[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 16

Strangely, I’m nervous about this drama’s final episode although I’ve seen the spoilers to the ending. I don’t think my heart and mind will be at ease until I know what will happen to all of them. Is it okay if I get all teary for this episode?

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Part 1:

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The result was announced and TAKE TWO was announced as the winner. Their fans screamed in joy while ONLY ONE’s supporters sighed, including LJ who didn’t look pleased at all. As soon as the spotlight on his side was turned off, Kang-hwi passed out without anyone noticing it except some staff that carried him out. The fans were surprised when Kang-hwi disappeared from the stage and thought that it was rude of him to leave just like that. Manager Hwang wanted LJ to leave Full House immediately but he refused to do so as Manager Hwang didn’t have any proof of him making that promise. Tae-ik demanded to know whether LJ knew about Kang-hwi’s condition all along and still made him work so hard, but LJ was just interested in taking care of the problems concerning U Entertainment’s image.

FHT2E16P1 720p-CiNE21i.avi_000580279

Kang-hwi was sent to the hospital and the doctor declared that his eye problem was at its worst. The only thing that would work was a cornea transplant, but the donors weren’t that many. Man-ok contacted Hwa-ming to inform her about Kang-hwi. Before she left for her brother, Hwa-ming decided to settle something with LJ. She wanted to pull out her investment in U Entertainment, but LJ threatened to disclose about Kang-hwi’s background. She hung up and LJ prepared to meet with the reporters. Tae-ik and Manager Hwang were at the hospital with Man-ok, waiting for Kang-hwi to regain his consciousness. However, Go-dong came to tell them about an article from LJ, saying that a press conference would be held to address Kang-hwi’s issue and his possible blindness. Kang-hwi suddenly woke up, but the only thing he worried about was his performance. He knew that the fans already found out the truth about his condition.

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LJ was on his way to the scheduled press conference when Tae-ik and Co. confronted him. They were quickly dragged away by the security but when LJ entered the press conference hall, it was empty. It was already cancelled by the CEO. He was disappointed that LJ tried to involve Kang-hwi’s family in the problem. He told LJ to leave the company and although LJ kept pleading for him to think over it again, his decision was final. Tae-ik and Co. witnessed everything and left LJ alone, still shocked over the sudden turn of events. Tae-ik and Manager Hwang went to have a talk with the CEO and they brought the recorder with the recorded conversation between LJ and them. The CEO thought over it and agreed to give Full House back to Tae-ik, but with one condition. The condition was for Manager Hwang to be the new President of U Entertainment. LJ kept thinking about the time when he was first being appointed as the president and felt that he was betrayed by everyone.

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Se-ryung went to the hospital to visit Kang-hwi, bearing a bouquet of flowers. She actually went to ask what should she do when she’s leaving. Kang-hwi reminded her that she’s the strongest when she’s confident and told her to leave coolly. She met Tae-ik in the hallway and offered to make him famous if he followed her abroad. He refused to do so as the more important thing to him was protecting the people he loved. Se-ryung told the truth about her kiss with Kang-hwi and Kang-hwi was only used by her since she got jealous of their friendship. Tae-ik realized that he totally misunderstood Kang-hwi and went to meet him. They were finally talking properly (instead of shouting) with each other and Kang-hwi congratulated Tae-ik for getting back his Full House. Kang-hwi had decided to move out and go back to get his treatment in China. Tae-ik apologized to him,surprising Kang-hwi for his sudden change in behavior. Tae-ik told Kang-hwi about the misunderstanding and Kang-hwi admitted that he preferred a puppy-like cute girl instead of a fox like Se-ryung. Kang-hwi then wanted Tae-ik to grant him a wish, since he’s the only one who’s capable of doing so.

