[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 2

This time around, Tae-ik appeals more to me, compared to Kang-hwi. Maybe because his screen time is longer compared to Kang-hwi. I’m getting used to his style and his comic reaction is hilarious. Someone really need to help him fix his bad behavior so that he’ll become more likable, but he’s slowly growing on me.


Summary for Episode 2~

Part 1:

Tae-ik got his dislocated arm treated by Man-ok and he gave her hints about his schedule as his gift, thinking that she’s a fan of TAKE ONE. Man-ok almost told her friend, the ‘Kang-hwi’s wifey’ about what happened between her and Kang-hwi but she’s afraid of the obsessed fangirls’ reaction, leading her to keep her mouth shut. Wifey made a poster promoting the hapkido school from a picture of Tae-ik taken by her mom and new students started to come to the school. Tae-ik saw the poster and his manager threatened to sue Man-ok for illegal use of the picture. A dance teacher suddenly came pleading her to rent her school, giving her chance to earn extra money. However, she suddenly received a call informing her about the compensation and decided to have a talk with Tae-ik but ended up following behind a bunch of fangirls and losing him. Her string of bad luck didn’t end right there; she went back to the school and found out that the place was being used as an illegal gambling spot by the fake dance teacher.

Part 2:

Man-ok was taken to the police station to be investigated for the gambling activities and she’s thrown out for causing a ruckus at the station. She had to close her school temporarily, but the mothers of her new students felt wronged and asked for compensation. Man-ok was so sad to close down her clothing shop and put the blame on Tae-ik’s poster. She made the last delivery to Na-nim’s house and met Tae-ik, who thought she was there to stalk him. He closed the gate and Man-ok threw the package to him as she lashed out everything that happened to her because of him. Kang-hwi overheard their argument and went to meet Man-ok. She was drunk and accidentally threw him on the floor, knocking him into unconsciousness. He then woke up and saw the collection in her room. Kang-hwi told her that he’s actually her customer Na-nim and offered her a job to be TAKE ONE’s stylist, but she’s hesitating because of Tae-ik. On the next day, Tae-ik was shocked to find a woman wearing a veil in his house, who was actually Man-ok.


I feel bad for Man-ok somehow. She lost both of her worlds at the same time: her life as the hapkido master and her treasured clothing shop. She got her lucky strike to be the new stylist for Kang-hwi and Tae-ik, although it’s still a big question whether she will be able to stand the fussy Tae-ik. Hoping to see her throwing him on the floor once in a while. That would be amazing to watch.

Preview for episode 3 is just awesome. I’m already excited for it!

One thought on “[summary] Full House Take 2: Episode 2

  1. I started watching the drama because I like Ki Woong and Jung Eum, but decided to stay away for a bit. Lee Min Woo’s character was too gender-bender for me. If only they didn’t lay on the heavy make-up, which makes him look like a trannie at Kings Cross.

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