Flower Boys Next Door – Vogue Girl April 2013

VOGUE girl isn’t going to let me forget Flower Boy Next Door anytime soon. The magazine took some of the boys outside to enjoy the sun but sadly, only three of them are present in the pictorial for this April. Yoon Si-yoon participates in this colourful photoshoot, together with Mizuta Kouki and Kim Jung-san.



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Nine – First Impression

I see Queen Inhyun’s Man and I hear Flower Boy Next Door, but the feelings tell me that this is something new. That’s right, I like the drama as it is, because it’s not the same as the other two. Nine: Nine Times Time Travel. The Korean title isn’t that confusing but when translated into English, it somehow becomes complicated. Obviously a(nother) time traveling travelogue and for those who to check it out, just leave your logic outside your brain for a moment. [SPOILER ALERT!]


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