Joo Won – Singles November 2012

I am blessed today. Thank you so much.

Because I’m already excited, let’s get excited together for Joo Won’s bed photo shoot in Singles magazine, November edition.

I’m literally dying from the adorableness over here…and my brain is frozen I think.

Excuse me while I fangirl by myself over here. It’s so crazy because I can’t exactly squeal in the office.

Anyhow, whoever thought of this concept is pure GENIUS. Good work and God bless you always. Oh, and you too, Joo Won.


source: TV Report | Singles

2 thoughts on “Joo Won – Singles November 2012

  1. … holy shit.

    And I thought he couldn’t be more cute. I have a preference for the first one. That look… makes you wish someone is looking at you this way (and wish that this someone is really Joo Won ;))

    Thank you for sharing 😛

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