Lee Jin Wook & Jo Yoon Hee for Marie Claire

After waiting and hoping to see my latest OTP in a pictorial, I finally get my wish materialized when Marie Claire Korea chooses Nine‘s OTP Lee Jin-wook and Jo Yoon-hee to be featured in the magazine. I’ve seen their spreads for other magazines and I really want to see them together in a photo shoot. The couples from tvn dramas before have quite a history with the magazines as they’re lucky enough to be featured in the spreads. Lucky me as a fan, and lucky them to be chosen as the couple this time. Thank you, dear anyone who came out with this idea at the first place!


Don’t mind me, because I’m just a happy and overjoyed fan!







source: Marie Claire Korea


11 thoughts on “Lee Jin Wook & Jo Yoon Hee for Marie Claire

  1. Thanks for posting these!!
    The hair is so much nice when it’s not bowled under, you know? I see this as Nine Episode 21, how about you all?

  2. eeeeee! after TWTWB, i started Nine for a breather, but then i was mistaken because this drama is another detective-mystery thriller, LOL for what i see 😀 . Love this OTP. so unconventional yet lovely ^^

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