Spazzing Around #5

Flower boys! My flower boys! January is so going to be a good month for me 😉

So…with 2012 ended just few days ago, that means I’m quite free for the time being after completing my report. So…it’s time to catch up with the dramas I’m behind and my priority was on…School 2013.

I just browsed through the first episode of School 2013 partly because I was a little busy with work and the rest, I blame my laziness land lack of mood back then. I tried to make some time this week and finally watched until the latest episode, which is episode 9. So far, I think I’m liking some of the characters while the others gain my hate. At least I’m hating them with passion.


I admit that Jong-suk is one of the many reasons I paid attention to the drama and I’m glad I did so! My parents think that he’s more beautiful than girls (to the extent of confusing him with a girl!) but he’s so cool~! I like his character, Nam-soon’s transformation from someone who ignores everything to a boy who cares about the people around him. He’s cool but I’d like to see more of his ‘bad boy’ side. Somehow I’m happy because he got to punch Jung-ho. Way to go,boy!

Although the romance part has been cut off, the friendship between the students is worth the watch, especially the bromance. Nam-soon and Heung-soo (Kim Woo-bin) are so ship-worthy and I just want them to reconcile as soon as possible, but that’s just like wishing a main couple to be together without any problem with their relationship. Nam-soon and Young-woo are cute in their own ways and it’s sweet to see Nam-soon acting like a big brother to Young-woo.

But then, a drama is incomplete without any stint of romance. Nam-soon and Ha-kyung (Park Se-young) is my favorite; however I’m more inclined towards a friendship rather than ending up as a couple. I just love to see them together, supporting each other. I really have to mention Teacher Jung In-jae (Jang Na-ra) and Teacher Kang Se-chan (Daniel Choi). They are so different: from their teaching methods to their ideologies, but I love to see them quarreling but still knocking some sense into each other. People might hate In-jae but I think she serves as the voice of reason amidst the exam-driven teachers (dear Mrs Principal, I’m looking at you!!). I initially hate Se-chan but he gradually changes for the better. I like his sing-a-song tone. Heee~

It’s almost a week but probably not too late to wish all of you a Happy New Year~


That pants aren’t my favorite but because he’s Yoon Si-yoon, nothing else matters. This guy made me sit through 7 episodes of Me Too,Flower! again (so far) and I’m liking it! I dropped it back then because of my connection issue but a rewatch makes me think that the drama is good. Maybe I’m just biased to him……but I also sympathize with Bong-sun (Lee Ji-ah). Jae-hee (Yoon Si-yoon) and Bong-sun are both so flawed and that makes them so compatible with each other. At least I have something to do besides staring at Si-yoon’s face, that is shipping the main couple. Flower Boy Next Door is just few days away and I’m so excited for it! Still, my pessimistic self keeps reminding me that I should keep my distance until the premiere just to make sure that I won’t lose interest. So…I haven’t watched the latest teasers for the drama. That explains why I’m so into watching Me Too, Flower!…I need my dose of Yoon Si-yoon!

It’s still unclear when is the exact date of its first episode premiere, but the teasers are already out for 7th Grade Civil Servant. That means the return of Joo Won into my weekly drama dose. Oh yeay!


So excited for the drama and I’m just too happy to have Joo Won back on my screen. He’s so into his character again and Gil-ro looks adorable but crazy at the same time. Choi Kang-hee is awesome as always and they look good together! Let these teasers do the talking, because I’m at loss for words to describe the drama!

The drama is going to take over Missing You‘s slot and that’s like a few weeks away…right? I haven’t had the mood to watch Missing You and might have to give it a pass for the time being.

With that, January is indeed a month full of pretty boys and how glad I am to get all my three pretty boys on my screen every week! I have to add something into my New Year’s resolution: to get to know more flower boys for the betterment of myself.

I’m shallow and I know it. Hahahaha

10 thoughts on “Spazzing Around #5

  1. I think January will be when I put School 2013 to the side in favor of what’s coming out. I was not really looking forward to the pairing of Joo Won and Choi Kang-hee as I’m not a fan but I’ll give it a try but my boy, Yoon Si Yoon, all you have to do is say those three words and I’m so there!

    1. I’m sure JW-CKH will be able to pull off the chemistry well. They look good in the teasers 😉

      Just to kill some time until I get the first episode of FBND, I’m gonna hunt for all his magazine spreads. Who knows, he might be featured in the gallery up there 😀

  2. Man, sometimes I wish the Kdrama flow would slow down already! Too many dramas coming out…like always. Not that I’m complaining really. Joon Won – I ❤ that man! And Flower Boy Next Door had better be good *crosses fingers*

    1. LOL I think so too. It’s hard to catch up on the dramas while there are heaps of the older ones waiting to be watched! Ohhh I’m crossing fingers and toes for the new dramas to be good, if not super duper awesome~

  3. I am glad that you are giving Me, Too FLower another chance. I really enjoyed the drama (even with the cray-cray boss/best friend’s wife antics). The two leads really had great chemistry. When I am having a bad day; I will watch epsiode 8 again just to bask in their warmth. I think YSY’s skin is to die for. Is that wierd?

    It does look like January is going to full of flower boys, though. Sigh. I swear, if I won the lottery, I would just spend all day watching dramas!

    1. Two flawed people and they are really compatible with each other. I’m happy just to see them together! Sometimes I wish they weren’t surrounded by those crazy people around them. Haha I’ve never thought I’d root for Bong-sun, but she’s just cute and warm in her own way. Ah YSY…he’s just too good to be true. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. He’s prettier than a woman!

      Well, if you win the lottery, be sure to organize a kdrama fan gathering and invite me. then we can do a drama marathon 😉

  4. I meant to thank you for the trailers for Level 7 Civil Servant. I really like Choi Kang-Hee (am I the only one who likes her better than Joo Won?) and cannot wait to see her be all badass. I just hope they don’t turn her wimpy in the end (like they did in Protect the Boss). Don’t get me wrong. I really like Joo Won, but I always just want to bake him something and give him some hot tea. While with YSY, I just want to touch his face (I told you I am really interested in his skin) and Kim Ji Hoon (?) well I just wanna . . . get your mind out of the gutter people! I am thinking calm and pure thoughts while he smoulders all around.

    1. You’re welcome. Oh, finally! Someone who likes CKH as much as I do! I totally don’t have anything against her casting as I really adore her from PTB! She has proven herself to be capable of being badass and I’m also wishing that she’ll continue kicking JW character’s butt until the end. Me loves strong heroines! Haha I understand your feelings…sometimes JW looks like a boy with his antics but once he steps into the character’s shoes, he’ll change accordingly. Given that the production team doesn’t suck, the drama will be good with these two talented people!

      YSY’s skin is definitely flawless. In every pictorial of him that I found, he’s just…beautiful. I really need to make a spot here on the blog just for him!

      I’m not drawn into KJH (yet) and praying that his hotness won’t make me drool for him after FBND. Oh well, I’m weak when it comes to pretty and hot guys….

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