[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 4

Problems for our characters have appeared, so watch out everyone!

Somehow, this is the right time to hold on to grandpa’s words – “When there’s a will, there’s a way!”

Since a lot of characters have made their appearance, I think they deserve a proper introduction.

Han Ga-ryun – Man-ok’s best frenemy. She’s a hardcore Kang-hwi’s stan, earning her the nickname ‘Kang-hwi’s wife’ or ‘wifey’ for short. She’s also the daughter of the landlady where Man-ok is staying at.

Song Nora – Another TAKE ONE’s fan from France a.k.a the ‘French girl’, she becomes fast friends with Ga-ryun in the name of fandom. She’s wealthy and a fan of Tae-ik.

So Ji-Sung – A reporter/paparazzi, for now living off with fake press identification tags.

Bae Go-dong – TAKE ONE’s manager.


Summary for episode 4~

Part 1:

Go-dong told Tae-ik about the missing watch and he was just about to scold Man-ok when he saw her crying as he entered the house. His words came out a little too harsh and went out as Kang-hwi and Man-ok were left with their misunderstanding towards him. The way Kang-hwi treated Man-ok made him wonder whether the two of them had a special relationship. ‘Wifey’ Ga-ryun accidentally saw Kang-hwi sending Man-ok home and bombarded Man-ok with questions. Tae-ik found the watch stuck onto the pajamas when he was trying to wear it and tried calling Man-ok, but she turned off the phone. She chose to ignore his missed calls and text; instead she went to the shop with Kang-hwi. Tae-ik was still waiting for the call from Man-ok when he saw her coming in with Kang-hwi. He didn’t tell her about the watch yet and planned to give it to her, but Kang-hwi caught him in the act and thought he’s intentionally causing trouble for Man-ok. She was told that Tae-ik found the watch, and Kang-hwi got his chance to use the sauna. Ga-ryun and ‘French girl’ Nora went to find the reporter who gave them the fake press identification tags and managed to lure him out to meet them. They wanted him to give back their money,but the reporter, Ji-sung asked them to join him as paparazzi. Ga-ryun tried to ask Man-ok about TAKE ONE’s house location and tailed Man-ok but failed. It’s another live broadcast for TAKE ONE but Kang-hwi had problem with his eyes, causing Tae-ik to be worried. During the broadcast, he couldn’t see anything  and suddenly, tears rolled down his cheeks.


Part 2:

Kang-hwi was said to be overworked, but he didn’t tell anyone about what happened earlier. Tae-ik assumed it’d be a big problem for them when such thing happened during live show, but it turned out to be good for their publicity. President reminded Tae-ik to do his part well and he obeyed without any objection. Kang-hwi went to get his eyes checked; unlike what he thought as mere problem because of the lenses, it was probably something worse. on the way to the shooting place in the forest, Man-ok treated Tae-ik nicely for finding the watch but they’re not that close yet for him to treat her equally. Tae-ik made the director get rid of the furry animals there because of his allergy and his mood got all better,but suddenly his childhood friend, also the owner to the advertiser company went to meet him. He turned all sour and Man-ok overheard the friend talking bad about him with his fiancee. She eventually got into the fight with them but Tae-ik didn’t even side with her and chose to ignore the matter.

However, Tae-ik couldn’t contain his anger when the friend kept insulting him and punched the friend. He learned the reason why Man-ok fought with that friend and went searching for her. She was stuck in a deep hole to save a cat and Tae-ik ‘joined’ her in the hole after trying to save her. She managed to get out of that hole and dragged him out too, but not before he pleaded her to do so. They couldn’t go back and had to break into a caravan inside the forest, but Tae-ik didn’t let Man-ok inside because of the cat. Worrying about her made him restless and he went out to check on her. He was mesmerized by her and leaned in to kiss her, only to be stopped by the cat. He carried her inside after he got rid of the cat. On the next day, they were still unreachable, so the staff went to search for them. Man-ok woke up and found herself sleeping on the bed with Tae-ik the night before.


Now Tae-ik, why so adorable?! He truly needs a communication class, i.e. how to communicate without raising your voice. He’s indeed a kind man at heart as he truly cherishes his fans even with his bad behavior. Plus, he’s a big old softie at heart. If only he can show more of his true self, people will come kneeling in front of him! He should show more of his funny and playful side, but I guess he wants to keep his dignity, unlike Kang-hwi. LOL. And he’s slowly falling in love with her! Yeah, it’s inevitable because they are the leads after all, but still, I’m squealing with delight for this development! Weeee~

I totally respect Man-ok for having a backbone and never let herself being stepped on by anyone. I love her! She’s not afraid to do the things that she feels right to do although people would judge her afterwards. Her bravery is just another good quality of her and I’m totally on her side right now.

Kang-hwi makes me nervous and all worried for him. I’m hoping that the problem with his eyes isn’t that bad. Poor cutie 😦 He only appeared for a few minutes in part 2, so I’m looking forward to the next episode!

Since we already got the love line plot moving smoothly, I should expect the famous actress Jin Se-ryung to make her appearance very soon. Hopefully she won’t be a hateful character!

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