[summary] The Incarnation of Money – Episode 11

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When the situation forces you to go even lower than you can imagine, nothing can stop Cha-don from getting back his cherished money. Even if he has to become crazy or get the painful injections, he’s willing to do anything. At least he gets to rest and gains an attendant during his stay at the asylum.


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Cha-don wants Chief Jo to use his connection to help him before the transactions he made with those people are made public. With that, he makes his appearance at the office with his posh car on the evaluation day and Se-kwang sneers at him while giving him ‘tips’ to survive the disciplinary committee. At the same time, Chief Jo has started to pull some strings to help Cha-don. Se-kwang thinks that he will finally be able to get rid of Cha-don for good, but Prosecutor Kwon wants him to save Cha-don, since he has politicians as his backups. The committees cast their votes and Cha-don is saved from dismissal; instead, he’s to resign from his post as a prosecutor.

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Se-kwang doesn’t hide his disappointment and thinks that Cha-don is not fit to become a prosecutor, hence he’s trying his best to get rid of him since that’s what justice is for him. He tells him about how he killed a wealthy man (Chairman Lee) because his father died because of that man. It’s different for Cha-don, as he feels that he should try to fight against Se-kwang so that he can find justice for himself,who’s been unfairly treated.

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Madam Bok finds another way to control Jae-in, which is through her money and Jae-in doesn’t have any choice but to work for her mother. She’s assigned to collect debts from the people at the market and manages to collect the interests successfully by promising the debtors to cancel their debts altogether. Mr Kim is completely unaware of the real situation and happily reports that Jae-in has successfully completed her task.

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Jae-in drops by to buy some food after much consideration and run into Se-kwang. She greets him cheerfully but he chooses to ignore her. Jae-in doesn’t give up and joins him at the table. He treats her coldly and Jae-in thinks that he must be living hard for him to be so unhappy like that. She suggests him to eat more delicious food to become happier and offers to give him a good service if he comes to her restaurant. She says goodbye after thanking him for the compensation and Se-kwang is left astounded with the unwanted pity from Jae-in.

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Cha-don and his team resign from the prosecutor’s office and move into an old building that is going to be their new office from now on. He’s complaining over the state of the building but nothing can be done as he’s left broke after the fire. He drinks alone later that night and suddenly calls Jae-in. She meets him and he breaks the news about his resignation. He tells her that they don’t need to worry about their marriage anymore since he’s not a suitable candidate to become her husband. Cha-don admits that he likes her, but only as his annoying little sister.  She brings him back to his office and promises not to give up on him and she will make him like her.

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Officer Yang comes to the office with a good suggestion on the next day. He thinks that the large sum of money found at the site before will be able to help them. He suggests that Cha-don tries to find Madam Park and become his attorney to fight for the money right. Reporter Go talks to Bi-ryung about the matter but gets rejected by her, since it’s dangerous for them to get involved with the late Chairman Lee’s family. Cha-don gets excited about the idea of having lots of money from the case, but they need to fidn Madam Park first.

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Madam Park is admitted to an asylum, but the condition seems to be more of a prison rather than an institution. She seems to know that the Director is associated with Se-kwang and she looks scared after seeing another patient being carried out unconscious from the place. Chief Jo comes to visit Cha-don at his new office and promises to bring her back to the prosecutor’s office once the situation calms down. Officer Yang finds Madam Park’s whereabouts but the weird thing is her record is hidden. He also finds out about the asylum, who’s famous for its reputation and the Director’s past. Cha-don decides to disguise as Assistant Hong’s brother in order to gain admittance into the asylum, all for the sake of finding Madam Park.

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Jae-in finds her restaurant suddenly filled with customers and they’re actually Bi-ryung’s staff. She insist on them to go there as she wants to win Jae-in’s heart for the share she owns in the credit union company. Jae-in thinks that the woman is like an angel, just like her name Angelina. LOL, wait until you meet her! Madam Bok is also keeping an eye on Bi-ryung, waiting for the right time to buy more share from her. She suddenly receives a call from on of the debtors, who thank her for cancelling all the debts. She’s angry at Jae-in at first but soon realizes that her daughter did exactly what she’s told to. She laughs over the matter and thinks it’s about time for Jae-in to take care of the credit union company.

