One-line Responses

I suddenly had a thought about this while trying to stay awake at the office today, so I think I’d give it a try…just to have some fun.

Bridal Mask:

Your final two episodes are too bloody for me to take it.

Answer Me 1997:

Busan dialect rules the world forever.

The Thousandth Man:

Foxes are cute and so is Lee Chun-hee.

Arang the Magistrate Chronicle:

Juwal should become a Grim Reaper who’s allowed to wear colorful clothes but wears no face powder.

Ohlala Couple:

Affairs are so not my cup of tea.


You make me choke myself with my tears and sobs all the time, thank you.

Horse Doctor:

Horses are great actors.

The Great Seer:

Your plot is too heavy for my brain to digest it.

Nice Guy:

Thanks for reminding me how glorious Joong-ki’s forehead is.

Five Fingers:

I’ve never wished to see a good man turns evil so badly like this.

What’s your one-line responses to your current dramas? Try it yourself and entertain me so that I won’t fell asleep like a snoring friend beside me 😉

2 thoughts on “One-line Responses

  1. 1. I never thought I would say Young Rang is a pussy cat! (Watching Kang Seo-Yeon in Glass Mask)

    2. Mok Dan should have been played by Han Groo (after watching Killer Girl K)

    3. Never thought I’d laugh at adultery! (watching Ohlala Couples)

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