incarnation of Money.E19.130406.HDTV.H264.avi_000473273

Both Se-kwang and Prosecutor Kwon are in the race to see who gets the ledger book first but Cha-don has his own plan. Instead of letting Se-kwang to get the ledger easily, Cha-don makes his chase ends in vain and he himself puts a show in front of Prosecutor Kwon’s assistant, Secretary Seo, and takes the original copy of the ledger. The fake one is delivered to Prosecutor Kwon successfully, but Se-kwang isn’t that easy to give up on the ledger and asks Cha-don’s help to get it for him. Cha-don is planning to give the copy to him since he wants Se-kwang and Prosecutor Kwon to kill each other with the weapons he gave them.

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Cha-don sees Jae-in in a cafe on his way to the office and calls her, but she doesn’t have any intention of getting close with him. Hyuk comes over and Jae-in looks like she’s going to tell him about her real feelings but he refuses to hear it and decides that he’s going to try his best to win her heart. He gives her a handbag and Cha-don sees it all. Cha-don intentionally gets rid of the bag at the office by giving it to the cleaner but Jae-in finds out about it. He sends Jae-in another better and more expensive bag, saying that he cherishes her the most, but Jae-in is set on going to a matchmaking date with someone else.

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Madam Bok writes a poem accompanied with the sound of saxophone played by Jae-in’s father. Although she thinks that it’s kind of annoying at first, but soon she finds it pleasant. Jae-in’s father is about to leave when Jae-in appears in front of him, slightly drunk. She thinks that he has a crush on her mother and warns him that Madam Bok has a very bad temper. She goes inside after telling him to go home and he sighs, amazed that she takes after him for her look but has the temper just like her mother.

The Incarnation of Money.E19.130406.HDTV.H264.avi_001495161

Ji-hoo definitely looks happier and prettier since she started going out with Se-kwang and she even makes him lunch. Se-kwang finds out that her father, Prof Jeon, won’t be participating in the hearing and feels that something is not right. Cha-don meets him to give the ledger of Prosecutor Kwon and tells Se-kwang that he’s helping him because he thinks that Se-kwang will get his success faster than Prosecutor Kwon. Despite the help from Cha-don, Se-kwang still feels suspicious of him and tells someone to start following Cha-don. Prosecutor Kwon isn’t aware of the fake ledger yet as he’s too focused on getting chosen and wants to get rid of Se-kwang.

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Se-kwang gets to know everything about Chadon, from his meeting with Chief Jo to where his house is. He tells a detective to send a spam mail to Kang-seok’s e-mail address when he gives him a sign. Se-kwang then gives a surprise visit to Cha-don’s house. Luckily, Cha-don and Manager Yang are warned by Secretary Hong and they manage to hide everything. However, Se-kwang gets to confirm that Cha-don is the Kang-seok he’s looking for through the spam mails.

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The day of the hearing arrives and the candidates competing for Chungrok’s support are only Se-kwang and Prosecutor Kwon since Chief Jo has dropped out per Cha-don’s request. Both of them are left in a room to discuss about each other’s misdeeds that they found out, witnessed by the members from another room. Prosecutor Kwon lays out the only card he has, that is the recording of Bi-ryung’s voice, admitting that Se-kwang killed Chairman Lee. Se-kwang decides to drop out and fishes out some confessions about the bribery that Prosecutor Kwon had given before. Prosecutor Kwon, although happy for his victory, doesn’t plan to forgive Se-kwang.

The Incarnation of Money.E19.130406.HDTV.H264.avi_003222522

Things start to go different from what Cha-don planned and Se-kwang takes matter into his own hands. He tells Cha-don his plans to publicize Prosecutor Kwon’s ledger book and his bribery before getting the support of Chungrok again. Cha-don takes another step to reveal to Prosecutor Kwon that the ledger book has been switched. Both of them meet and Se-kwang refuses to negotiate, since he has the confession made by Prosecutor Kwon recorded and he even moved Bi-ryung to another place beforehand, making her testimony void, with the reason of her mental issues. Se-kwang tells him about Lee Cha-don being Lee Kang-seok and Prosecutor Kwon thinks it’s best for him to be killed as soon as possible to save their reputations.

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Cha-don is drinking with Manager Yang after a rather bad day and sees Jae-in with her date. Jae-in keeps ignoring him and acts like she doesn’t know him in front of her date. He leaves with a taxi and unknown to him, Prosecutor Kwon is following him and looks like he has something planned for Cha-don. Jae-in is waiting for Cha-don’s call and waits for a while before picking it up.

The Incarnation of Money.E19.130406.HDTV.H264.avi_003772739

Jae-in acts like she doesn’t really have any interest to speak with him but he asks to meet her. Suddenly, a big truck hits the taxi and Jae-in can’t hear Cha-don. She keeps screaming into the phone and Cha-don, covered in cuts and blood, picks up his phone. Before he could say anything to her, the truck moves forward, ready to hit the wrecked taxi another time….


Oh God. As if killing a person isn’t enough, now they’re going for another round of it? Heartless men.

The Incarnation of Money.E19.130406.HDTV.H264.avi_002114247

I never thought that Se-kwang would catch up this soon and I was thinking that he might not know until near the end. But with both sides knowing their opponents’ identities, it will get more interesting. Crazy Se-kwang is scary, but nice Se-kwang when he’s carefully taking his steps is even scarier. Owh, now I really worry about Cha-don. It takes two to tango but he must find a way to step on Se-kwang’s foot before he step on his!

Five episodes left and it looks like we’re heading to the ultimate ending: a battle between Lee Kang-seok a.k.a. Lee Cha-don and Ji Se-kwang.

The Incarnation of Money.E19.130406.HDTV.H264.avi_003459893

P/S: But I really love that our Bokdon Couple gets decent screen time in this episode!

The Incarnation of Money.E19.130406.HDTV.H264.avi_000823690

Kwon Hyuk. You’re so adorably dorky like a puppy!! Just don’t be evil like your daddy. Please, I beg you~!


4 thoughts on “[summary] The Incarnation of Money – Episode 19

  1. The writers really surprised me, pleasantly with these turn of events/ I would have never expected them to reveal the truth this early but I’m glad they did because not the s**t will get real! But from the previews, why do I think the little boy is really Se Gwang and that was an old picture? Just saying.

    1. The writers sure know how to play with our hearts :* I think they will give Se-kwang some time to play in his short victory before being defeated by Cha-don. I’m anticipating the finale, though I’m sad to see this drama ends 😥

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