Yoon Si Yoon, the Ice Cream Boy

Oh Yoon Si-yoon, why I’m completely drawn towards you? Mind explaining the reason to me?


Since I can’t seem to get enough of him and to prevent myself from creeping endlessly from a blog to another blog just to stare at him, I have to put this pictorial here. I present to you, Yoon Si-yoon as the Ice Cream Boy for CeCi’s January 2013 issue. Excuse me while I fangirl by myself over here! Weeee~

By the way, Happy New Year 2013 to all!


I don’t know why I was suddenly hypnotized by him. It was so sudden. I was just browsing through the stills from Flower Boy Next Door and…Poof! I couldn’t stop staring at him.


I’ve seen him in dramas twice: Baker King Kim Takgu and Me Too, Flower! He was a cutie, both as Takgu and the cool hunk Jae-hee but this time, I think I need to watch Flower Boy Next Door for him. Well, I watched Baker King because of Joo Won and it was a short fling with Me Too, Flower!, so I didn’t really fall for him.


Looks like it’s impossible for me to escape his charms this time. Who would have thought that I’d do a marathon of Me Too, Flower! while waiting for Flower Boy Next Door, just for him?  Life is full of surprises!


Back to this pictorial, calling him the Ice Cream Boy is not enough. He should be ‘The Playful Kid’ or something, as he’s given ice cream, cones, skateboards, toys, and food to play with.


Yeah, that ‘Guys’ should be replaced with ‘Boys’. Hehehehe


I really hope that Flower Boy Next Door will be a good drama and since I’m so excited for it, I’ve purposely avoided too much dose of the promo materials so that I won’t grow tired of it even before the drama starts. Right now, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy Me Too, Flower for the time being. Maybe with some ice cream.


source: CeCi Korea | pdfcorea


6 thoughts on “Yoon Si Yoon, the Ice Cream Boy

  1. Feel free to fangirl all by yourself, as long as you share with the rest of us.. *oh my he is cute* Only saw him in Me Too, Flower, and it’s basically only for him I kept watching. Made it rather enjoyable.. much more than I probably would’ve said it was, had he not been there… =)

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