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Kang-hwi got discharged from the hospital and Man-ok was waiting at Full House with food to commemorate him coming home. He gave her a hair pin that’s similar to the one they saw in Japan. He thought that her words back then about not to covet two things at one time and realized that she might already hinted him about her feelings for Tae-ik. Kang-hwi also had another surprise for her: he already registered a class for her to learn fashion design formally. He wanted Man-ok to become a great designer and promised that he would be her model if she succeeded in becoming a fashion designer. Kang-hwi thanked her for everything and she’s now free to go anywhere she wanted to go.

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“Stylist Jang, from now on, you’re fired.”

Part 2:

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Hwa-ming went to fetch Kang-hwi and he’s finally leaving for China. Man-ok stood quite far from him but he could only see a blurred figure of her. She waved at him and he smiled, although his heart was heavy to leave. Man-ok wandered in the living room and realized that the house felt empty. Someone came and she thought Kang-hwi came back. Nope, it’s Tae-ik, who came to fetch her home and beg for grandpa’s forgiveness. She refused to go inside although Tae-ik was going to drag her and grandpa went outside after hearing them making noises. Man-ok knelt to apologize to grandpa and he finally forgave her, since she’s just following his teachings to be loyal to her friends. Man-ok was happy to get her bed back and Tae-ik joined her lying on it. She was flustered and Tae-ik leaned in to kiss her. They’re interrupted by grandpa’s voice, prompting Man-ok to push Tae-ik violently off her bed.

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Tae-ik, Go-dong, and Manager Hwang were leaving on the next day and they thanked grandpa for everything. He reminded Tae-ik to practice and he’s going to check on him regularly. Tae-ik answered him like a true disciple and looked around the house, reminiscing about the days he spent there. He finally entered the Full House that was entirely his now and went to the basement. The room reminded him of Kang-hwi’s wish for Tae-ik to stay beside Man-ok and make her happy. He then went to Man-ok Gwan and brought her to Full House. He told her to get changed and she found her old room filled with balloons and a dress was there on the bed. Tae-ik was playing the piano when she went down and played a song for her. He nearly proposed to her, but her design classes were more important to her and he whined about it. He told her to call him “Tae-ik nim” but she didn’t do so and she ended up being chased around the house by him.

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6 months later, Tae-ik woke up to Man-ok calling him “Tae-ik nim”. He wanted to hug her, but he was only dreaming and it’s Go-dong that he’s trying to hug. Go-dong had changed; he’s not the old scaredy cat! He reminded Tae-ik not to treat their managers harshly. Man-ok received a recorder from Kang-hwi,updating her about Chaton. She recorded her own voice, telling him about everyone: TAKE TWO was getting famous each day; Go-dong becoming more and more like Kang-hwi; grandpa getting more students for his hapkido class; Manager Hwang, now President Hwang, was busy with U Entertainment; Se-ryung found a new love with her film director; the paparazzi trio changed into a proper news reporter team; and Man-ok enrolled into the design class. She ended her message by telling him that everyone wanted to see him. Kang-hwi listened to it and suddenly, a guest came to meet him. It’s Tae-ik and Kang-hwi looked at him.His eyes were perfectly fine! A little update on LJ: he was busy running around, finding investors for his new company LJ Entertainment.

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It’s another performance day for TAKE TWO and Tae-ik asked for another set of clothes, saying that the one he’s wearing wasn’t comfortable. Their performance went well and it’s time for Tae-ik’s special stage. He performed another version of Touch for a good friend of him and that friend appeared on the stage. It’s Kang-hwi’s comeback and TAKE ONE performed Touch! Everyone including Man-ok was surprised and Kang-hwi looked so happy to be back on the stage he loved so much. Man-ok greeted him backstage and Go-dong was so excited to see him until he slipped off his idol persona for a while. Kang-hwi hugged Man-ok but soon got pulled off by Tae-ik and they bickered again like good old times.