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Cha-don begins his mission to enter the asylum by acting like a crazy man thinking he’s the Empress of the Joseon Dynasty. He’s caught by the nurses and successfully admitted into the place. The Director tells Se-kwang about Madam Park’s health and Se-kwang wants him to leave it as it is. When asked about his relationhip with Madam Park, he gets angry and warns the director to mind his own business. Cha-don sees him walking out of the office but luckily, Se-kwang doesn’t get the chance to see his face. Cha-don is brought into the ward and he’s given a shot to tranquilize him.

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Ji-hoo apologizes to Se-kwang for her failure to guide Cha-don properly, but Se-kwang wants her to focus on crushing Cha-don if she happens to meet him at the court. She receives the call history from Attorney Hwang’s phone and Cha-don’s name is on the list. However, the last call was made from a disposable phone and Ji-hoo doesn’t tell Se-kwang anything about it. The Baddies discuss about the possibility of Attorney Hwang being murdered and they start suspecting each other being responsible for it. Ji-hoo tries to call Cha-don but there’s no answer.

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After his rehab program, Cha-don is permitted to walk around freely and he takes the opportunity to look around the place. He follows the nurses but soon loses them when they suddenly disappear from his sight. He also tries to search for Madam Park but she’s nowhere to be found. Officer Yang makes his appearance at the asylum by acting like a mentally disabled man, earning him the job of a janitor there. He sneaks into the reference room and finds a blueprint of the place, confirming the fact that the place has a secret basement. He informs Cha-don about it and Cha-don wants to go into the basement.

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Assistant Hong comes again to tell the director about the inheritance that her brother refused to give up and hes just acting like he’s crazy. She wants the director to help her with the inheritance matter and asks his help to take care of her brother Cha-don. Jae-in is still unable to get in touch with Cha-don and she throws tantrum while she’s drunk and her victim is no other than Se-kwang, which happens to be there. Cha-don is brought to the basement and he gets to experience what the confined patients are experiencing every single day: physical and mental tortures until they are willing to give away their inheritance. On the next day, the patients are allowed to go out of their cells and Cha-don stares at one of the cells that seems to be unoccupied. Inside the cell, Madam Park is getting ready to go out and Cha-don waits nervously while his eyes glued to the cell no. 7…


  • Cha-don is so brave. Enough said.
  • Officer Yang and Assistant Hong are so loyal! I hope they will be on Cha-don’s side until the end.
  • Am I the only one who like the baffled Se-kwang when he’s around Jae-in? If he’s not that bad, I’d ship him with Jae-in in no time because she brings the best out of him!
  • But deep down, Se-kwang is still the ruthless psycho. He’s scary but it’s entertaining to see the dark side of him.
  • Se-kwang and Cha-don are destined to be enemies until the end of their lives. Their different ideologies prove so. I can’t wait to see their real war~

4 thoughts on “[summary] The Incarnation of Money – Episode 11

    1. That asylum, if it does exist, is such a horrible place O.O I was so scared that Cha-don would suffer but it’s hard not to laugh at his Empress act. I can’t get over the background song! So funny! 😛

  1. “Am I the only one who like the baffled Se-kwang when he’s around Jae-in? If he’s not that bad, I’d ship him with Jae-in in no time because she brings the best out of him!”

    Hahaha me too… me too… I’m pretty sure writers gonna make SK loves JI eventually. Some may think I’m far-fetched, but the hints, though subtle, were already there since the beginning, if you pay attention. Korean news and netizens had realized and comments about them and their scenes together quite often actually so we’ll see…I know we’re already reach midway now, but 12 eps are still quite long, and even CD hasn’t love JI yet.

    1. Oh god, yes please for that one! 😀 They certainly have more chemistry compared to Cha-don and Jae-in but we’ll see how it goes…if they’re too occupied with the revenge, maybe the chance of seeing the development on the love line will be slim.

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