Nine: an Epic Journey

I am still taken aback with the final episode of Nine: Nine Times Time Travel. Wow, that ‘s a brilliant closure to the 20-episode journey through the 20 years of Sun-woo’s life, although we’re just jumping through the time. I find myself smiling, being so satisfied with the ending that can be regarded as an open ending. Nevertheless, I am amazed with the writer Song Jae-jung who has written another masterpiece that should be appreciated by us the drama fans. Kudos to our writer-nim for penning a brilliant tale of a time traveler that will be a memorable work for me.

[tvN] Nine.E01.130311.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP.avi_000605939

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Lee Jin Wook & Jo Yoon Hee for Marie Claire

After waiting and hoping to see my latest OTP in a pictorial, I finally get my wish materialized when Marie Claire Korea chooses Nine‘s OTP Lee Jin-wook and Jo Yoon-hee to be featured in the magazine. I’ve seen their spreads for other magazines and I really want to see them together in a photo shoot. The couples from tvn dramas before have quite a history with the magazines as they’re lucky enough to be featured in the spreads. Lucky me as a fan, and lucky them to be chosen as the couple this time. Thank you, dear anyone who came out with this idea at the first place!


Don’t mind me, because I’m just a happy and overjoyed fan!

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Nine – First Impression

I see Queen Inhyun’s Man and I hear Flower Boy Next Door, but the feelings tell me that this is something new. That’s right, I like the drama as it is, because it’s not the same as the other two. Nine: Nine Times Time Travel. The Korean title isn’t that confusing but when translated into English, it somehow becomes complicated. Obviously a(nother) time traveling travelogue and for those who to check it out, just leave your logic outside your brain for a moment. [SPOILER ALERT!]


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