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Tae-ik organized a party at Full House and everyone attended the party, including the paparazzi trio. Tae-ik and Man-ok sneaked out secretly and took a walk around the place. He brought her to the playground, where they had their first bickering about cats during their childhood. He remembered about it and was glad to meet her again. Man-ok was told to reach inside the hole and found a picnic basket with the plush cat. A ring was attached to the cat and he slipped it on her finger before telling her to call him “Tae-ik nim”. She did it between giggles and he looked satisfied. He then proposed to her, saying that they’re fated to be together from the beginning: Full House and Man-ok. Tae-ik wanted them to be together, living in the Full House for their whole lives. He then kissed her and they walked back towards the house while holding hands.

[the end]


It ended. It really ENDED! *sigh*

FHT2E16P2 720p-CiNE21i.avi_001635166

Time flies and everyone gets their proper closure. I’m content to see all of them smiling happily (except LJ- he deserves it!) and their smiles are contagious. I grinned throughout the whole Part 2 and it’s no doubt that I’m one of GIVE N’. Hihihihi! I never imagined that I would stick with this drama until the very end, but I did! Although I started watching it just for Park Ki-Woong, I’m now loving each and every character in Full House Take 2. They made me laughed and cried, smiled and screamed along with them. Luckily I decided to pick it up because if I didn’t, I won’t be able to enjoy this little piece of hidden gem. Totally recommended for a good bone tickling moments and cuteness along with fluff. My last piece of advice? Do not be scared/ticked off by the hairs. You’ll come to get used to them and at one point, you might be missing them. Trust me.

Goodbye Full House Take 2! Thanks for the fun adventure you gave us 😉


4 thoughts on “[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 16

  1. Thanks for doing this recap. i know many people were put off not just by the hair but by all of the problems and the ridiculousness of calling this Full House 2 when it really is a completely story. Would anyone even have thought of Full House if this had been called something else from the beginning?

    I needed something light and happy with so much angst and makjang going on in drama (and in the world), thus this has been the best antidote to BBC world service that I can think of. I also liked that this bromance when both guys like the same girl does not turn drastic but comes around to how much they love each other and the repect for the girl’s decision.

    Who knew that I would like this show better than some “supposedly” better shows put on?

    1. You’re welcome! also, thanks for commenting 🙂

      It must be the people thinking that once a drama is not being accepted by the big three broadcasters, the drama isn’t good. The name might be another issue and most sequels don’t end up well. I’m just glad that this drama is different and manages to make me interested in it until the end. This is a rare case of ‘Don’t judge a drama by its title’ and I’m not afraid to say that Full House Take 2 has its own class.

      Somehow the fluffiness makes it stand out among the melodramas in kdramaland. I agree with you about the bromance. The bromance is just beautiful because their friendship is one of the strength for the plot. I might have shipped Tae-ik and Kang-hwi more at times compared with Tae-ik and Man-ok. That is the power and beauty of friendship between two manchildren.

      The drama will remain in my memory for quite some time, just because it’s special for its uniqueness 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this and every recap you posted of this drama. i’ve read and loved them all…
    i’m sorry for all those people who didn’t give this drama a chance they don’t know what they’re missing, because hair and all FHT2 is amazing, funny, cute and adorable, so much as its characters
    and about the hair, well in fact i miss the hair! those curls of TInim and MO were part of their personalities, and i think in TI’s case even if he looks so hot with his performance’s hairstyles and looks good with his soft waved hair, i loved the curls better 🙂
    and i have to say (and it’s not a case of NMW’s fangirliness) but TI is my favorite character ever! kudos to NMW for being so commited to the role, he made a perfect and lovely portrayal of TI
    i don’t know what to do now the drama is ended, well i know: rewatch it!
    i’m missing the drama :((

    1. Ah, thanks for reading them all 😀

      LOL I realized that I really missed MO and TI’s curls after they changed their hairstyles. NMW definitely can pull off any hairstyles and so does his TI. He did a good job portraying TI and he wasn’t afraid to ruin his perfect image for TI’s craziness.

      I will, and already missing the drama. I miss all the characters!!

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