Song Joong Ki – Singles December 2012

Nice Guy has just ended last Thursday and Joong-Ki is going to be featured in Singles magazine next month! What a treat~ This pictorial was probably done for A Wolf Boy promotion while he was still filming Nice Guy. I haven’t had time to catch up with the drama but one thing for sure, he once again proved that he’s a pretty boy with talents.

edit: more from the official website!






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One thought on “Song Joong Ki – Singles December 2012

  1. Reblogged this on FlowerStarlight and commented:
    Song Joong Ki looks so good looking. KYAHHHHHHH.. can’t help but fan girl out. LOL.
    let’s keep on watching his cool dramas, shoots, variety,
    I’ll promise I’ll post everything about him. so don’t forget to visit this blog!
    – flowerstarlight

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