[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 15

The entangled problems got solved one by one. Secrets were out and the challenges were nothing compared to their hard work. All I hope right now is a good time for everyone. Can’t we just live in peace and harmony without creating any more unnecessary rivalry?

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Part 1:

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Both parties were shocked that they were going to fight off each other in the new program and LJ didn’t even feel that TAKE TWO would be a suitable opponent for ONLY ONE. Manager Hwang left in a huff and LJ told Kang-hwi to leave first. Kang-hwi overheard Manager Hwang telling Tae-ik and Go-dong that Kang-hwi won’t be able to win against him and misunderstood it. Manager Hwang actually meant that Kang-hwi was weak by himself, just like Tae-ik, hence the reason why he paired Go-dong with Tae-ik. Tae-ik seemed worried that LJ might be pulling strings behind the new program without Kang-hwi knowing about it. He certainly guessed the right thing, as LJ promised to make TAKE TWO join the program with confidence that Kang-hwi would defeat them. Kang-hwi agreed to join and LJ assured him that the other side would definitely make their appearance.

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TAKE TWO’s performance schedules got cancelled one by one and Tae-ik was thinking if they should really rethink their decision. Tae-ik and Manager Hwang met LJ and Tae-ik agreed to enter the program, with the condition that LJ would return Full House to him if he won. He would have to work under LJ again should he lose to Kang-hwi. Manager Hwang was a little angry that Tae-ik made the decision alone but Tae-ik promised to do a good job. The news about TAKE TWO and ONLY ONE joining the new program made a buzz among the former TAKE ONE’s fans and they were torn in between Tae-ik and Kang-hwi. Together with Go-dong, the three of them discussed about the first task: to perform a new song which could capture the fans’ hearts. Manager Hwang thought that they should use the cranky composer’s song and coincidentally, LJ seemed to be thinking of the same person to write Kang-hwi’s song.

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Man-ok was preparing Kang-hwi’s clothes when she got to know about the program from Se-ryung. Se-ryung was curious to know who would get her support: Tae-ik or Kang-hwi. Man-ok decided that it’s best to ignore her. She went to meet Ga-ryun at the office and Ga-ryung was actually thinking of fishing out information about Kang-hwi’s background. Man-ok now knew that Ga-ryun worked as a paparazzi and deleted the picture of Kang-hwi that Nora took in China. She told Ga-ryun to quit her job there before leaving. Later, Ga-ryun got drunk and went to Man-ok Gwan. She saw Tae-ik there and he ran away from her. Grandpa heard her and went out to see her. She was mad that Man-ok wasn’t there and spilled everything to grandpa: from her secret job as a stylist to her fake engagement. Grandpa was mad to find out about it and decided to go to Full House.

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He was so angry to find Man-ok there, staying with Kang-hwi in the same house. He wanted her to follow him home, but she begged for him to understand her situation and refused to go home. Grandpa told her not to come back to their house forever.Man-ok didn’t stop him from leaving and finally received the call from Tae-ik, who’s been trying to get in touch with her from before. He wanted to warn her about grandpa and she told him that he already left. She asked about his preparation for the program, but he didn’t tell her anything since she’s one of Kang-hwi’s people. LJ went to see the cranky composer Sang-dae and he was surprised to see Manager Hwang leaving the place with TAKE TWO.

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Tae-ik was busy writing something on his notepad when Go-dong suddenly entered his tent. He had to do the dishes and Go-dong read his notepad after he left. He wrote some lyrics and Go-dong sang them, but Man-ok’s name suddenly crept up in the middle of the lyrics, probably doing the same while he was writing down the lyrics. It’s the same for Man-ok, who couldn’t concentrate on her because of Tae-ik and hugged the plush cat from him while chiding him. TAKE TWO went to meet Sang-dae to see their song but found his place locked. Manager Hwang gave him a call and he apologized for giving the song to someone else. When asked whether it was LJ’s doing, he hung up on him and the three guys went straight to U Entertainment. Tae-ik saw Kang-hwi and grabbed his collar in an instant, demanding to know the reason behind all those things happened to them…

Part 2:

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LJ was discussing about the song with Sang-dae when Tae-ik and Co. arrived at the company. Sang-dae felt a little guilty for betraying Manager Hwang, but he chose to believe LJ’s promise to make him a singer. Tae-ik gave up on explaining things to Kang-hwi, but Kang-hwi guessed that LJ did something again this time. Kang-hwi went to see LJ and demanded for explanation about them stealing Tae-ik’s song. LJ didn’t care about the method; the only thing mattered to him was that their side would get the victory and Kang-hwi won’t have to step down from the entertainment as a loser. Kang-hwi pondered long about the matter while Man-ok found the song written by Sang-dae. She went to meet Manager Hwang to ask him about it, but he’s too angry to talk about it. He told her to take care of Kang-hwi and not worrying about Tae-ik as Tae-ik had a lot of people behind his back.

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Go-dong and Manager Hwang mulled over their fate in between soju shots while Tae-ik was brooding alone in his tent. Go-dong’s singing attracted his attention and Manager Hwang was surprised that Go-dong composed the song himself. They decided to use the song and Go-dong recommended Tae-ik to write the lyrics since he’s done it in his notepad diary. Manager Hwang agreed to use the song personally made by the two of them. They started preparing the song and continued the fitness training with grandpa. Man-ok kept thinking about Manager Hwang’s words and hugged a mannequin wearing an outfit she personally made. A package arrive for Tae-ik and the sender was unknown. It contained outfits for both Go-dong and Tae-ik with a note wishing them the best. A picture of a pink scooter was included and Tae-ik knew it was from Man-ok.

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The day of the program arrived and both sides exchanged bitter words before it started. The program had an introduction about TAKE ONE’s history that brought them to the current point with the members as rivals. Kang-hwi was preparing for his turn when his sight became terribly bad. Tae-ik was out for some fresh air when he saw Man-ok crying at the rooftop. She told him about Kang-hwi’s real condition and Tae-ik went to his dressing room. Kang-hwi tried to make himself calm but he couldn’t see anything. Tae-ik was shocked to see him like that while Kang-hwi broke down. He walked out in a daze and cried, thinking that it’s impossible for Kang-hwi to be like this.

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Kang-hwi still insisted on performing but Man-ok thought it’s best for him to quit. Tae-ik entered the room not to stop him but to tell him to go on stage not as his rival, but for the fans. He helped Kang-hwi by giving him instruction to move onstage through walkie talkie. Much to LJ’s disappointment, Kang-hwi performed the song he personally wrote, not the song from Sang-dae. His performance went really well and Tae-ik even complimented him. Go-dong was worried that Tae-ik was nowhere to be found, but Man-ok assured him that Tae-ik would be the on the stage. Manager Hwang urged Go-dong to go up first and soon after that, Tae-ik went onto the stage. LJ was smirking when Go-dong made his appearance but the fans kept cheering for TAKE TWO, something that he should be worried about. Their performance was great and it’s time for the results to be announced. But before that, LJ went to see Kang-hwi and demanded to know why he changed the song without his consent. He threatened not leave him alone if it ended badly for their side. Kang-hwi was shaken but he still went to hear the announcement of the result.

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Sadly, the result was still unknown. Yeah, have to wait for episode 16 tomorrow.


I’m at loss for words (saving them for the final episode), but there are few things I have to say: 1) Bromance never fails to make my eyes all teary, if not turning myself into a squeeing girl; 2) Ga-ryun = defines the meaning of a frenemy really well. Luckily we’re so near to the end; 3) Go-dong is just freaking adorable. How can people say he’s ugly?! They’re so mean to a guy like him.

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